Sci-Fi Academy at Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

OK, Disney Parks Blog followers, I received a very important data transmission this morning about a Sci-Fi Academy merchandise pin-trading event taking place on June 24 at the Disneyland Resort. Commander Mickey asked me to share this with as many recruits as possible. So of course, I came to you first!

Sci-Fi Academy at Disneyland Resort

Attention Recruits:

Commander Mickey here! I’m in need of your assistance. The Sci-Fi Adventure Corps and I have gathered a cosmic amount of strange galactic artifacts and worldly keepsakes from various journeys and Sci-Fi explorations.

My trusty communicator device, R.A.L.F (Reality Alterer with Language Functions) has shared that there are other fascinating worlds and galaxies out there, at our fingertips, containing important information and data from various eras of Sci-Fi movies, books, games and television. The artifacts must be collected, catalogued, traded and studied in order for us to move into other alternate realities from your favorite Sci-Fi adventures and understand the strange alien languages that exist.

Reach for the stars,
Commander Mickey

Recruits interested in attending the Sci-Fi Academy merchandise pin-trading event can join the ranks of Commander Mickey beginning March 1 via for an out of this world pin-trading and collecting experience.

Are you planning to join the Sci-Fi Academy ranks?


  • Can only purchase the pins if you attend the event

  • Can you further explain the concept? Will these pins and other pieces not be available elsewhere? Is attendance limited?? What am I getting for $70 … I’m probably really dense, but I don’t understand.

  • Thank you Michelle! I already have my plane tickets!! Can’t wait to see the merchandise! Great theme. Any chance there will be news soon on the Alice in Wonderland event on April 2nd? I was wondering if it was just going to be an online wristband event?


  • I am looking forward to this event. Will there be any connection with the grand opening of the Star Tours 2.0 attraction as well as the release of the new Star Tours 2.0 pin/merchandise and the Sci-Fi Academy?

  • I am excited about this event!! Any idea when the ticket prices will be published??

    • It’s actually posted now, we just updated it a little bit ago. The ticket price will be $70 per person. No further discounts apply. Hope that helps.

  • Im so EXCITED for this event! Will the merchandise catalog be released on March 1st as well?

    • Hi Matt! The current plan is for the catalog to launch when the tickets do on March 1st. I’ve gotten a sneak preview of some of the merchandise and all I can say is AMAZING! You’ll love it!

  • I am so there

  • Is “R.A.L.F.” a nod to “Flight of the Navigator” and its “Robotic Assistant Labor Facilitator”?

    • Hey Robbie! R.A.L.F. was actually inspired by artist Ralph Kent, who has played an instrumental part in many of our Disney Design Group artists lives.

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