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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Feb. 7, 2011

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Where at Disney Parks Can You Find Miss New York?

There she is…but where’s that? Monday’s mystery image is Miss New York and unless you have a crick in your neck, she’s easy to spot (along with a few friends) somewhere at the Walt Disney World Resort. Have you seen her? Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Miss New York Inside Seashore Sweets’ at Disney’s Boardwalk

You got it, Miss New York is up there, inside Seashore Sweets’ at Disney’s Boardwalk. Along with figurines, you can see vintage photos of Miss America Pageant winners and other cool memorabilia around the shop. This is one of those “must stops” for us while walking the boards to check out (and taste) the candies, ice cream, taffy and other sweet treats. How about you?


  • It’s always fun checking out the memorabilia at Seashore Sweets.

  • Sea Shore Sweets at the board walk

    • You nailed it this week, Emily. Thanks.

  • Candy store at the Boardwalk. Sea Shore Sweets. They have pictures of every Miss America past in the store.

    • Yes they do. Great eye.

  • Definitely at the Boardwalk resort

  • Boardwalk 😀

  • The ice cream shop at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. Sea Shore Sweets. The whole place is covered in old Miss America stuff.

  • Seashore Sweets at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn =)

  • The Boardwalk

  • Is this in the Swan & Dolphin Resorts?? More specifically, the Swan??

  • Seashore Sweets on the Boardwalk.

    • That’s it. Well done.

  • Just a guess Tom… Mama Melrose Ristorante in Hollywood Studios. It was the best New York guess I could think of. If not, the game is still fun.

    • Almost, Ron. Thanks for the feedback – have a great day.

  • Seashore Sweets at the BoardWalk

  • are you at Saratoga Springs Resort?

  • Is it the candy/ice cream shop at the Boardwalk?

  • ice cream shop at boardwalk, seashore sweets i believe it’s called?

    • You are correct. Good memory.

  • Inside Seashore Sweets on the Boardwalk?

  • Seashore Sweets at Boardwalk Resort?

    • You have a great eye, Terese. Thanks.

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