Great Reviews for ‘The Magic, The Memories and You’

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

“The Magic, The Memories and You” show debuted at Disneyland park last week and it has been getting great reviews. The nightly show transforms the “it’s a small world” attraction into a grand canvas of magical animation. The architecture shimmers before the entire exterior becomes a huge curtain that unveils a collage of guest photos and videos.

The show is designed to celebrate the memories that are made every day in Disney Parks. Guests who visited Disneyland park that day may find their Disney PhotoPass photograph has become part of the show.

The images dance to music and it all culminates in a spectacular finale with both animated and actual fireworks. It’s hard to capture the magic in a still photo, but here are a few of my favorites:

'The Magic, The Memories and You' Projection Show at Disneyland Park

'The Magic, The Memories and You' Projection Show at Disneyland Park 'The Magic, The Memories and You' Projection Show at Disneyland Park

You can see “The Magic, The Memories and You” nightly at Disneyland park. Check for show times.

One exciting part is the dueling pirates, who battle with swords as the building appears to catch fire. If you’ve seen the show, what are some of your favorite moments?


  • I’ve seen the show in person. It really cool!

  • Is there a designated seating area in front of Small World, for this ?

  • What website can you upload photos to for the show?

  • I hope Disney never changes the ‘It’s A Small World’ song ever! Yes it gets stuck in everyone’s head once they hear it but everything about it is iconic. Some things in Disney should never change and that’s one of them.

  • I loved the show! My favorite part was probably the old school images along with the graphics that emulated an old movie projector. I also really enjoyed the colorful crayon drawings on every little detail of the facade–remarkable!

  • I’ve watched the video on YouTube..
    This is awesomely cool!! ^O^

  • Hope to be able to see this someday…but I still doubt it will get me to go on “It’s a Small World” ride again, as every time I have gone I can’t get the song out of my mind for weeks…maybe if they changed up the song occasionally by updating it there would be a chance, but without that…not much chance…

  • Me Too!! Coming in March!!

  • My family and I were there for the debut night. It was great. It made the Small World building come alive. I recommend it. The only negative was confusion by cast members as to the show times.

  • I give thumbs up for the part that turns into a old film reel even im not oldat all XD and I give six golgen stars for walt’s part in the show 😀

  • i have the same Q as # 1

  • Question for the Michele Himmelberg: Is there a way of knowing ahead of time if our “memories” that were uploaded the memories website will be displayed during one of the shows? I might assume the selection is completely random, but if we were to know in advance if our images/videos were chosen, it would be neat to be there for that particular show. Either way, the whole thing looks amazing, and I very much look forward to seeing it. Thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks for your question and I’m glad you like the show. The guest images collected from Disney Photo Imaging are randomly selected for each day’s show. The video content in the show is the same every night. At this time we are not notifying guests in advance if their photos will appear. If that changes, we’ll try to update you here on the Disney Parks blog. Part of the magic – as you have seen – is that all the photos spark memories for guests, whether it’s your photo or a photo of another family.

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