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Disney Youth Programs at Disney Parks

Have you ever been part of Disney Youth Programs? If so, chances are we crossed paths. As director of Special Programs at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, I’ve met and been inspired by many of you during the last 21 years. And beginning today, I’ll be sharing some of your unique stories on the Disney Parks Blog.

If you haven’t heard, Disney Youth Programs offer youth groups from all over the world performance, education, field-trip and celebration opportunities at Disney Parks. Here’s a better idea of what we’re all about:

In upcoming months, look for interviews with actual youth groups who have participated in our programs and updates on new learning opportunities and events. You can also visit our new website or Facebook page to learn more and get the latest information on youth group related happenings at Disney Parks.

I’d love to hear about your Disney Youth Programs experience. Let me know in the comments.


  • My Daugher (13) attended Homeschool Days and participated in the Photography class at Epcot this past Sept.. She LOVED it and felt that she learned a lot as well as having terrific opportunities to take a lot of photos of the park when it wasn’t super crowded. We will definitely be back!

  • In 1959 or 1960, Disneyland hosted a state baton corp competition on a field onthe west side of Disney. After the competition we marched down main street to an area for the award ceremony. As a six year old that was Truly MAGICAL. My daughter was very lucky to attend Magic Music days for 7 years through both Middle school and high school, with some performances in Carnation. She is now in her fourth year as a Disneyland Cast member in entertainment and hopes to someday help give the Magic Music Days classes and pass on the Magic. Those experiences really helped to make it even more special to start working at Disney. Not all schools or groups get to do these classes and I am hoping that they do start having classes that you can sign up for as an individual.

  • Back in 2009, i got to participate in the Magic Music Days! i am so thankful that Disney offers these kinds of opportunities! they truly are once in a lifetime! 🙂

  • Wow! What a great program! I believe in the near future such similar program will occur to the Chinese youngsters.

  • In 2010, my high school marching band performed at Festival Disney during our spring break. We performed on stage at Hollywood Studios, and also marched at night at the Magic Kingdom, before spectro. This was definately the highlight of our trip, and one of my most memorable disney experiences. I will be returning the 16th of March, but this time, just my brother and me.

  • I am so excited to be planning my 10th group trip to WDW with 4th and 5th graders and their families! I have participated in 11 YES Programs in 3 parks, and truly appreciate the educational opportunities these have provided. Students still visit me and talk about the unique experiences we enjoyed together. I plan on continuing this yearly tradition at my school in NC!

  • Tim, as a member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, I love talking to future guests about all of the wonderful programs you have coming up! So, I’m really excited that you will be posting more information on the Disney Blog! We were fortunate enough to take advantage of the YES Open Enrollment program last summer during our vacation and the kids had an awesome learning experience! The classes were the perfect size and so much fun, it didn’t even feel like the instructor was teaching but more like they were bonding. We’re coming back down for Star Wars Weekend and hopefully I can get my two kids enrolled in another class! See ya real soon! Angelo A.

    PS… My daughter can’t wait till next year when she can finally take “Disney’s Production Arts and Sciences” class!

  • My high school choir has been singing at the EPCOT Candlelight Processional for 12 years, and 3 of those since I enterd hog school. ALWAYS such a great experience!

    And in 8th grade my middle school band went backstage and recorded a song in their studio. One if the greatest days ever! We worked with a guy (Tom, maybe?) who played the trombone, and the next year when I went to EPCOT with the chorus, THERE HE WAS! Celebrating 20 years at the Walt Disney World.

  • How many of you were part of Grad Night in the 60’s? I was a Disneyland in June 1968 for gradnight! What an experience we had a wonderful time.

  • This is Sandy’s son and I was fortunate enough to March in the Magic Kingdom with my marching band 2 different years! And workshops at Epcot! I go to Disney all the time, but this was a whole new experience I couldn’t pass up! And my school’s marching band is going this march and April (Westfall Marching Band) but I graduated in 2010 so I won’t be with them but I know they are going to have so much fun! Marching down Main street to the castle gives me goose bumps and will remember that memory forever!

  • me and my high school band went there summer of 92 for the disney magical musical days we performed on the the dock lost over 200$ of music but then we went to universal for the awards ceremony y universal I still have no idea and we won both trophies for 5a school for concert band and symphonic band out of lots of other schools what a wonderful experience that was unfortunetley we never went back but now I go every 2 years to celebrate me being a cancer survivor!

  • I will be there next week (March 17) with three other chaperones and a bus load of high school students to do the YES program. This is my second year doing this. Last year was “MAGICAL”!!! Looking forward to next week!

  • Are these workshops only for groups? Are there workshops for individuals? My daughter will love to attend the dance workshop.

    • Ana – Thank you for your interest in Disney Youth Programs. We will be launching an Individual Enrollment Dance Workshop this summer. Please check soon for more details.

  • I remember going to Disney World with my high school chorus. Our high school ROTC was there at the same time. We performed in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. That was over twenty years ago and I can still remember standing on that stage singing for the Disney Guests. That experience really showed me that dreams can come true. Not everyone gets to sing at Disney World! I have always lived to accomplish my dreams since then and taught my daughter she can do the same. Disney is a part of our family life now. We travel there every year.

  • I did forget to mention that they also participated in a workshop in Epcot and did voice overs and apparently it was video taped. I am looking forward to that being shown at their spring concert.

  • I have had the privilege of both performing as a member of a high school marching band that performed at Magic Kingdom and then bringing my own marching band to perform at Disney World as a band director. Such an incredible experience for young people and their directors. We went another year to a different theme park in Orlando and it was completely unorganized and my band was not treated nearly as nice as they were treated at Disney World. I will always recommend performing groups to come to Disney. I know it changed my life and it changed the life of my students. Keep up the tremendous work all of you do for our students.

  • My daughters choral department sang at Downtown Disney on January 18th of this year. It was an awesome experience for the kids as well as the chaperones. The kids were treated so well and like royalty. It was a great experience and I wish that more people could do it.

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