Hungry Bear Re-Opens With Delicious New Menu

Mini-Blueberry Pie from Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland Resort

After weeks of renovation, Hungry Bear is back.

We love dining outdoors in this serene spot in Critter Country, daydreaming in the shade as the Sailing Ship Columbia and the Davy Crockett canoes pass by on Rivers of America.

Fried Green Tomato Sandwich with Jicama-mango Slaw from Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland Resort

The new menu features an Angus 1/3-pound chili cheeseburger (or skip the chili and just go for the cheeseburger) topped with a fried onion ring, a yummy fried green tomato sandwich with jicama-mango slaw (an insider fave), crispy chicken sandwich with honey-mustard sauce and turkey and provolone on a multi-grain roll with basil mayo and a crisp slaw on the side.

Big Al's Chicken Salad from Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland Resort

We’re already partial to Big Al’s chicken salad with smoked chicken, lettuce, watermelon, candied pecans, dried cherries, pickled red onion and honey-lime vinaigrette (make it vegetarian and skip the chicken). Make any meal a combo with sweet potato fries or fruit.

Hunny Lemon Cupcakes from Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland Resort

Pastry chefs really had fun with the tart-sweet “Hunny Lemon Cupcakes” (“something to bee-hold,” we’re told, topped with an edible chocolate bee). Or go for the mini-blueberry pie.

For kids, burgers with sweet potato fries or fruit; chicken breast nuggets with fruit; a “power pack” with string cheese, nonfat yogurt, sliced apples and whole-grain “fish” crackers; and mac and cheese.

Share with us your favorite new Hungry Bear tastes!


  • Julianne–
    Onion rings are still on the menu, though from what I saw, they look a little different from the old ones.

    I tried the fried green tomato sandwhich today; its delicious!

    I also tried the mini-blueberry pie for dessert, its delicious too!

  • Does this also mean the delicious onion rings are gone too????

  • Does this mean the yummy yummy fries I love from Hungry Bear are no longer there??? I have always loved the menu there, it’s one of my favorite places to eat!!! I will be soooo bummed if that is the case.

  • I finally got a chance to try some of the new menu items. I had the salad for lunch and the Angus chili burger for dinner. The salad was really good and I loved the chili burger!
    I’m looking forward to trying the fried green tomato sandwich next time I go.

  • How did the cubed root of 1331 make it on here?

  • Awesome! this menu sounds like it will be a winner!

  • No more funnel cakes here? That’s very disappointing. The new desserts do not sound appealing at all.

  • Wow, I can’t wait to try the fried green tomato sandwich.thank you for your wonderful veggie options!!!! Now if we could just get veggie dogs in DCA…

  • i second what michael asked…is there a way to get allergen info on the food at this particular restaurant. my son has tree nut, peanut and egg allergies and we would like to eat there. thanks.

  • Regular fries are “on the menu” but you have to ask for them, sweet potato fries are “the standard” now for Hungry Bear. I love the blueberry pie! Fried Green Tomato sandwich was amazing! I am sad I left California the same day that Hungry Bear reopened.

  • My husband & I had the veggie burgers at Hungry Bear and it wasn’t bad at all. It would be nice if they could have more veggie options at Hungry Bear, but I can live with what they have so far.

  • I read this blog this morning and decided to head out to the park just for the purpose to go and try the new menu. I had the Big Al’s Chicken salad. And a side order of the sweet potato fries. I will most likely go back to eat there again. On a warm day, it will be nice to be able to eat something light and this salad was good. I am thinking the next time I go, I may try the fried green tomato sandwich. I have never tried fried green tomato’s before. So if any one has tried it, I would love to hear all about it. Thank you Disneyland for getting new and different things on each of the menus around the park. Sometimes you just feel like eating something other than a burger and now we are getting some nice options.

  • I think it looks fantastic! I will miss the onion rings, though. Thanks for listing all the Veg options as I’m vegetarian too. HB is one of my favorite places to dine, I love sitting by the Rivers of America!

  • My hope is for more of the Bakery Recipes soon cause I would Love to make the Hunny Lemon cupcakes for My own Birthday!

  • Is the change simular to the change a few months ago at the Village Haus Restarunt and is this new menu just as good as their?

  • Sounds delicious!! 🙂

  • Yay sweet potato fries!

  • I can’t wait to try the green tomato sandwich and the new cupcakes look like they may replace my favorite fritter dessert. Yay! I’ll bring the kids by soon.

  • I’m really glad that Disney offers a choice of fries or fruit at most food locations.

  • Wow! That looks deeelishh!!! 🙂 The CS options are ALOT better at DLR than WDW, which is where I usually go. I’ve been to Hungry Bear at least 4 times on my 2 DLR trips! Wish I had one coming up! 🙁

  • Laura–
    No, you do not need reservations at the Hungry Bear. Its a quick service location. 🙂

  • I want to second the votes for regular potato fries and an allergy guide for kids’ meals! Usually the restaurants have lists of ingredients, but it’s a pain to stand in line for a while, only to get up to the front and look at the ingredients list and realize you can’t eat there.

  • YUM! Can’t wait to try the fried green tomato sandwich! Thanks for improving the menus at Disneyland. Keep it up!

