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Exclusive: Magician Mickey to Greet Guests at Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

At the Disney Parks Blog, we’re as excited as you are to learn more about Walt Disney Imagineering’s (WDI) plans for Town Square Theater, the new permanent home for Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park that’s set to debut in early April.

I’m happy to report that earlier today, WDI gave us an earful – pun intended – on the details planned for this exciting new meet-and-greet area.

Town Square Theater, Mickey's New Home at Magic Kingdom Park

In keeping with the small-town theme of Main Street, U.S.A., Town Square Theater will take on the tradition of turn-of-the-Twentieth-century theaters that served as the center of excitement in small towns, offering thrills through vaudeville and other forms of entertainment. At Town Square Theater, families will be able to go backstage to meet Magician Mickey Mouse, who is excited to meet and greet guests in his rehearsal room.

And of course, WDI has designed the entire experience to be magical. Guests will first enter the theater building through a lobby that will serve as a hub for character meet-and-greet queues, the Box Office Gifts merchandise shop and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.

Go Backstage at Town Square Theater to Meet Magician Mickey Mouse

According to WDI Concept Designer Jason Grandt, the lobby will be decorated in gold and cream colors that were chosen to recreate the feel of a historic theater.

“Upon entering the lobby, guests will be faced with a beautiful tile mosaic featuring the Town Square Theater logo,” Jason said. “The color scheme reflects that of historical theaters with a little inspiration from our master magician, Mickey Mouse.”

Magician Mickey at Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom Park

Just beyond the lobby, guests will pass through an ornate arch and enter a queue to meet either Magician Mickey Mouse or the Disney princesses. Special interactive posters featuring Mickey’s various magic acts will be in place to enhance the guests’ journey through the queue line, which will take them deep into the backstage corridors of the theater.

“You will recognize the poster style as that of turn-of-the-century magicians such as Houdini,” Jon Georges, WDI director/senior show producer said. “But these posters carry Mickey’s magical touch that can bring them to life and interact with you as you wait.”

WDI is keeping us guessing on what comes next, but did send these mysterious photos for us to share.


  • Does this mean that Mickey will not be seen in different locations in the Park? Will he be confined to this one location? I love Mickey and the thought of him being kept in this one spot is painful.

  • For us ‘older’ Disney aficionados, will they ever bring back breakfast to Tony’s Restaurant ?? We used to love their fresh coffee buns and breakfast frittatas !!

  • Michele – I think it’s safe for you to add this to your May itinerary!

  • I can’t wait. I am very excited about our suprise trip for my DDD age 8. I really think she will love meeting all the princesses. This would be perfect for us. Will it be open by May 16?

  • Philip–
    I agree.

  • Todd & Sharon – Mickey will be dressed as “regular” Mickey in his new location.

  • Re: Paul, Mickey’s house in Mickey’s Toontown Fair was not his real home. It was just his “Country” home. His real home is in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland in California, so no need to get so worked up about it.

  • We’ll be there on April 22. Can’t wait!

  • Sounds great, can’t wait to see it (hopefully) 4/5/11 or 4/16/11, but how can the #1 Mouse not have a house???

  • Can not wait to find out more. Sounds awesome! 🙂

  • Will Mickey be dressed as a magician or just ‘regular’ Mickey like in Toon Town? …and I wonder too–will Minnie be with him like in Toon Town?

  • Sounds great…couldn’t the princesses just stay there as special guests though and then turn Snow White’s Scary Adventures into another dark ride? That would be awesome!

  • We will be there in August, and we are excited to see it!

  • What is “Magician” Mickey? Will this be the classic Mickey that guests are accustomed to seeing, or will he be in a specific costume? I imagine most guests want their pic & autograph with classic Mickey.

  • Sounds fun!

    But this attraction can have a “queue” or it can have a “line”. They are two words that mean the exact same thing, although queue is more widely in use in the United Kingdom than America. A “queue line” is the same as saying a “line line” or a “queue queue”. Let’s pick one of those words and just go with it, without trying to pair it with another word that means exactly the same thing. 😉

  • Bring ont the magic show and I am with @WILLIAM, will the new Interactive Mickey be hosting this magical encounter? I know I speak for many that this would the greatest news about the magic we expect to see!

  • I am with @WILLIAM, will the new Interactive Mickey be hosting this magical encounter? I know I speak for many that this would the greatest news about the magic we expect to see!

  • Crystal – Yes, it seems like Disney really is finding ways to incorporate a guest’s wait time into the fun of the experience itself. After seeing the Pooh queue, I’m really looking foward to this one.

  • How exciting! After seeing Pooh’s interactive queue I can’t wait to see the interactive posters while we wait to see Mickey.

  • Norman & Kathleen – Early April is the estimated opening date. Check the Disney Parks Blog next week – we anticipate we may have more details to announce then.

  • Funny that you posted this on Houdini’s birthday. I’m super excited for this Town Hall experience.

  • do we know how early in April this will be open? we will be there from April 8-13 and would love to try it out…

  • If the interactive posters are anything like the ones on the new Disney Dream, then they’ll be very magical indeed!

  • I really hope it is open by the 4th! Any idea of the opening date???

  • Do you have any idea when this will be open.

  • Any word on when & where the fairies can be found?

  • This sounds great, if just for the line! 🙂

  • This sounds incredible! Can’t wait to check it out with the kids when we visit in August. My little girl is obsessed with the princesses right now and it great to know they will all be in one spot for her to meet them! 🙂

  • The magic theme sounds like a great opportunity to resurrect the Magic Shop, one of my favorite WDW memories from childhood.

  • Looking forward to seeing it!

    Will there still be a location to meet Mickey and Minnie together?

  • Very exciting and how appropriate to announce it today…Houdini’s birthday 🙂

  • Penny – No word yet on the location of the machines, as details on this project really are super secret. I can verify that Disney FASTPASS tickets will be available for both Mickey Mouse and the Disney princesses, the latter of which will appear temporarily at the location.

  • Looking forward to checking this out in May

  • Looks promising! Thanks for the update!

  • Thanks for the update! Was there any information about how the Fast Passes will work or where the FP machines will be located?

  • Wow!!!!! Being a theatre nerd I am in love with this idea and can not wait to see this in action.

  • Very nice. Now how about doing something for Mickey’s brother Oswald. Please?

  • Wow ! This sounds so great ! I love Mickey and Magic (oh ! two “M” ^^) so this can only be a fantastic moment to live ! I wish we had those kind of improvements in Disneyland Paris…
    Good work, WDI ! 😉

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