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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Feb 15, 2011

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Where at Disney Parks Can You Find This?

That’s the stare of a man thinking of lost love on the day after Valentine’s Day and you’ll find it somewhere at the Walt Disney World Resort. In fact, this week’s mystery image can always be spotted alone with that same look – if you’re observant. But where? Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Patrick Kavanagh Statue in Front of Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant

You’re right, this week’s mystery image can be found outside the Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Downtown Disney. And here’s the story. Patrick Kavanagh was one of Ireland’s most renowned poets & novelists. His best known works include the novel Tarry Flynn and the poems Raglan Road and The Great Hunger.

In the poem the poet, walking on a “quiet street” (Raglan Road), recalls a love affair he had with a young woman. He knew he would risk being hurt if he initiated a relationship, but went ahead anyway. The poem was later made into a song which is often played by our house band “Creel” at Raglan Road.

Patrick Kavanagh was always seen sitting alone on a park bench by the Grand canal in Dublin so when he passed away in 1967 he was commemorated with a statue by the banks of the canal. Today, the only replica of this statue is found outside Raglan Road in Downtown Disney, a man sitting alone on a bench thinking of his lost love.

Patrick Kavanagh Statue in Front of Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant


  • Hi, Thomas.
    It was easy for me, because I have some pictures with my family in that place.

    I like your post in this blog “Where at Disney Parks Can You Find…”. Always, you remember me our visit to WDW. Soon, We’ll come back!!!!

  • Def Raglan Road – just snapped pics there with “him” recently

  • Is this one of the bronze likenesses that are located at the Disney Studios? I can’t remember any of them but Bill Cosby and Walt Disney…

  • He is sitting in downtown disney! I take my picture with him every time I’m in town.

  • Outside of Raglan Road, my #1 favorite restaurant for WDW hands down!!!!!

  • Yep. Old gentleman sitting on the bench in front of the “Shop for Ireland” store on Raglan Road.

  • He looks like the statue sitting in front of raglan road pub down down Disney he’s on a bench in front of the restaurant. Yummy food by the way and great place to grab a beer and just chat with the bartenders very low key to relax after a hyper day at the park!!

  • Definitely the statue on the bench outside Ragland Road (who have the most amazing ribs, by the way!)

  • That would be in front of the American pavillion at EPCOT.

  • I believe he is sitting outside of Raglan Road Downtown at Pleasure Island.

  • Outside of Raglad Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

  • It’s Patrick Kavanagh, poet.

  • Dang Ben, you JUST beat me.

  • Just booked today to eat at the very restaurant where he contemplates life that passes by Raglan Road

  • It’s in front of Raglan Road in Pleasure Island, it’s the statue of Patrick Kavanaugh, the author of “On Raglan Road”, sitting on a bench.

    • Well done.

  • It’s in Downtown Disney, in front of the window of Shop for Ireland (Outside of Raglad Road Irish Pub and Restaurant). Easy!!!

    • You got it. Didn’t think this week’s mystery image would be easy. Thanks.

  • Liberty Square

  • Isnt that the dude sitting outside Raglan Road at Downtown Disney?? AWESOME food!!!

  • Just outside of Raglan Road

    • Perfect, Todd.

  • I always feel like I need to at least guess haha

  • Epcot?

  • Is he the one sitting on the bench in front of Raglan Road in Pleasure Island?

    I believe his hat also takes over the rest of the bench leaving no one else room to sit with him. 😛

    • Great job…you even noticed the hat! Thanks, Maryanne.

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