Happy Lunar New Year Festival at Disneyland Park, Feb. 4-6 and 11-13

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Welcome the Year of the Rabbit. (Sorry Mickey!)

February 3 marks the start of the Lunar New Year in several cultures, including the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities. As part of Family Fun Weekends at the Disneyland Resort, the next two weekends will be devoted to Lunar New Year, a time when honored traditions and family celebrations are observed, and the sun and moon begin their journeys for another year.

If you‘ve already participated in any of our first three Family Fun Weekends you know what great fun these special weekends are. This upcoming weekend should be no exception as we launch the Happy Lunar New Year Festival, featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, along with many of their character friends dressed in traditional Chinese costumes.

Lunar New Year Mickey

The dates for Happy Lunar New Year Festival are February 4-6 and February 11-13. Activities, shows and character greetings run throughout the day as follows:

  • Fridays: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Check out the all the fun at Festival Arena, located off Big Thunder Trail at Disneyland park. Don’t miss “Lunar New Year Celebration Party,” including characters Mulan and Mushu, and an interactive parade of colorful performers in themed costumes. Look for ribbon dancers, umbrella dancers and Chinese drummers, too.

Throughout the day you will see guest performances of Lion Dance, Chinese Fan Dance, Dragon Dance and martial arts.

The Happy Lunar New Year Festival will also feature some special Disney characters, appearing at five photo locations with the Lunar New Year theme. In the covered area at the center of Festival Arena, guests can see colorful artisan carts filled with Chinese teas, spices and interactive letter brush painting, along with coloring stations for the younger guests.

In keeping with the tradition of Lunar New Year, I would like to wish all of you good health in 2011, and many happy visits to the Disneyland Resort.

What good wishes would you send to guests of the Disneyland Resort?


  • The Lunar New Year festival at Disneyland near Big Thunder Trail was beautifully decorated. The show was very colorful from the chinese dancers, martial arts performers, lion dancers, ribbon dancers, umbrella dancers, chinese drummers and including the adorable chinese children dancing. Disneyland also had characters dressed up in their Chinese New Year outfits with Mickey and Minney, Chip and Dale and Mulan and Mushu for photo opportunities. Overall I enjoyed it. It gives a glimpse of the chinese culture traditions and artistry.

  • I went yesterday and the festival was very fun,beautifully decorated. Since it’s the year of the rabbit, how about a visit from Roger Rabbit, Thumper and the White Rabbit?

  • It would be awesome to bring back the Mulan Parade at Disneyland during the two weeks of Chinese New Year. It truly captures the beauty, artistry of the Chinese Culture with the dragon dancers, lantern floats, acrobats, and the characters from the Mulan Disney movie. The Mulan parade premiered in 1998 and it ended in 1999.

  • Good time to bring out Thumper! Its his year! This sounds really interesting. Would love to see the costumed parade! Please update with pictures when it happens. Thanks!

  • Is there a schedule posted anywhere of what time the various events take place? Are they all in the festival arena, or are some other places?

  • I heard that Captain Li Shang will be there with Mulan and Mushu, true?

  • Lisa, Bugs Bunny is not a Disney character.

  • Any chance Mulan will be there?

  • I am SOOOOO glad that you’re doing the Lunar New Year weekend two weekends in a row because I’m out of town this weekend. I can’t wait to go the weekend of February 11-13!

    And, I agree with Alexis…I’d love to see these year round! These weekends have been so fun!

  • HAPPY Rabbit Year!
    The Chinese pronunciation of RABBIT is like TO or TOO.
    What about welcoming bugs bunny or other bunnies to join this festival, TOO?

  • we get it because a ton of the park is under construction, as well as California Adventure….they are trying to make up for it all

  • Family Fun Weekends should expand not only to WDW but all year round as well! Just constantly have rare Disney characters every weekend. There are so many characters that are loved by all ages that never get to be seen and truly is a tragedy.

  • Thats what I would like to know as well, if there will be any of these family fun weekends at WDW

  • Any plans for expanding the celebration to Disneyworld as well?

  • Looking forward to. I was born 1963 which was also the Year of the Rabbit. and we are going to check this out Feb 13, which is my birthday. 🙂

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