Before and After: Things That Spin in the Night at Disney California Adventure Park

I’ve found that when most photographers go out to shoot something at a specific time and place, they usually show up early and stay late to make sure they “get the shot.” One of the benefits of this is you may get some images you weren’t expecting.

This sunset photo of Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Disney California Adventure park isn’t a spinning photo, but it shows you a great example of something you can find – if you get there earlier than you need to.

Mickey's Fun Wheel at Disney California Adventure Park

After I took that photo, I set out to take pictures for the post you saw on February 28, Fun with Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Disney California Adventure park. I stayed to see what else might be of interest. That’s when I got this shot – a cool reflection of Mickey’s Fun Wheel with the “World of Color“ fountains.

Mickey's Fun Wheel with the 'World of Color' Fountains at Disney California Adventure Park

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  • Very nice photography!

    I really love all the colors in this series, especially the reflections in the bay.

    What sort of lenses do you use when you take shots like these?

  • I love that fun wheel! I wish they would put one at WDW in Florida!

  • Luke–
    During the day, the fountains are completely hidden under the water’s surface. They rise up in the evening when it gets closer to show time.

  • I love taking pics of Mickey’s Fun Wheel at night! How can I show you one of mine? Can’t seem to post an image here – only a comment.

    Nice shots!

  • I love the things that spin series. I would love to see more!!!! Thanks for some amazing pictures!!!

  • While I LOVE World of Color, I do NOT love all of the fountains ruining the reflections and the overall appearance of the bay. I wish there were some way they could disappear when not being used for WoC.

  • I love how the lights are diffused in the water, it almost looks like a light painting.

    And that sunset is gorgeous.

  • Very nice!
    I love how Mickey’s Fun Wheel looks.

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