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Magical Works of Art Come Alive with Animation to Amaze Disney Dream Guests

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

The newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Dream, is full of surprises and industry innovations. From exploring the ship myself from bow to stern, I discovered one of the coolest highlights aboard and want to tell you all about Enchanted Art.

Close your eyes, and picture yourself on the Disney Dream. You walk up to a still photo that seems to simply be Disney artwork hanging on the wall. All of a sudden, the image comes alive to display an animated scene featuring characters from classic Disney films. You wonder…is it magic?

Of course it’s magic! (And a little dash of technology.) This technologically advanced, magically enhanced artwork recognizes when a guest pauses to admire it and activates several seconds of animation on the LCD screen to immerse the spectator in a unique element of storytelling that’s distinctly Disney.

Children pause to watch framed artwork come to life – a special Disney Dream feature called Enchanted Art

For example, one piece of Enchanted Art appears to be an animation cel from the Disney classic film “Bambi.” Before you know it, the work of art springs to life and Bambi’s friends Thumper and Flower scamper about before a butterfly flutters through the scene.

Another compelling composition illustrates a vintage photo of Walt Disney at his drawing board. When it senses that a guest is present, the still image transforms and the character that Walt is creating becomes animated. Can you picture it?

Nearly two dozen pieces of visually engaging Enchanted Art are sprinkled throughout the Disney Dream, from the atrium lobby to staircases on various decks. And, just because you’ve walked by one specific piece of art before, doesn’t mean you will see the same animation again. Enchanted Art may dazzle you with a different animation sequence the next time you pass by it.

In the atrium lobby and throughout the Disney Dream, Enchanted Art offers an immersive experience for guests passing by

Enchanted Art is also involved in an interactive detective adventure game. Using a map and a game card that you hold up in front of select pieces of art, you can unveil clues and find missing objects to ultimately determine the villain and save the day. That’s right – you get to play the hero!

I bet you are wondering how this works. I will tell you, as long as it’s our secret. Each card has a unique 2D barcode pattern, and the progress of each player is tracked by the game software. There are six potential villains and an array of randomized events – so, you can investigate more than once and have a new outcome each time.

Guests can play a detective adventure game using pieces of Enchanted Art around the Disney Dream

Now, let me tell you – this game is not only for kids. I spent an afternoon searching high and low for villains, and had an absolute blast! I also witnessed families gallivanting around the ship together with their game cards in hand, to discover different villains and explore the marvels of Enchanted Art!

Watch the video to see Enchanted Art in action and to hear from our Walt Disney Imagineers – the creative minds who came up with this brilliant concept.

Are you wondering who the villains of Enchanted Art are? You’ll just have to sail with us to see for yourself!


  • WOW! Only Disney! Almost like a video game, except hopefully, not as controlling of minds!!

  • Hi,
    I am a bit behind to comment on this posting. Rather excited to be aboard and try this. I think our Grandaughter will find this quite different. Her birthday is Sunday and Grandma saw to it a special post card arrived with Mickey & Minnie on it telling her they were busy getting the ship ready for her April arrival.

    Her Mom annd Dad said she was really excited to get that and I suspect another card will go out prior to the Cruise. We are very very excited for this trip and got her a complete pixie costume as well as pirate costume and pirate items for the adults. can’t wait.
    See you in April 60 days left.

  • We experience the enchanted Art on the Dreams Maiden Voyage, and it was excellent, my DD aged 9 and DS aged 6 loved it, both did the different mystries to solve and it was a great way of seeing the ship too. You don;t have to actually play the game to see the art work in action, but the game lets you see so much more.

  • I did the Kim Possible interactive game in Ecpot. This sounds like it takes it a couple steps further. Sounds like a great deal of fun. Can’t wait to try it myself.

  • Sounds wonderful, like something my daughter would really enjoy doing!!

  • We are packing our bags for our cruise next week on the Disney Dream. Hope it is as wonderful as our last Disney Cruise.

  • Are the cards waiting for you in the room? If not, where do you get one on the ship?

    • Guests obtain game cards at a self-sign-in “detective desk” kiosk on Deck 5 Midship, where they also receive a map of the Enchanted Art pieces that are part of the game for them to explore.

  • This is really cool! Can’t wait to see it in person one day!

  • That is an extremely cool piece of technology. Ordinarily I’m ambivalent to virtual technologies in a themed setting because the idea is to be immersed in something, not watching something on another screen. But this sort of effect is fantastic! I’d ask if it uses an e-reader type of technology, but that’d be asking a magician to reveal her tricks ^_^

  • I can’t wait to experience this and everything else on our family Dream cruise in September. This is going to be awesome!

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