Join Jack’s Crew Tonight for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Sneak Peek’

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Since its debut at Disneyland park in 1967, the Pirates of the Caribbean adventure has thrilled guests with its rollicking fun and detailed storytelling. The attraction inspired the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie in 2003, and now a new, engaging entertainment experience at Disneyland park will give guests an exclusive, 3D “peek” at the newest Pirates film.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Sneak Peek” debuts tonight at Festival Arena, just after nightfall. In this exciting pirate experience, guests will join Captain Jack Sparrow and his rowdy crew for an extended film sequence from “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (opening May 20).

Here’s a look at the Disney crew getting everything ready to hoist the sails. Show Director Glenn Kelman says he hopes guests “feel like they’ve become a Pirate of the Caribbean.”

As night falls, look for scallywags and pirates along Big Thunder Trail. Guests will start the adventure there and may be surprised to find a special, peg-legged parrot among the pirates.

The “sneak peek” previews will begin after dusk and run continuously until park closing – weather permitting, of course.

If you can’t make it tonight, you can join Jack’s crew on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights through May 30, and seven nights a week from April 15 through May 1. You can find additional information on the Pirates of the Caribbean – Sneak Peek page.

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  • I was wondering if there was any news of when Angelica would be joing Capt Jack Sparrow for Meet N Greets at Disneyland and when they might or if they would be moving to New Orleans during the day. As of now Capt Jack is out 5:15-5:45 ish and then 6:00-6:30 ish in Frontierland by the Pirate Sneek Peek ?? Thank you.

  • Question: I went this past Sunday and there were no meet-and-greets during the day. Will this be added on at the future weekends, since there were mentions of Jack and later Angelica doing meet-and-greets in NOS?

  • Ahoy! I saw the sneak peek at Disney on Sunday! Excellent! Loved the parrot but missed his name due to crowd. Btw, he is a young parrot! He did not know to “never smile at a crocodile”! “- )
    The grog was tasty and the glowing cube was cute but next time we go I will bring my pirate tankard so that my drink will be completely in theme.
    For those who are wondering there were a few benches (mind you, only a few) for those of us who can’t handle sitting on the ground. As one woman put it, they’d “have her there the next morning”! We were lucky enough to snag seats. We were in the far back but the 3D for the event was well done. (Best look out for those ropes!)
    Meet & greet with Jack was more of a “view & greet”. He was behind a wood fence as you exited the event. Can’t blame him, though. From the rumors I heard a few of the ladies were more bawdy than him in their requests! Can’t wait to see Angelica!

  • Michele, I was just wondering my daughter was one of the pirate’s first mate on opening day just wanted to know where can i see the footage.

  • I forgot to mention that I also really loved the peg-legged parrot character. Please keep up these unique character experiences at Disneyland!

  • Wow! Makes me wish I still lived in SoCal! So much has been added since I moved. Guess its time for a visit. I’m so glad Disney has kept the POC movies going. It really adds to the park experience and the entire pirate storyline.

  • I saw this yesterday and I absolutely LOVED it!! Disney did a great job. I’m glad I was able to see it on opening night 🙂 I just wish they would have been clear on the seating for this awesome show. Other than that it is a show that is great for everyone of all ages. Bravo again Disney on another fantastic interactive experience. Will be on the lookout for more info on the movie.

  • I saw the sneak peek, It was very cool. I also really loved the Pirate’s Grog. It was really tasty!

  • If you don’t want to sit on the ground, will there be standing room?

  • Oh this makes me so angry!! I missed this by a week! I love Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp so much, this makes me want to cry.

  • Hi Michelle, Is there shade in this area? I’m just concerned because of the rain.

    • Hi Alodie. This is a nighttime event, so there is no cover. Seating will be on the ground. Shows begin at nightfall, weather permitting. Hope you enjoy it!

  • The premiere at Disneyland is May 7, but it is invitation only.

  • I agree. Is there a way to see the premiere or know when it is at disneyland. Hope I can make it to the sneak peek tonight!

  • Can’t wait to see it tonight!

    • Hope it’s your best Pirate night ever!

  • Can’t wait to head on over! Speaking of Pirates, do you know when the premier at Disneyland will be? Is there a way of being able to see it? Thanks!

    • We will be sharing some news about the new movie soon. Thanks to all the loyal Disney Parks Blog readers — and stay tuned!

  • I’m hoping to see it this weekend!

  • Thanks for the update. Does this include a Meet N Greet with Capt Jack as previously stated or is that some where else?

    • Hi Debra, You can greet Captain Jack Sparrow during the day in New Orleans Square, on the same dates of the “Sneak Peek” event – March 25-May 30, and April 15-May 1. Look for Angelica to join Jack in a few weeks.

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