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Downtown Disney’s Loch Ness Monster on Holiday?

I found myself at Downtown Disney recently, hoping to catch a glimpse of what some have described as a serpent-like creature seen breaching the surface of the Lake Buena Vista lagoon.

LEGO Dragon at Downtown Disney

The dense fog made it difficult to see all but the most basic shapes – but sure enough, there it was! As the sun finally rose, and the fog burned off, I saw a large sea serpent approaching the shore.

LEGO Dragon at Downtown Disney

As I moved closer, I came face to face with the LEGO Dragon – proof that the mysterious serpent’s journey had not only been “immersive,” but “transformative” as well. What a magical place this is.

LEGO Dragon at Downtown Disney


  • The small lego replica is $4.99 at the Lego store in Downtown Disney shopping village – Florida. Found them yesterday.

  • They’ve built another one of these dragons for the Lego store at Mall of America.

  • He was there in the mid 90’s when I started going to WDW!! I love him. I didn’t know they were selling small building sets of him. My young daughters will love that!!

  • I love seeing him. Deff makes me feel like I am at DTD.

  • Jeffrey I don’t know when they put him there but our first visit was in 2008 and he was there then so he’s been there for some time. I’m sure he will be there for awhile.

  • I love the Lego dragon. He has been up for awhile and pretty sure there are no plans to get rid of him any time soon. I hope 🙂

  • WOW thats really awesome. Do you know how long this will be up?

  • I think there are birds living in his head, too. 🙂 We were there a few weeks ago and could see birds sitting on his toungue and then flying up into his head. It was very cute, all the kids got a huge kick out of it.

  • Too funny!!! Just saw this Dragon last Sunday. My son loves it!!

  • His name is Brickley 🙂

  • BRICKLY!!!! LEGO sells small building sets of him right now. So cute!!

  • I was actually there when he first appeared. The castle was under construction, but was complete by the day I left. Good to see he’s received a facelift!

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