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Every Role a Starring Role – Inside the Custodial Guest Services Role at Disneyland Resort

David Gill

by , Disneyland Resort

Meet the Disneyland Resort’s newest artists – the custodial guest services team. That’s right! In addition to upholding Walt Disney’s original vision to keep the parks clean for our guests, this team recently began drawing Disney characters on the ground using the tools of their trade – a pan, a broom and a little water.

These individuals are called custodial guest services cast members for a reason. Their very visible presence in the parks allows them to answer guest questions, create personal connections and – now – entertain through character water art. The daily variety in this role makes it an exciting one to play. Watch the video below to hear from Allison, a custodial guest services trainer here at the Disneyland Resort.


  • To all custodial staff – thank you again for your hard work and dedication! It is not an easy task to keep the parks as clean as they are – especially today with larger crowds and more litter. It really should be every visitors job to uphold Walt’s vision of a clean park. I have noticed friendly signage at Animal Kingdom in Florida politely reminding visitors not to litter for the welfare of the animals. Perhaps similar signage could be introduced at Disneyland and Walt Disney World to help Custodial Guest Services with their outstanding work.

  • I can not thank the custodial staff enough. Believe it or not, this is one of the main reasons we only vacation at Disneyworld. I long, no NEED, to be somewhere that is clean and beautiful periodically. It restores and recharges me, the way a vacation should. For all those parents out there, struggling to raise a child with autism, you can relate to the constant chaos at home. It is a soothing balm to go somewhere the is under control and orderly. You guys in the custodial staff may never fully understand what the clean and serene surroundings you provide mean to some families.

  • I am glad to see this article… I always make an effort to thank EVERY maintenance & janitorial cast member I meet…. without them the ‘MAGIC’ would cease!!!!

  • I am glad to see this article… I always make an effort to thank EVERY maintenance & janitorial cast member I meet…. without tham the ‘MAGIC’ would cease!!!!

  • See you real soon!

  • I was able to see one of these wonderful CM’s do some water art in WDW on my birthday a few weeks ago. It’s great to see such talented ppl creating magic for us guests. Thank You!

  • We have not yet been to Disneyland, but last year at Walt Disney World we noticed several of these characters “painted” with water. They were delightful! A big thank you to all the custodial CMs who have made our yearly visits such a pleasure. Not only do we feel Disney parks (and resorts) are the cleanest, but we have enjoyed the friendly assistance of several custodial CMs. Folks, don’t forget to smile and greet the people who do so much to give you an excellent experience everywhere at the parks!

  • YAY Allison! She’s a friend of mine and is so good at her job! Her brother Chris, on the other hand, is not so good…


  • Custodial Guest Services absolutely do one of the most important jobs at the park… one which people seldom give much thought or recognition. Walt knew what he was doing when he insisted on keeping a clean park. That is indeed one of the aspects that sets Disneyland apart from being just another amusement park. Thanks to all you custodial team members. You are amazing!

  • Thank you Custodial Guest Services!!! One of the many things that always keeps me coming back to Disney parks is the cleanliness and the helpfulness from cast members. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • I want to thank all the custodial for all their hard work to keep the parks clean. When I see a custodial CM doing there job so well, I always thank them for all their hard work. One time a few yrs ago, I came across a CM and she started to cry and say no one ever thanked me for what I do, and told her that she was just as much part of the magic that happens around the park than anyone else. That made me feel so good that I made her feel so good. And about 5 yrs ago, I went to the park one day kind of feeling sad, because I had found out that my sister who lived not far from me was moving to Olympia WA. And I thought to go to the park to cheer me up. I was with some friends and they were in the restroom over by the village haus in fantasyland,and I was outside waiting for them. When a CM Henry saw me crying. I don’t remember what he said, but it was something that cheered me up and I went to thank him and I looked up,he was gone to continued on his way doing his job. But that helped me the rest of the day. I see him from time to time and if I am having a bad day, seeing his smile makes disney magic for me. So thank you everyone in custodial. For everyone that reads this, you never know what your few words of thank you means to them. They may be having a rough day and your words will be disney magic to them.

  • It’s not just a job, but a field to get fun and make the work interesting.
    I think it’s not easy to do Alison’s job, because I am not good at drawing. lol
    Pins-trading was also a part of my job in Colombia pavilion of EXPO2010.

    When Shanghai Disneyland is finished, I really want to join the team.
    Answering the questions by chatting with the visitors is really enjoyable.

  • The Disneyland custodial cast members are awesome! Last May while at the park with my Grandkids Belle & Zach we were near the Story Book Ride and seen several of the custodial cast members walking in a circle. We went closer to find that they were “escorting” a Mother duck and her 5 babies from Story Book to the water area where the boat rides used to be( across from the Mater Horn). It was so great!!! You all do a great job!!! That is one of the great things about Disneyland is how clean it stays. You do a GREAT job! Walt would be proud.

  • 7 years ago a custodial guest services team member, on Tom Sawyer’s Island, helped our “lost” teenagers find their mommy. The kids were so impressed by his assistance that they wanted a group picture. Several years later we were so excited when we ran into Ernest again. He politely affirmed that he remembered us, much to the excitement of the kids, and agreed to another group photo. He might not really remember us, but those pictures will always be special to our family. Ernest, if you see this, GREETINGS from your biggest fans!

  • I always thank the custodial staff around the park for their hard work especially in the restrooms. This is one of the things that makes DL the BEST park in the world. I’m going to be searching for Allison when I’m there next week.

  • Thank you!

  • Yay for all CM’s!

  • Yay, we met Allison on a theme park tour in 2009! How awesome that she’s on the very coolest Disneyland video blog, Every Role a Starring Role!

  • I love watching them do the water art 🙂

  • Thank you to all of the custodial staff!

  • My family and I have actually made a friend who works the downtown disney area…everytime we are in town, we make sure to look for Tom and trade pins and see how he is doing…he is a very nice guy..he was the cast memeber my kids did their first pin trading with….

  • I love the parka. I live 15 minutes from Disneyland. And I would love a job there. How can I become a team member? ?

    • Hi Jessica – It’s great to hear that you have an interest in working for the Disneyland Resort. For up-to-date information about job opportunities, please contact our casting department at 1-800-766-0888 or by visiting

  • We love the water art. It always makes us stop and we smile. The custodial staff is always friendly and we love talking with them and trading pins. We very much appreciate the magic they create.

  • Thank You all who keep the magic alive at Disneyland Resort. I appriciate how much work you do to keep the parks clean and i try and thank you personally when we are there!!! Keep up the wonderful work!!!

  • Cool article! I’m a brand-new Cast Member working the Main Entrances at Disneyland Resort and I totally feel like we’re putting on the best show ever! From on stage to off stage, I know each one of us are V.I.P.s. I have a deep appreciation for those in custodial because when it comes to guest interaction, these Cast Members put in some of the hardest work and still create happiness and make dreams come true.

  • Since I’m a vacation member I would like to be able to work there at Disney I love that place! How can I work there?

  • I want to see a video about “Push”, the remote-controlled trash can that talks to guests!

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