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Special Disney Photos on Valentine’s Day

Jeff Nickel

by , Disney Photography Imaging Manger, Walt Disney World Resort

So by now, everyone who has a Valentine has already picked out what they are going to give their special someone, right? If not, don’t fret! We have the perfect last-minute solution from some of our most famous Walt Disney World character couples (you know they LOVE to surprise and delight!).

Mickey and Minnie Celebrate Valentine's Day at Disney Parks

Log-in or create an account at Disney’s PhotoPass Service and claim our special Valentine’s Day PhotoPass ID: MCKY-PLUS-MNNE-4EVR (cute, right?). After entering the ID, check the Bonus Content folder in your account and you will see the photos. This special bonus content can be used in any PhotoPass keepsake products, including our very popular PhotoCD (you get ALL of your images on a handy CD so you can share, print at home, or even use the images as your desktop wallpaper).

I know my wife will appreciate this more than a bouquet of flowers. Right honey?….Honey? Oh well, back to the doghouse with Goofy and Pluto. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


  • Hey Jeff and Darlene:

    Ok, did that. Just like Darlene, I was hoping for the Mickey and Minnie flowers photo too and I guess that’s why I didn’t think I was in the right place. The M/M-flowers photo is adorable!

    Is that photo available anywhere Jeff?


  • I was able to enter the code and saw the tab for bonus content but that picture was not in the folder. It had Beast & Belle, Mickey & Minnie (non Valentine picture), Donald & Daisy, and the Incredibles. I love the picture of Mickey giving Minnie flowers but I did not see it anywhere!!

  • Hi Jeff: Aw, these look so cute. I must be love-struck because I can’t find the bonus content. I have logged into my photopass account and keyed in the MCKY ID and when I click “My Account” I don’t see anything called “Bonus Content”. Where should I look? What characters are in the photos?


    • Kelly,

      Click the ‘My Albums’ tab while logged in to DisneyPhotoPass.com. Look for a blue folder called ‘Disney’s PhotoCD Bonus Content’. Hope this helps!

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