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Take 5 at ElecTRONica

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

ElecTRONica Event at Disney California Adventure Park

Earlier this week, we announced that ElecTRONica will be extended through Labor Day at Disney California Adventure park, giving even more Guests the chance to enter the Grid all summer long. Here’s a look back at some of our top ElecTRONica posts.

What is your favorite part of ElecTRONica? Let us know in the comments.

Top 5: ElecTRONica

  1. ElecTRONica Meet-Up: Recap of our Biggest Meet-Up Yet -In October, we invited 3,000 Disney Parks Blog readers to experience ElecTRONica.
  2. First Look at ElecTRONica – This sneak peek at ElecTRONica gave fans a glimpse at what to expect at the new nighttime experience.
  3. ElecTRONica Starts Tonight – Take a look back at ElecTRONica’s cast member preview.
  4. Poreotics Dance Crew Will Make a Special Appearance at ElecTRONica – Poreotics, winner of Season 5’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” on MTV, made their ElecTRONica debut in November.
  5. Catapult Back to 1982 at Flynn’s Arcade at ElecTRONica – Take a look inside Flynn’s Arcade, a Guest favorite at ElecTRONica.


  • I’m really glad to hear that Disney is embracing the electronic music culture!

  • The whole experience was a total immersion into the incredible world of TRON. The sounds and visuals flooded the senses, making it feel like you were on the Grid.

    I liked that my little 5 & 2 year old could dance and have fun in the pretty lights while dad could enjoy one of the fine glowing drinks. It was nice being able to have a little corner of the parks have a slightly different experience than the rest of the parks (as great as everything at Disneyland is!)

    The crowning achievement though would be Flynn’s. An arcade from back when arcades were a unique social environment, lovingly recreated (right down to the 25 cents per play). Mixing that with all of the TRON goodness outside really made a trip to ElecTRONica one of the highlights of this Disney visit!

  • The extension is great news. Even when/if ElecTRONica is shut down I would highly hope that you keep Flynn’s and the End of Line club.(Perhaps even make it a full indoor bar with additional drink choices?) The feel of Flynn’s is perfect and it would be a huge shame to lose that.

  • I like that electronica was not glow fest, glowfest was not very disney and a bit too adult to be associated with the disney name.

  • Mr. Smith,
    I just noticed your job title. That has to be one of the coolest jobs I have ever seen.

    Have a magical day.

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