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Glass Slippers for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

This weekend, the Walt Disney World Resort is hosting the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend and runners will have a “Ball” participating in this fairy tale event while attired with tiaras and other Princess accoutrement. I’m always inspired by these athletes with their commitment and perseverance to the sport. Some of my marathon friends have shared amazing stories about why they started running and what it’s done for them. These stories have inspired me to dust off my glass slippers and live the dream.

Glass Slipper on a Pillow of Flowers from Disney Floral & Gifts

Well, naturally, as a Dream Maker at Disney Floral & Gifts, I had to come up with an idea to create a memory for them…something enchanting, inspiring and memorable to provide a “crowning” moment. So here’s an idea. After our Princesses cross the finish line and receive their Disney’s Princess Half Marathon medal, they’ll join up with friends and family at a designated area. Well, what if at that location, a friend or loved one could surprise them with this glass slipper, featured on a pillow of flowers? And, to enhance the experience even more, at a later time, the glass slipper could be engraved with the name of the race and date as a keepsake! How fun to be an encouragement to those who have inspired us.

So, with that in mind, is there someone special in your life running the race this weekend? If so, how have they been an inspiration to you?


  • PS Yes, if you could offer this at Disneyland Half I would be over the moon happy.

  • I did the Inaugural Princess and am going back for the 5th anniversary for sure and I’m really hoping someone special *pointed look at my DH* gets this for me. 🙂

    Elizabeth, I’ve done the DL half every year. I’m sure you’ll do great. I’ll be there in the tank top that has a Mickey head on it w/the word ‘Whining’ inside and a slash through it and the words “Just Run” below it. lol This is a great race.

    Josh, I wish you could be there w/your wife too. Thank you for your service and thank your wife too. Good luck to her.

    Kudos to Disney getting it right again with this awesome floral arrangement.

  • I absolutely love this!! I am going to make it my goal with my co-worker to do this marathon next year as a “Team Building” experience. Maybe our moms will join us too!! =)

  • My wife is in the sky on her way down as we speak. It is her first ever half marathon so she is pretty nervous. She is a huge inspiration for our family. We are military and she takes care of the family while I am deployed. My last deployment in 2009 was really tough. I was gone for 300 days. At my third week gone she found out she was pregnant with our second daughter. She went through pregnancy, delivery and the first month and a half by herself until I came home and met Ellie when she was 1 1/2 months old. My wife is beautiful and strong and I hope she enjoys her time at Disney for the marathon. This arrangement is AWESOME! I wish I could get one and be there for her but we are cheering her on from here in Maryland!

  • This bouquet is what my husband proposed with when we got engaged in WDW at the Grand Floridian! He hid my ring in the glass slipper and hired a photographer to capture the proposal at The Grand Floridian (my favorite hotel). We were married at The Wedding Pavilion in March and had a pirate reception that was featured on this blog!!!

  • My cousin in law is running this weekend with her sisters. She has been fighting breast cancer this year and is winning. She is so amazing she has continued to run through out her treatments, it has only slowed her down a little. She has had such a wonderful attitude and outlook on this horrible time in her life. She is truely amazing and definitly deserves some special treatment.

  • Hi Elizabeth, since the clock hasn’t struck 12 just yet… dreams can come true. Let’s see what we can do.

  • Man, I had to struggle to find the slipper in this picture. It’s beautiful though. I wish I ran well enough to do a Disney half marathon.

  • OM Goodness, I SO want one of these!
    The Disneyland 1/2 Marathon in Sept will be my first Marathon. I am training and working hard for that goal.
    Any luck you might have these “pillows” at the Disneyland event…??

    What a BEAUTIFUL creation.

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