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Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers – ‘Going to Disney World!’

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

Update: 1:59 p.m. – Today’s ticker-tape parade at Magic Kingdom park celebrating Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers has been delayed. It’s now scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. ET – weather permitting.
After making memories with his heroic play in Super Bowl XLV, what is Aaron Rodgers going to do next? In the frenzied moments just after his team claimed the National Football League championship Sunday night in Dallas, Aaron stood in front of a TV camera and shouted five words that have become an almost iconic reaction to milestone achievements: “I’m going to Disney World!”

Aaron’s pronouncement, part of the production for one of TV’s most enduring and celebrated commercials, was captured after the Green Bay Packers’ 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers – a game during which Aaron threw three touchdown passes and was named MVP.

On Monday, Aaron Rodgers will celebrate the Packers’ big win with a Super Bowl Victory Parade down Main Street U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom.

This is the 25th year of the “I’m going to Disney World” commercials. The campaign pays tribute to personal achievements of athletes and continues to be an iconic celebration as only Disney can do.


  • That’s weird, I saw the ad during ESPN sportscenter last night, and Aaron Rodgers said “I’m going to Disneyland” and not Disney World. I guess 2 ads were probably done. But I guess since he’s also booked to do Letterman in NYC tonight, it makes logistic sense for him to go to Orlando Florida, rather than make the cross country trip from Anaheim to get to the Late Show set.

  • The Super Bowl hero parade is at 2:15 going south from the castle on Main Street. To allow time for the “Super
    bowl parade” the usual 3:00 daily character parade is delayed until 3:30 going in reverse of normal as well from Splash Mountain to Town Square. So it will not arrive at the castle until about 3:40 to 3:45 and end at Town Square about 4:00 or so.


  • Congratulations! I’ll be there in August!

  • I looked the commercial up on youtube

  • We will be there! Congratulations!

  • The original post says the parade will be at 2:15pm today weather permitting.

    Can’t wait to see the commercial!
    I’m going to Disney In March and spending my birthday at WDW. 🙂

  • Hi Everyone We are here staying at Bay Lake tower and i found out the parade starts at 2:15
    Have a magical day !

  • I missed the commercial! Did they even run it? Right as the Packers won I started the DVR so we would have it and didn’t see it. When will the spot run?????

  • What an iconic statement – never gets old, or cliche. Such a magical moment deserves a magical place to celebrate. Congrats to Mr. Rodgers and the rest of the GB team – and thanks to Disney for making magical moments part of daily life.

  • Cool I should be in MK this evening, maybe I’ll get to see it!

  • Awwww man… Why can’t it be at Disneyland. haha. Great Job PACKERS!

  • i was waiting for it but missed it!! can you put the commercial

  • Yea what time is the parade? I’m going to see the parade even though I seen it last week twice! Lol I love Disney!!

  • We are coming to Disney tomorrow from Minnesota. What time is the parade going to be at? We REALLY hope we make it. We are HUGE Green Bay Packer Fans!!!

  • Go Packers!!!!! When can we see the commercial???

  • What time will the parade be at?

  • Yeah for A-Rod!!!!! I was luck to be at Epcot with many Packer fans the day that the Pack beat the Bears to get to the Super Bowl.

  • Very cool. I will be at EPCOT, but I hope the parade is fun! Congrats, Packers.

  • A well-deserved trip!! Way to go Aaron, and the entire team! Thank you for bringing the Lombardi trophy home!

  • I wish I was going!!! :0) DA BEARS!!!!!!

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