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Taking Flight With Dumbo Merchandise at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Dumbo Plush Doll

After reading recent articles about Dumbo from Michelle Harker and Tom Smith, I’ve been thinking about that animated classic. This year marks the 70th anniversary of one of Walt Disney’s shortest animated features, which was originally released on October 23, 1941. I think my favorite sequence is from the end of the film when Dumbo is riding on a train through Florida. It’s difficult to believe that the “vacation kingdom of the world” would open in the center of the state about 30 years after the film’s initial release! With these thoughts of Dumbo dancing in my head, I set out looking for Dumbo merchandise. Luckily, I didn’t have to look too long as Tracie Alt, Associate Product Developer for Home and Decorative, played the role of the stork one afternoon.

Dumbo Dish Set

“These are new baby gift items and I’d like for you to write about them,” Tracie explained to me standing at the door to my office holding three colorful Dumbo-themed items (talk about perfect timing!). I asked why she selected Dumbo.

“I was looking for a way to tie the Disney Parks experience to these baby gifts,” continued Tracie. “Dumbo The Flying Elephant is a popular attraction with many guests. We have introduced baby gift items before but this time I wanted a different take than what is traditionally found in the marketplace. I thought Dumbo was so cute and would be something different than using baby Mickey or Minnie.”

Dumbo Frame and Blanket

Tracie selected a green and yellow color palette instead the traditional soft pink or soft blue often found on baby items. I love the whimsical circus theme as it just seems perfect for a baby (changing diapers can be like a circus act at times, or maybe that was just how I felt).

Also perfect for a baby is the Dumbo plush pictured at the top of this article. He is part of a line of plush characters wrapped in blankets that have been offered for a few years. Don’t you wish you could just hold him right now? It must be those expressive blue eyes that were first drawn by the late Disney Legend and animator Bill Peet.

Elephant Figures From Vinylmation Animation #1 Series

I also found some non-baby related items including the recently released Vinylmation – Animation #1 Series. The photo above features four figures from the series – one is the mystery chaser while the others are super chasers (or variants – though we like the term “super chaser”). While not necessarily Dumbo, they are elephants from my other favorite scene in the film.

Well, I think I found all there is to see. The only thing missing was seeing an actual flying elephant. If I had seen that then I would have seen everything. Have you ever seen one?


  • Is there any chance that there will be more Bolt merchandise? I would love to see some.

    • @Katie – I unfortunately have not heard a confirmed release date. I’m hoping soon as I just picked up a Blu-ray player and wowza!

      @Cindy – I spoke with Tracie and she said there are no plans at this time for a crib set.

      @Fred – Hmmm … great question. There hasn’t been much created with that adorable dog 🙂 I know there is a 9-inch Vinylmation figure featuring Bolt. I’ve also seen a Valentine’s Day and non-Valentine’s Day themed plush, a pin and, coming later this year, he will be a figure in Series #11 of the mini collector packs. I would love to have an actual dog that looks like him (I already have a black kitten – LOL!).

  • Are there any plans to do a matching Crib Set, the colors are great!

  • When will Dumbo come out on blue ray and dvd again? They keep putting ads inside other disney movies saying this spring, but I can not find an official release date. It is my favorite movie and I don’t own it anymore, and really need a copy!

  • My husband is a HUGE Dumbo fan. We asked at WDW and DLR if anyone sells Dumbo ears (we figured they have Mickey, Minnie, and everyone else’s ears) and no one had them. I hope Disney considers expanding its Dumbo line and includes Dumbo ears!

    • @Jackie – Well, I have some good news. Coming this Fall, you will see a Dumbo ear hat! It will be part of an entire earhat program featuring a variety of Disney characters. I have seen artwork for them and I can’t wait to share their story here. Figment fans will be happy 🙂

  • Dumbo is a classic, however I’d like to see more Mr. Toad merchandise. He has fans too.

    • @Carollee and Tia – I have contacted the Disney Parks on-line store team to see if that can happen. I know Tracie mentioned they may carry it via that store. So please stay tuned.

      @Ginger – I will share your kind feedback with the team. Thank you. 🙂

      @Jason – Right on, and I’m one of them.

  • Will these be available through the parks merchandise online? I’d love to have the dishes set for my baby and NEED that frame for a baby picture or something of my 7 year old. Her “song” is Baby Mine.

  • I LOVE my baby dumbo suffed animal!!!! he is the best and hes so cute and so happy and he just makes me melt!!!!! i bought him one year ago!!

  • I would love to see merchandise based on the ride…I just love all those little pastel elephants!

  • i love dumbo,we got my daughter the baby Dumbo 2 years ago.
    she loves it.

  • I just came back from Disney World two days ago, and fell in love wih the frame and baby blanket. Such a wonderful idea to use Dumbo on the baby items instead of always Winnie the Pooh (in yellow). The first thing I think of with Dumbo was when he’s a baby and his Mother is singing Baby Mine to him. Although I don’t have children, I was very tempted to purchase these items!

  • I love Dumbo! I am ALWAYS looking for products of his to buy. I always have the hardest time. Even IN Disney World! I was just there Dec 2010. I would LOVE LOVE to have the items! Where can i find them?????

  • My granddaughter LOVES anything to do with Dumbo – I’m looking forward to picking up some Dumbo merchandise for her. 🙂

  • LOVE it!!! I would love to see an entire Dumbo baby line. I have been trying to talk my niece into a Dumbo themed baby shower with each of her babies but she won’t do it because she says there is no merchandise so she does classic Pooh.

  • I love, love, love the Dumbo themed baby stuff! I wish they had it when my son was a baby. I love the circus theme and that they didn’t do the traditional ‘soft’ colors. Babies need bright colors and stimulation; plus you can do so much with the circus theme. A+, keep up the great work!!

  • I love Dumbo!!! Is there anyway to purchase these items without going to Disney World?

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