  • Is there a way to get allergen information at the restaurant (or all restaurants in Disneyland park for that matter). Our child is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, and no one there ever knows what is in a product or made near it, especially the baked goods. We’ve been waiting for a Mickey Cupcake or a Matterhorn at Blue Ribbon Bakery forever! Thanks!

  • Really sad to see this change Hungry B had the best tasting burgers in the park by far.Always recomended it not sure now last time they changed the bread on thier burgers it was too much tough bread not enough burger.

  • is this a place that you have to have reservations? I have never been to disney land and am looking forward to trying new things when I am there next week

    • No reservations necessary!

  • this all looks fantastic…a note to Lori who posted here…mickey mouse chicken nuggets are available at most Target stores and even through Costco stores….my daughter loves them for an after school snack..and they are so cute……….I am sooooo excited about the fried green tomato sandwich…..I’m not a vegetarian but that really sounds yummy…we will be there again in April and I WILL be eating one.

  • How about more vegan options that are certified vegan? Maybe something like whole wheat pasta(with the only ingredient being the wheat and definitely without added vitamins which quite often come from animal sources) with organic vegan marinara sauce and vegan “meatballs”(if you can include this part, Trader Joe’s sells really good ones)? A vegan dessert option like vegan chocolate cake with vegan non-dairy dessert would be a wonderful addition as well.

  • YUM!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of those blueberry pies! WOO HOO! Love the new menu – Hungry Bear is such a great place to relax and I love that the new menu is totally different from anything else at the park.

  • It sounds great. The Village Haus new menu is wonderful as well. Can’t wait to try this tomorrow.

  • I, for one, am glad that the veggie burger is NOT soy-based, as fake soy meat is terribly unhealthy and processed. A true veggie burger is a much healthier option! Thanks, Disney!

  • Are the old menu items still there though? The bacon cheeseburger? Regular fries (not sweet potato fries) ??? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Hooray! We have missed The Hungry Bear! Can’t wait to go next week.

  • I’m heading there this weekend – looking forward to trying this! I LOVE Sweet Potatoe Fries!!!

  • Sounds great! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, BRING BACK THE MICKEY MOUSE SHAPED CHICKEN NUGGETS! PRETTY PLEASE, WITH A CHERRY ON TOP :O) My children loved them and they still ask for them everytime we visit Disneyland. It would sure save us a trip across the street to McDonald’s if you would bring them back. Thanks so much!

  • I think it’s nice that you are adding some more menu choices, but I hope that it’s not all things that are, shall we say, unusual? I also personally don’t care for sweet potato fries, and have a lot of food issues that don’t allow such sauces as honey mustard, or basil mayo (which sounds great, but which I can’t have for health reasons). I hope that there are some “normal” foods for those who can’t eat such things, or substitutions avaiable for people like me, or for kids who don’t like unusual flavors.

  • My family always ate at the Hungry Bear and it was one of our favorites. However, the new menu looks great and I can’t wait to try it on our next trip. Offering the chili burger keeps that option for the hamburger lovers while adding new options for others. Nice improvement and we are looking forward to more!

  • Only sweet potato fries? Damn, that’s going to throw a monkey wrench into the works for me and my family since half of us can’t stand ’em.

  • You still offer a vegetarian meal right?

    • Fried green tomato sandwich, veggie burgers (just request) and Big Al’s Salad without chicken… all delicious vegetarian options.

  • This looks great! I’m heading to Disneyland tomorrow and will definitely go there for lunch. It’s nice to see sweet potato fries and fruit as side options. Healthy food that tastes good-everybody wins!

  • The menu sounds delicious!! So happy fruit is an option for health conscious adults. The turkey/provolone sandwich, crisp slaw and fruit sounds great. Just enough to fill you up but not enough to slow you down by being to heavy. What’s the fun of being at Disneyland if you’ve eaten too much and feel sluggish? =)

  • I love it! Finally more than just mediocre dining at this ambiance-rich outdoor venue! Is that edible glitter I see on those Hunny Lemon Cupcakes? Fabulous!

    • Edible glitter, indeed!

  • Everything sounds yummy. Blue Bayou may have to wait next time.

  • Though I’m really looking forward to trying the sweet potato fries, is a vegetarian burger still an option?

    • Yes, just ask for a veggie burger instead of a beef burger!

  • No new vegetarian options? I’m not a big fan of the veggie burgers that are served at Disney Parks. I prefer soy-based burgers rather than vegetable patties. Hope there are more new veggie options soon! And I’m not talking salad or peppers and onions.. I’m talking veggie dogs, soy based nuggets, etc.! Those would be AMAZING.. and I could eat something other than grilled cheese on vacation!

    • The new fried green tomato sandwich is a delish vegetarian option — or try Big Al’s Salad without the chicken!

  • Can’t. Wait to go!

  • I’m glad Disneyland is refreshing their menus. Walt Disney World dining has always been superior to Disneyland’s, and hopefully it will be at least on par with what the east coast Disney has.

  • Awesome!
    I’m so glad that the Hungry Bear has gotten a new menu. I’m still loving the new menu items at the Village Haus.

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