Tangaroa Terrace, Trader Sam’s to Join Disneyland Hotel This Spring

Betsy Villalobos

by , Senior Manager, External Communications, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products

Many of you may remember our announcement last spring about the ongoing Disneyland Hotel renovation. This exciting project gives the hotel a retro theme with a contemporary twist and adds historic and nostalgic elements of Disneyland park, circa the 1950s.

In keeping with that spirit, we are excited to announce that this spring Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sam’s will open. The tiki-inspired design and storyline for this restaurant and bar were a perfect fit, as they tie in thematically with the mid-century modern architecture of the Disneyland Hotel and the adjacent Dream Tower, soon to be renamed Adventure Tower.

Artist Rendering of Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel

Inspired by Adventurelands from Disney Parks worldwide and the nostalgic Tahitian Terrace restaurant, located in Adventureland from 1962-1993, Tangaroa Terrace will immerse guests in a tropical setting with tiki torches and themed music. The name of the restaurant was borrowed from one of the tiki gods at the Enchanted Tiki Room. The fast-casual dining experience will include island-inspired food and beverages. The new bar, named after Trader Sam, the infamous Jungle Cruise “head” salesman, will open adjacent to Tangaroa Terrace. Trader Sam’s unique lounge experience will include interactive experiences with a bit of Disney magic you won’t want to miss.

These new locations are in addition to the new in-room décor and exterior of the hotel, as well as the new pool, immersive water play area and redesign of the Never Land Pool that will be completed later this year. Check back soon for more details on the Disneyland Hotel renovation project!


  • I have recently, unofficially heard by word of mouth that Trader Sam’s will open on Sunday, May 15th, 2011. I hope to hear an official announcement, but in any case, I can’t wait for this awesome new addition to Disnayland in Anaheim, California!

  • Since Trader Sam is hosting this restaurant does that mean it is two for one meals and drinks?

  • I was feeling same about it.

  • Oh, I’m anticipating this new bar to be something like Adventurer’s Club in Pleasure Island at WDW used to be! I sure hope it is! I still talk about that place all the time and always wished we had a West Coast version!

  • anything ‘retro’ they do is cool with me!!

  • Fantastic! Miss the Sushi Bar and the Tahitian Terrace. Cannot wait for my next visit.

  • “unique lounge experience will include interactive experiences with a bit of Disney magic you won’t want to miss” could this by any chance be similar to the old Adventurer’s Club from Pleasure Island? Loved that place, disappointed when it closed. Would love to see something like it open here.

  • OMG I hope this tiki theme means that the Disneyland Resort will finally offer the Lapu Lapu drinks that are available at Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian at WDW!!!! If so I might never need to do to WDW again!!!!

  • Yes, Tangaroa Terrace is the name of a former Polynesian Resort restaurant at WDW. Surprised you went with that instead of simply Tahitian Terrace. Still very excited! But, big shoes to fill – with Tiki making such a resurgence, it’s going to need to be along the same lines as Trader Vic’s in quality and atmosphere. Best of luck.

  • That looks awesome! We always have our “night before” dinner at Croc’s Bits and Bites when we arrive at the resort from our home in Utah. Now that Croc’s is gone, we look forward to dining at these new restaurants! A new tradition perhaps!

  • TIKILICIOUS, TIKIRRIFIC AND TIKITASTIC! Can’t wait, I will be there early and often in Aloha wear!

  • I’ve seen the Jungle Cruise controlled boats over at the Rainforest Cafe. It’s cute seeing the kids racing the boats

  • Regardless of how nice this may be, the resort will NEVER be the same without the waterfalls.

  • Will there be any Tiki bird?? I wish they will put something from the Enchanted Tiki Room in the restaurant or bar.

  • The blog post said ‘fast-casual’ – will there be table service at Tangaroa Terrace? I’m looking forward to this – but always prefer a nice relaxed meal with table service!

  • This is a WELCOMED improvement!

    I’m going to miss those Jungle Cruise remote controled boats, but I think enough Disneyland Fans who are also Tiki (Bar) Enthusiasts would <3 to have a cocktailed served in a collectible Tiki Mug (with each Tower receiving an appropriate Themed Area, it sure feels like the Disneyland Resort is coming back to life)!


  • That’s awesome!

  • This looks fantastic – I’m hoping it will be open (even a soft opening!) by Easter weekend since that’s when we’ll be at Disneyland!

  • Will Marlene work here? She was the best server at Lost Bar!

  • I am looking forward to pictures once it is finished. I plan on staying at the Disneyland Hotel once the remodel is complete. Thanks for the update!

  • we miss the waterfalls and the lost bar!

  • I understand that with the vagaries of building codes and approvals a specific open date may not be possible… but is “spring” March or more like June? Hopin’ March, as that would work well with our family trip. Naturally, I’m sure you’ll make it your top priority to accommodate us. : ) Regardless, great news and a wonderful addition to the park, especially for the CA Tiki faithful…

  • I really wish they would bring top-notch offerings like this to Walt Disney World in Florida!

  • Thrilling! Will you have SHAG consult on the interior design?

  • I am fairly certain that there was a Tangaroa Terrace previously at WDW’s Polynesian Resort. Is this correct, Betsy?

  • I remember when there was a Tangaroa Terrace restaurant at WDW…this should be beautiful!

  • Will the Trader Sam Bar act as a real retro Tiki Bar? It sounds like the decor will be (of course) very Tiki, but at real Tiki Bars the bartenders are more knowledgeable and offer real Tiki drinks…please tell me this will be a real Tiki Bar! I’m so excited for this part of the plans!

  • Brilliant !!!

  • Oh boy! I will be there for a convention in August, this place looks great!

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