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‘Disney Junior – Live on Stage’ Opens in March at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Ahoy, mateys! We have some exciting news today for families who enjoy live entertainment and playful pirates!

To celebrate the premiere of the new television creation Disney Junior – which launched Monday – “Disney Junior — Live on Stage!” will debut at Disney Parks in Florida and California. Disney’s Hollywood Studios will present this lively show beginning March 4, and Disney California Adventure park will open the show March 25.

“Disney Junior — Live on Stage!” debuts with a new marquee, new characters and a new segment based on Disney Junior’s newest series, “Jake and the Never Land Pirates.” It is scheduled to run daily.

“Jake and the Never Land Pirates” on Disney Junior

Children and parents who have enjoyed the popular “Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage!” at both parks can look forward to sharing this new production, which brings back three audience favorites (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and Little Einsteins) and also introduces the adventures of “Jake and the Never Land Pirates.”

“Disney Junior — Live on Stage!” continues the imaginative, family-based fun that comes from being part of a live audience. The entertaining show pops to life with bright visuals and whimsical scenery that fill the stage, while guests enjoy four mini-episodes of playful Disney storytelling, fun songs and interactive moments.

The new, animated adventure series “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” airs daily on Disney Junior, the new multiplatform destination devoted to children ages 2-7 and their families. Disney Junior invites parents and grandparents to join children as they enjoy Disney storytelling and Disney characters, along with learning and developmental themes. In 2012, Disney Junior will also debut as a basic cable and satellite channel in the United States.


  • I always liked the Playhouse Disney show, so I’m sure I’ll like the Disney Junior show. I know my nephews get a big kick out of the interactivity and they love Captain Hook and Smee, so the Jake and the Never Land Pirates piece will only be a plus.

    I also have to echo what everybody else is agreeing with – please bring back the classics to the Disney Channel or create a Disney Classics channel. It seems that all the Disney Channel programs are created for specific younger audiences. It would be nice to bring back the classics were built for family audiences for every member of the family (including the adults) to enjoy.

  • I’m going to agree with the many comments above regarding having a classic Disney channel. The current programing only appeals to a small group, I haven’t watched the Disney channel in years because the programming is so kid/Tween oriented. I’d love to see some of the old nature programs, and movies like Brian and Wendy mentioned. Disney is missing a huge demographic with their TV programming.

  • Very excited about a Disney Jr channel!!! I have the Disney Family Movies on Comcast On Demand and my 2 yr old loved wathcing the old cartoons wiht Mickey and Pluto!

  • I just have to say again that I really love the concept art of the new marquee for Disney Junior-Live on Stage, and I love the new direction that California Adventure is taking!

  • Any chance the show might be in previews the week before officially starting at Hollywood Studios? We’re scheduled to just miss this and we’re bummed there won’t be a preschool show while we’re visiting.

    • Hi Janice. Any preview shows won’t be determined until later this month. Check the daily guide when you’re there, or ask a cast member. Hope you catch the show.

  • I totally agree with Brian and Wendy from WA. . . . our kids and grandkids need to know why we love Disney so much and why it was called the WONDERFUL world of Disney. . . . . bring back the classics!!!!!

  • I, too, agree that a Disney Classics channel is long overdue and would do wonders for everybody and establish a happy medium for sure.

    I also feel that when the new Disney Junior channel launches next year (replacing SoapNet), they should to take some of Disney’s old-school kid shows (such as Welcome to Pooh Corner, Dumbo’s Circus, Bear in the Big Blue House, etc.) out of the vault, dust them off and put them back on the air as part of the Junior channel’s programming schedule.

  • I have to agree…

    I really wish that Disney Channel would have more classic, family programming. I mean, its cool that shows like Hannah Montana, and Wizards of Waverly Place have a fan base but the channel should not consist of ONLY tween programing.

  • oh and we are going to disney world in december so i can’t wait to check out the new show!

  • totally agree with brian and wendy’s comment! we love all things disney, but my 17 yr old has outgrown those shows and my 3 yr old doesn’t watch them yet. so… more “family” programming would be great!

  • I second the vote for a Disney “Classic” channel – we get Disney Family Movies which carries an assortment of older Disney entertainment on a rotating schedule but a whole channel or airing some of the older content on the new Disney Junior would be fantastic. Bring back Mousercise, Good Morning Mickey and Welcome to Pooh Corner! I have a little of that on tape from when I was a child and my kids love it.

  • We love pretty much everything Disney. Our five-year-old daughter enjoyed Playhouse Disney, and now likes the new Disney Junior shows.

    However, we were wondering if/when the Disney Channels will ever, again, include the classic programs and movies we enjoyed as youngsters. Movies from the 60s and 70s with Hayley Mills, Kurt Russell, Don Knotts, etc.? Shows such as the old and “new” Mickey Mouse Club, the classic cartoons, the Real Life Adventures, the behind-the-scenes at Disneyland, with Walt Disney himself? We grew up watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings with our families.

    We are tired of opting out of six-hour blocks of Hannah, Suite Life, Wizards and the like, especially in the evenings. Can the Disney Channels show more family movies and programs that will introduce the next generation to the wonderful world of Disney that we parents once knew too? We think a Disney Classic Channel is needed!

  • I’m glad that the live show is finally getting an update, and I’m sure that kids will love this new live on Stage show. I saw concept art of the new marquee in the Blue Sky Cellar, and it looks great!
    I have actually seen some of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, its a cute little show.

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