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Disney Parks Unveils New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portraits

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Today, we are unveiling some spectacular new images by acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz, who continues to lend her vision to the successful Disney Dream Portrait series we began just more than four years ago. Each portrait features well-known celebrities transformed into the role of famous Disney characters.

The three latest Disney Dream Portraits are the first new images in the series since 2009, and for the first time we’ve included a couple of the most wicked Disney villains ever!

I told you yesterday we were getting ready for something wild. I suppose you now know I actually meant “something Wilde!” There were so many great comments posted here on the Disney Parks Blog, Facebook and Twitter yesterday – congratulations to Alyssa and Shari for being among the first to correctly identify our celebrity, and what she is doing!

As the Evil Queen, Olivia Wilde joins Alec Baldwin as the spirit of the magic mirror from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” In the dark depths of her lair, the Queen has summoned the mirror’s spirit through wind and darkness to reveal the identity of a lovelier maid than she. The caption reads, “Where magic speaks, even when you’re not the fairest of them all.”

Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen and Alec Baldwin as the Spirit of the Magic Mirror from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'

Penelope Cruz and Jeff Bridges appear as Belle and the transformed prince, recalling the final scene from “Beauty and the Beast.” The celebratory moment is captioned, “Where a moment of beauty lasts forever.”

Penelope Cruz and Jeff Bridges in the Final Scene from 'Beauty and the Beast'

Finally, coming ashore as Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” is none other than Queen Latifah. The caption reads, “Where memories take hold and never let go.”

Queen Latifah as Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid'

So, here’s a difficult question: do you have a favorite? I’m sorry to have to ask, but, “life’s full of tough choices… innit?”

You can find these stunning images and more as part of a special insert in the April issues of O – The Oprah Magazine, People En Español, Real Simple, Essence, and InStyle as well as the March 28 issue of People.

Next week, I’ll take you behind the scenes of some of these amazing photo shoots and you’ll have a chance to see just how Annie creates these inspired images of Disney fantasy come to life.


  • I love these! Can’t pick a favourite!

  • Queen Latifah is my favorite. They are all awesome and the video is cool too

  • These are absolutely amazing! You mentioned these were part of a continuing series so how many Disney Dream Portraits have been done?

  • I always love these

  • I wish I was more of a fan of the Beauty and the Beast one… But I really like the villains!

  • Queen Latifah for sure!

  • Wow! Amazing!

  • These are excellent, I love them, I want the whole series..

  • I love Beauty and the Beast!

  • Evil Queen for me!

  • The final scene from Beauty and the Beast is absolutely amazing.

  • I love them all, but if I had to pick a favourite I would have to say the Beauty and the Beast one with Penelope Cruz and Jeff Bridges. Simply stunning.

  • I vote Beauty and the Beast!

  • Wow they are all amazing!! It’s hard to pick a favorite but if I must I will choose Ursula Queen Latifa looks fierce in this picture 🙂

  • These are all great, but I love the Ursula one!

  • I LOVE that an “older” man was chosen to be the transformed Beast! Isn’t that an interesting twist on the tale?

  • Oh my….makes me want Disney to shoot live-action remakes of these animated classics. What great casting has been done already!!!

    It was a very hard choice! I think my favorite is the Beauty & The Beast. HOWEVER, they are all BEAUTIFUL!

  • There are quite a few now. My favorite is the one with Julianne Moore and Michael Phelps in a Little Mermaid setting. I also like the one with Rachel Weisz as Snow White. =0)

  • I think there are 12 of them now. Mikhail Baryshnikov as Peter Pan was an interesting choice.

  • Tifah as Ursula is the best! 🙂

  • The most epic is easily Queen Latifah as Ursula, but my personal favorite is Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen! These are all just stunning!

  • The Ursula one is definitely my favorite. It is a great complement to the Ariel ad done a few years ago with Julianne Moore and Michael Phelps.

    Will there ever be a way to collect all the Disney Dream Portraits that have been done in the entire series over the years? Perhaps they can be sold as prints or posters that can be framed? Or maybe all the portraits can be made into a collectible book? That would be great.

  • LOVE QUEEN LATIFAH! They are all amazing, but I think Ursula captures her prefectly!

  • These are all amazing. I think the Beauty and the Beast has to be my favorite.

  • Love these! So gorgeous! 😀

  • Ursula is my favorite villain and I love Queen Latifah was the wicked witch of the sea. All the photos are so unique.

