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Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Resort Candy Makers

David Gill

by , Disneyland Resort

Hi, I’m David, external communications specialist at the Disneyland Resort. One of my roles is to produce video segments introducing you to the Resort’s talented cast members and the roles they play. In my eight years here, I have met hundreds of people who bring the magic to life and I look forward to highlighting them in the coming months.

I can’t think of a better team to start with than one I have a particular “sweet spot” for – the candy makers. One of my personal Disneyland park memories is standing on Main Street, U.S.A., as a 6-year-old, watching the parade with a handful of candy from Candy Palace and wondering, “Where did all this candy come from?”

Last week, I had the opportunity to learn how the Resort’s candy makers use their craft to create delicious treats – to be consumed in moderation of course – for millions of guests each year. They took me to three candy-making locations: Candy Palace, Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney and the main production kitchen backstage at Disney California Adventure park.

The most interesting part of the candy-making process is the level of detail that goes into each piece, making it a unique work of art. Check out this video to get a glimpse at what it’s like to be a candy maker at the Disneyland Resort.


  • Hello David, how are you? I´m from Mexico, and i want to know what do i have to do, to work in a place like yours.
    I really apreciatte if you share some link or information.
    Thank you so much.
    Have an awesome weekend.
    Bye bye.

  • Another great Starring Roles video – I especially enjoyed the subject of this one!

  • I so love the candy apples. And I am so glad that dark chocolate ones are now available. Sometimes what I do is I buy one to take home and then I eat it the next morning for breakfast. YUM!!
    I also love the carmel dipped chocolate marshmallows. I wish you still made them with the mini M’Ms.
    That looks like such a fun job to have at disneyland.

  • Im a cake decorator and I love making sweets and treats for Weddings its on my bucket list to do a cake for Disney one day. When we come to Disney I drool at this shop even though I do it myself lol

  • Thank you for doing this series, I love too see how castmembers even though many of them is not on stage is still important to ever guest who vists the stage. Please keep doing these, I hope that one day I can be also called a castmember

  • I want to see one about the film crew who films all this stuff! I am a film student and would love that job

  • What an admiring job! Indeed, it is the sweetest job in the world.
    Till now, I love watching dessert-makers creating the art. It is an enjoyable moment.
    I am thinking maybe one day I will open a small store like that.

  • I spent a long time watching the candy makers at Main Street Confectionery (WDW) making some of these same exact things on my last trip. What a fun job!

  • Two things-

    1. I love these videos. So much fun! I always love stopping by the Disneyland candy stores to watch these artists at work.

    2. Please please please make some of these awesome treats with vegan/vegetarian marshmallows!!!

  • I love these Starring Role videos! They’re so fun and we get to meet people that we normally don’t see too often.

  • Very cool job to have.
    I’ve had the World of Color candy apple before, it was very good!

  • I cant wait to get my first Candy Apple when I go to Disneyland for the first time this Christmas!!

  • *DROOL!* I just feel better cause at least it’s fruit dipped in chocolate 🙂

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