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Checking In with D-Tech at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Checking In with D-Tech at Disney Parks

Last November, I introduced you to the world of D-Tech, our new electronic accessories brand that features all sorts of cases, covers and Disney flair for your favorite gadgets. I “checked-in” with Kevin-Michael Lezotte, Product Developer for stationery and electronic accessories, to get an update on the latest items. Sadly, I didn’t earn a Passport Stamp but I did get an awesome preview.

D-Tech Covers for the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4

“D-Tech was a huge hit this past holiday season,” explained Kevin-Michael. “I was hoping [D-Tech] would be popular with guests, but the response has exceeded my wildest dreams! I’m excited to see how guests enjoy some of the new items we are introducing in March.”

The newest items to arrive are covers for the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 developed by Disney Theme Park Merchandise. These covers feature Disney characters and the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella Castle.

D-Tech iPad Case

“With this new development, I was searching for ways to connect Disney Parks memories to our Guests,” said Kevin-Michael. “Now when a guest leaves a Disney Park, they are reminded of their Disney trip just by answering their phone, reading the latest news on their tablet device or sending a text message.”

The new clip cases for the iPad mobile digital device are some of my favorite new items. The images of the Castles are spectacular! Kevin-Michael said that D-Tech will change and evolve with technology.

“I’m working on cases and covers for a variety of devices such as smart phones, e-readers and other tablets,” continued Kevin-Michael. “You’ll see those items later in 2011. When new technology is announced, it takes me a few months before I can modify or create a new item to fit a particular gadget. My goal is to offer a variety of choices to match our guests’ needs.”

Checking In with D-Tech at Disney Parks

Coming in March, guests will find additional phone covers with new artwork including one of my favorites, Donald Duck. Kevin-Michael also showed me some “shining examples” of new items coming this summer (trust me, they sparkle!). The Mickey Mouse sleeve pictured above is coming in the fall.

Select D-Tech items can be found on the Disney Parks on-line store or see a larger selection at the World of Disney locations in California and Florida.


  • Do they make these covers for any Blackberry phones? Will they be making any? If I’d seen these first I would have bought an iphone.. love the catle one 🙂

  • I would love to see a cover for my Nook (Nook, not NookColor)! Please don’t forget about the first generation ereader when you make the covers!

  • We have screen savers, wallpapers, skins, etc. w/ Mickey, Tink or other Disney characters are on all of the family’s electronic gadgets, Disney Family Stickers on our car windows and lot’s of pins, pins, pins. Yes, we are a family of Disney freaks! Would absolutely love a Mickey case for our Droid2 phones.
    Paul in Sunny FL

  • It’s great to see Disney come out with more tech accessories, but it seems to only be for Apple products. Are we going to see Android phone accessories anytime soon? That would be a great addition and a huge market segment would not be missed out on.

  • I don’t have an “i” anything, phone, pad, nothing. I agree they should have them for other phones but I do understand there are so many phones and they change so quickly I understand why you limit to just a small amount of people.
    All this new D-tech stuff may just make me want an eReader. :o)

  • I was considering a new Windows 7 phone, but with all the cool stuff for the iPhones I might just have to go with one of those. Any plans for Haunted Mansion merchandise? I can’t get enough of the Haunted Mansion merch!

    • @Lana – Wouldn’t that be something? 🙂 I wonder if the same applies to D-Tech … there is always room for one more. LOL!

  • It the Mickey pants pounch on the bottom right for the iPad as well? So excited do I need SKUs to order these on the marketing line?

    • @Jennie – Yes, that Mickey Mouse pants pouch thing was designed for the iPad. You won’t see it available until later this year. The assortment on our Disney Parks on-line store changes often, so SKUs are necessarily needed.

  • I hope they come out with some Droid covers. As a Droid Incredible user, I would love to have some Disney themed covers to go along with it.

    John C.

  • I visited Walt Disney World last week hoping to find a fun Disney camera strap for my new Nikon d5000 and I was a little disappointed to find only one design. I looked online to see if there were any other ones and could not find any. Do you know if they plan on coming up with any new designs?

    • @Amberlee – I spoke with Betsy, our Media developer, about your question. She said there are no plans at this time to offer additional straps. Oh how I cherish my EPCOT Center camera strap from 1983. From one photographer to another, happy shooting! 🙂

  • I purchased back in Dec the Kermit iPhone case and totally live it!

  • Hi!!
    I really LOVE these designs!!!!! Are there any cases that will fit the newest iPod touch?? I really hope so, if there are, i will DEFINITELY be getting one when I head to WDW in August!! 😀

  • Can we look forward to Marvel stuff as well, now that they are partners? That would be excellent!

    • @Rick – We currently do not have any plans for Marvel related items with D-Tech at this point. But the Captain America movie trailer looked awesome!!

  • I third that. Droid phone users need some Disney love too! My background pic on my phone is Disney, now I need a case for the outside too. Love me some Stitch. hint hint.

    • @All – Thank you for the great comments. I asked Kevin-Michael about some of your questions. Here is what I learned:

      Other Phones – The biggest challenge for development is the number of models that exist outside of the iPhone. There are currently only two iPhone models where as there are multiple models for the Droid market. Yet, Kevin-Michael said he’s working on cases for the other popular phones. Stay tuned for them to arrive sometime this year.

      Smart Phone Cases – These fit multiple phones. We have several options and will continue to expand this assortment.

      eReaders – He is working on product for use with the top eReaders on the market.

      Other Characters – Kevin-Michael showed me several new pieces of artwork for future D-Tech use. One word – Steampunk!!! 🙂 As mentioned, Donald Duck recently arrived and you’ll see more new designs in the future.

  • I was wondering if any are in an otter box? I would love to get one for my Iphone.
    I think these are great. Im so excited.

  • I agree with Mark. More Droid products. Droid users are a large segment of the phone market. Will you design a cover for the Galaxy tablet, too? We use ours a lot while in Disneyland. Would love to cover it with a niffy Disney design.

  • I got the Magic Kingdom castle iPhone case on the Disney store website! 🙂 But I was wondering if the Disneyland castle case will be selling soon?

  • Is there now Apples’s iPad 2 cases or just covers?

  • So I love some of the phone covers you guys have. I understand the big thing is the iPhone and iPad, however let’s make some Droid covers. Droid users are like the other half of the market right now, your missing out! Disney phone covers for Droid users!

  • I would love the Houndstooth Mickey Design for my Droid Eris. Can’t wait until there are Droid cases available!

  • I just got the Cinderella Castle for my iPhone when I was at the Magic Kingdom last week. I wish I had more gadgets…I’d cover them all in D-Tech!

  • Accessories for the new Nintendo 3DS please!

  • I love love love the new D-Tech stuff! I have the Sleeping Beauty Castle case for my iPhone and now I must have the matching iPad case!! Is that online or do I have to get it at Disneyland?

    • @Jaime – The Sleeping Beauty Castle iPad cover will be sold at Disneyland. It is coming, in case it hasn’t arrived yet. The on-line store has a variety of D-Tech items. Check back often as things ebb and flow based on sales (and it appears that things have been VERY popular on-line).

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