Breakfast After Dark for Third Shift Cast Members at Disneyland Resort

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Breakfast After Dark for Third Shift Cast Members at Disneyland Resort

People often ask me how it is that the Disneyland Resort is in tip-top shape when the first guests begin to come through the front gates in the morning. Well, when the sun goes down and the last guest exits our parks, magic happens.

We’ve introduced you to some of our “third shift” magic makers in the past, including scuba divers and horticulturists. Today, our hats go off to all 1,400 cast members who maintain the Resort while most of us are asleep. Last night, at an annual celebration breakfast – or lunch or dinner, depending on how you look at it – Disney leaders thanked and acknowledged the cast during a TRON-themed event at the Disneyland Hotel.

To truly get a feel for the varied work they do, here’s a sample of the roles played by “third shift” cast members: engineer, mechanic, custodian, painter, designer, arborist – and the list goes on. Their talents allow you to fully enjoy each visit to the Disneyland Resort.


  • Whenever I can I try to say thanks to cast members for their hard work. I’ve never met a cast member that wasn’t giving 100%. Since we never see the 3rd shifters I’m glad Disney gives them the recognition they have earned.

    I love the magic of Disney but I appreciate that the magic comes from a lot of hard workers.

  • I appreciate those Cast members. We expect the park to look the way it does but never really appreciate how it got that way! Thanks!!

  • You guys Rock!!!!! My hat goes off to all of you for making Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth!!!!!

  • Thank you graveyard shift for making the park so nice for us guests.

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA

    I really commend the Third Shift Cast Members they are the ones who all the guest relay on everytime they walk threw those gates. The Park looks beautiful and the rides are taken care of and safe enough for each guest who enjoys all the wonderful rides!
    Thanks Third Shift Cast Members for all your hard work and dedication each night!!!

  • I think it’s great how Disney always shows its appreciation to its workers as well as its fans! Gotta love Disney for all it does and not just its parks and movies!

  • We truly appreciate all these cast members do!!

  • I could see me doing the scuba diver job. I wonder if they’ll hire an RN/mechanic/ham radio operator who builds his own electronics/scuba diver ?

  • We have watched the third shifters many times from the windows of our hotel room at the Paradise Pier, over looking DCA. It is a blast to watch them test the rides, paint or do the other work late into the morning. This is a big reason we actually choose to stay at Paradise Pier.

    Thanks third shift!!

  • I salute you “Third Shift”!!!

  • I appreciate all the things the 3rd shift does for our enjoyment, I thank you all

  • Thanks to the magic makers of the 3rd shift. You all Deserve the Magical award for your efforts in the off hours. My mickey ears off to you all.

  • One of the many reasons that we return to Disneyland and Disney World on our vacations (many of those vacations were taken before we had our daughter!) is the service of the Disney Cast Members. Not just the Cast Members that greet us in the parks…but the ones that make the parks ready for guests! It’s not a thankless job – we do really appreciate all you 3rd shift cast members!

  • Many thanks to the 3rd shift who work hard and meticulously so the parks always look brand new each morning.

  • Thank you third shift cast members for all of your hard work!

  • Every cast member has an important role, from the custodians to the executives (I’ve cleaned bathrooms, so I appreciate how thankless that job is!). A huge THANK YOU to everyone who works to keep the parks clean and well-maintained while the rest of us rest up for our next day at Disneyland. You guys do an amazing job and you are VERY appreciated!

  • Thank you Third Shift! Your hard work and dedication creates the most amazing magic for us all.

  • I hope you are able to pass along our THANKS!! to every one of those hard working individuals for us. Without them working the hours they do and to the perfection that is expected of Disney there would be disappointment in the appearance of the parks and grounds – we truly do appreciate their hard work and dedication in making Disney as perfect as they can for the guests who have no idea what goes on after they leave the parks.

  • Our family is so glad to see this blog on here! It is awesome that we all remember those who work the craziest shifts to make our world a better place to enjoy!! We make all our fun vacations be at Disneyland whenever possible because it is always clean and we feel secure that you, the Disney Employees, make the Magic happen there for all of us! There are not enough words to express our appreciation to all of you! But we would like to a Big Thank You to All!!! You all Rock!!!

  • I’d also like to thank everyone that works third shift! It’s a tough shift to work, but the results from your hard work are amazing! Disney parks are the most beautiful theme parks for many reasons, and one of the biggest are all those dedicated employees working the third shift! Thank you so much!!!

  • Thank you for celebrating the third shift people – I have a feeling the only people who can really appreciate their hard work are people who have worked that shift sometime in their life. They are an awesome group of cast members who make everything in Disneyland [and also California Adventure]
    spic and span for the early birds who enter.

    A big thank you to every one of you. You have made my visits pleasurable and memorable because of your hard work. Special thanks for the different seasonal changes you make in one night?!

  • The cast members who work durring the night really make so much magic in the park. Thank you all!!

  • Hope some of the castmembers read the comments posted by others here! All the Cast Members help to create a magical experience, but there are so many things that go on that we never see! They don’t get to actually see people enjoying the park, so hopefully they get some satisfaction from reading these posts! Keep up the great work, and thanks for the magic! 🙂

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