  • I love them all, but my favorite has to be the Queen Latifah as Ursula, with the crashing waves and flashing tentacles. The Evil Queen one is gorgeous as well though. I wish more villains would be done, as they’re under rated and not enough attention is given to them.

  • Must … Have … Wallpaper! Any chance we can get high-res versions of these?

  • Beauty and the Beast, but they are all stunning!

  • Definitely my favorite that stands out is Alec Baldwin and Olivia Wilde! 🙂 Love it!

  • Ursula, Queen of the deep!

  • These are AMAZING!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Queen Latifah as Ursula, she’s fierce and gorgeous!!! Olivia Wilde as the Wicked Queen, radiant!! Jeff Bridges, certainly brings something different to the beast that I wouldn’t have thought to do, Penelope Cruz, beautiful as always, Alec Baldwin as the Mirror, EPIC, from that picture alone, I’d love to see those two work together in that VERY capacity as a live action!!!

  • I really do think that you guys an Ms. Leibovitz can capture something TRULY memorable and magical if you guys have Lady Gaga star in one of these portraits. Just consider it you could cast her as Maleficent, Jessica Rabbit, or Cruella Deville. She would look fantastic in those roles! Just give it a thought!

  • At this moment it has to be between The Evil Queen and Ursula! I love these and I’m glad their back!

  • Ursula is my favorite!!

  • I LOVE these!! Queen Latifah as Ursula is my favorite. Now can we get a recording of her singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” ??

    • Hi Crystal. While we don’t have that recording, I can share with you that the original song, sung by the great Pat Carroll, was actually played on the set for inspiration! Check back next week for a look behind-the-scenes.

  • These certainly are stunning, but I question their choices for Beauty and the Beast. Penelope Cruz is gorgeous, but Jeff Bridges is wholly unsuitable as the transformed prince. Considering that was my favorite movie as a child, and remains so to this day, I’m slightly aghast at that particular image. The other portraits are absolutely gorgeous though. I love seeing these.

  • These are very nice!

  • Queen Latifah all the way. She’s the best.

  • I ADORE these portraits – magical, captivating and each one tells a story….PLEASE Disney, please please please release them as portraits we can buy or put in a beautiful book so we can own the magic at home!!

  • These are great images, but there seems to be too much reliance on digital imagery as this series progresses. I really enjoyed the some of the original images in this series (“Alice in Wonderland” with Oliver Platt is my personal favorite) as there seemed to be more emphasis on wardrobe, make-up and and actual photo styling than on post-processing. Just my 2 cents.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Tony. I can tell you that there is an amazing team of artists involved in creating absolutely stunning set pieces and wardrobe as well as fantastic hair and makeup artists on these shoots. In particular, the Evil Queen’s lair and the terrace from “Beauty and the Beast” were fully-realized sets and the costumes were as rich and detailed in person as they appear in Annie’s final images. There are also a lot of reference photos from the films hanging on-set for inspiration. I hope you can check back next week for a look behind-the-scenes.

  • Olivia Wilde makes a beautiful queen, but Queen Latifah as Ursula is epic. That one is definitely my favorite.

  • This is a “knock it out of the Park” series, kudos to all involved for a very clever updating of numerous iconic Disney images. I don’t think you could print them fast enough if they were available for purchase. That said, I do know that if you had a set to donate for a regional JDRF benefit coming up in April you’d help raise a lot of money for a good cause. Just thinkin’.

  • Wonderful pictures! Are they on display somewhere? Where can we see the ones from previous years?

  • These would make beautiful desktop images for my computer- are these available in computer screen resolution?

  • I just wanted to say that I’m SO glad this series has returned. It’s become one of my biggest inspirations since the last handful were released back in 2008, and these are even better. I love them all so much. :’) Thank you.

  • It’s a STAR version of Disney animation.

  • a peter pan, hook, and wendy one would be awesome

  • Wow ! What a great idea! Of the three, I think the “Snow White” version really stood out for me. These actors look like they are in a movie stills shoot! Oh, Please tell us that this is a prelude for movies to come! Yup, this could REALLY be big, in a big Disney way. Good stuff Annie, you go girl.

  • These photos are as awesome as the past ones. I still think Rachel Weisz as Snow is perfection! Where can we get them as wallpaper images?

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