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Japan Earthquake Update – March 15

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

First and foremost, our hearts go out to all of the people in Japan who have been impacted by last week’s devastating earthquake in Japan. In response to this disaster, The Walt Disney Company is making a $2.5 million contribution to the Red Cross to help aid in the disaster relief. The company has also coordinated a charitable giving program for all Disney employees and will match donations, dollar for dollar, up to an additional $1 million.

In regards to our theme park operations, Tokyo Disney Resort will remain closed this week so that a comprehensive safety investigation can be performed. While there was only minimal damage to the resort, the safety of our guests and cast members is always our top priority so we want to be as thorough as possible in our inspections. The quake caused considerable damage to the local infrastructure and transportation systems in the area so we need to take that into account as well. Fortunately, all of the guests who were at the resort when the quake hit have been able to leave despite these transportation challenges.

A decision regarding operations at the Tokyo Disney Resort will be made on March 21 and we will continue to post updates on the Disney Parks Blog as the situation progresses. The thoughts and good wishes of the entire Disney company go to our colleagues in Japan, their friends and families and all of the Japanese people as they begin their recovery efforts in this difficult time.


  • Thanks for everyone’s minds.
    It’ll put a picture of Mickey as you can see messages from the Japanese children will not do.
    As everyone can be happy in the world.

  • Great to see Disney donating money to help.

  • I have always said the reason I love Disney as much as I do is because Disney sits as a beacon of love and hope in the middle of a crazed, chaotic world. Through acts such as these, you continue to prove that. Thank you!

    My thoughts and prayers are with the wonderful people of Japan! May the good Lord comfort and guide you all!

  • Tokyo Disney Resort is near my home.
    Thanks to a lot of attention for victims.

  • This is one of the reasons I love Disney so much. You have always shown great compassion in time of crisis. It is just a natural instinct for Disney as a company to want to reach out and help anyone in need. YOu really do Walt proud in continuing his wishes whether it’s improving the world or just reaching out to those in need. I am so proud of you Disney!

  • Along with many others in the world my heart and prayers go out to the people in Japan! I think it is wonderful that Disney is being so generous and aiding the people of Japan! Just another wonderful way Disney gives back. I know Walt is happy knowing that his company is still taking care of people! Just another reason I love Disney!!!

  • looks forward to the day when Cast and Guest can meet with a smile. Thank you. Thank you PLAYERS FOR JAPAN picture.Ithink mabe WDW Castmember.

  • The more we hear about what’s happening in Japan the more my heart breaks for those kind people.

    On another note, I think with all the humanitarian efforts Disney puts forth during disasters, they should start their own World Disaster Relief Program. I think people would happily give to a Disney non-profit relief program when the are enjoying themselves at the awesome Disney destinations. Disney ALWAYS helps out at difficult times. Bravo Disney.

  • @Thomas – Thank you for keeping us updated. Once again, it just shows what a class act the The Disney Companies are. If there is a way to pass feedback to upper management, please let them all the positive feedback this has received. Just another reason why I want to work for Disney.

    With the number of guests that attend the US parks, is there an effective way to set up collection points at the park that can be sent to the Red Cross?

    Thanks for all your good work.

  • It’s so great to hear that Disney is helping out Japan. I have been there numerous times with work and the country is beautiful. The Japanese are strong, courteous,and hardworking and they will get through this. My heart goes out to them. They are a great nation.

  • Just another reason why Disney is so near and dear to my heart. Thank you, Disney Company, for continuing to show goodwill towards people…esp those in need. Thank you for bringing magic and happiness to so many, and thank you for offering a helping hand to Japan, a country that is hurting. God bless you Disney! You are and always will be, very special to me !

  • My prayers go out to the people of Japan. Bravo Disney for putting your philanthropic efforts to work so quickly…keep us posted how we can support your efforts and the people of Japan

  • Thank you for the update!

  • My heart weeps for Japan. It is wonderful to see the Disney Company doing what it can to help.

  • Disney, you are a class act all the way around! I have a friend (American) who is a cast member at Disney Tokyo. He has nothing but positive things to say about all that Disney is doing for the cast members to keep them safe & to satisfy their basic needs. His contract is up in just 2 weeks & Disney has arranged to release him from the remainder of the contract and send him home early. His flight leaves in just a couple of hours. Thank you for ALL you are doing to help both your “family” & the entire nation of Japan with your generous donations and efforts!

  • Nice gesture is right, although I am sure that for tax purposes Disney regularly makes such donations as part of it’s business operations, it’s nice to see it being directed with purpose. Here’s hoping the Tokyo parks are back up and running ASAP!

  • As usual, Disney shows what a 1st class caring company they are. Thank you for sharing and caring and inspiring. It’s things like this that make us want to return to Disney over and over and over—the funny thing is I know that isn’t even remotely the reason why you give so much to charity.

  • Very supportive act. Just a thought. Cars 2 is set in Tokyo. Maybe Disney should donate a part of their profits to Japan…

  • What a wonderful way to show that the Disney Family has no geographical boundaries. Thank you.

  • god help japan get thru this disaster, my prayers are with all of the people of japan

  • Glad the company I am a part of is so caring.

  • Thank you for the update and also for the contribution to the Red Cross. I was impressed by youtube footage of the Disney Tokyo cast members crowd control during the quake. As always Disney knows how to handle any situation.

  • Thanks for the updates. I lived in Japan for four years, so this is like it happened to my “family!” The Japanese people are the most considerate and patient culture I have ever known. I have so much respect for how they are handling the events so far. I think it is wonderful that the Disney family is helping so quickly and effectively! Since I live close, I will stop by Epcot and offer my loving support to a few of the Japanese cast members this week while I also give to the Red Cross!

  • I know that there are cast members from Japan at the Orlando resorts (Epcot, in particular). Is there anything that the Orlando community can do to provide support and encouragement for them?

  • …and once again, I have to say that that heart goes out to everyone in Japan who was affected by this disaster.

  • I hope everyone remains safe and well.

  • Thank you for the update.

  • What an outstanding and supportive act on the part of The Walt Disney Company. I’m sure that Japan will need all the help and support they can get. Kudos to the Walt Disney Company! Thank you Disney Parks Blog for keeping us updated. My heart and my prayers go out to all those effected by this horrible natural disaster.

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