Things That Spin in the Night at Disneyland Park

This first photo in my series of motion blur photography was taken in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park. I picked the Astro Orbitor, because of the headlight on the vehicles and the rock work that would inevitably frame the photo. The exposure was long – 30 seconds. I wanted to get that “almost day time look” with the blue-colored sky and a lot of light streaks.

The Astro Orbitor in Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park

Check back for new photos in the coming weeks. I’m not sure how many photos will be in this “night spinning” series, so if you like them, let me know.


  • Hey Paul! I love all your pictures. They are so amazing!

    When I was at the park recently we decided to go through Tarzan’s Tree House late at night. Almost to the top, right before the jaguar I believe, I turned around to say something to my friend and I saw the most beautiful view!

    I could see the top of the Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, the Sailing Ship Columbia, and all the lights of N.O. square through the tops of the trees.

    You should check it out! It was really breathtaking.

  • This picture is so awesome! You have the best ideas and pictures! 🙂

  • love it!!! disneyland at night is truly magical.

  • That is such a great picture!

  • Picked up my Star Wars Vinylmation #1. Also picked up the AP Mr. Toad while we were there.

  • And the correct answer is the moon. The best way to get that star effect is to stop down as much as possible, F22 always works for me. Look for the my next post in a couple of weeks, in this series, yet another fish eye photo. That 15 mm lens is fast becoming my favorite

  • Wonderful! Plese make it a long series of photos. My son is autistic, and loves things that spin. The Astro Orbiter is one of his favorites to watch when we are at Disneyland!

  • Very cool, I would love to see more.

  • Such a beautiful picture. I love how the star shone so brightly. You can almost make out Jiminy. Keep them coming please!

  • I’m pretty sure that’s the moon and not a star. Or Disney has really got some “bling” going on in the night sky. 🙂

  • Ok, now for sure I have to purchase a fish eye lens. :o) Very beautiful shot. Looking forward to more.

  • I like it!! It’s very cool, more please!!

  • By the way, that “star” is in the South/Southeast sky isn’t it? So it’s not the North Star. What exactly is it?

  • Awesome pic!! Please do lots more in this series. My favorite episode of The Wonderful World of Disney was “Disneyland After Dark”. It is a very magical time of day.

  • I love all the pictures you post of the park!! Is there anyway you guys can make them into wallpaper??

  • Paul, you sure are lovin’ that fisheye. This is very inspiring, and such a great use of that lens! Is that the moon in the upper right hand corner?! Beautiful picture!

  • that star is walt i’m sure!

  • I love it! Night photography is a challenge and passion of mine. I love how colored lights brightly contrast the darkness and enjoy making painted images with the light. Long exposures are key to mesmerizing images in the evening!

  • Am I able to buy a print of this image? My son would LOVE this.

  • Very cool. Is that the “Wish Upon A Star” I see?

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