Magical Mysteries of Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Recently, I took you on a tour through Fantasyland and revealed some of the mysteries and fun facts in many of our stores. This month, take a stroll with me down Main Street, U.S.A., and learn the history of a few of our locations, plus special items to keep an eye out for.

The Disney Gallery – Opening its doors in its new location just a couple years ago gave us the chance to get a closer look inside the vault. The vault made by Mosler Safe Co. in 1916 was part of the Bank of Main Street from 1955 to 1993. Today, artwork created by Disney-inspired artists, is often kept inside. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to take a look.

The Vault at The Disney Gallery, Containing Artwork Created by Disney-Inspired Artists

Main Street Mad Hatter – Classic Mickey Mouse ears are the main staple here.

Fun Fact: Look closely at the detailed scroll work of the main chandelier and see the initials “WD” (overlapping), a nod to Walt Disney and similar to features in the wrought iron balcony of the Dream Suite in New Orleans Square.

Detailed Scroll Work of the Chandelier at the Main Street Mad Hatter

Market House – Coffee may be the forte of this general market, but so is picking up an old-fashioned telephone receiver and getting the latest gossip from the local party line. Try it out.

Emporium – This nostalgic location is filled with toys, books and apparel, but it’s the walls of the Emporium that feature much more than meets the eye. Head toward the books and toys section and you’ll find two of Cinderella’s dearest friends (Gus and Jacques) scurrying up a crooked clock. In the same area, watch the miniature train chug along the tracks as it has for more than 1,000 miles since its debut. Don’t forget the tailor, barber and millinery vignettes that appear high above the store.

Cinderella's Gus and Jacques Scurrying up the Clock at Emporium

I know these are only a few of the locations on Main Street, U.S.A., but next time you are heading into play, take a quick detour through some of these locations and see if you can spot any other “must see” hidden mysteries.


  • That was very cool. I also noticed that the little Jiminy Crikcet figurine in the last picture is from Pinocchio’s Daring Journey. It’s from the scene where you are trying to leave Pleasure Island and the big gates close on that same Jiminy Cricket!

  • Joi, there is a book called “Disneyland Detective” by Kendra Trahan that has Disney legends, lore, and Magic…It is very fun!! I also thought I had a Disneyland Trivia book, but it may have been WDW. I can’t seem to find it though…must have lent it out! Of course both resorts have a Hidden Mickey book which is also great fun.

  • @Tracy, that’s what I’ve heard but I was concerned that was all just rumors/hearsay. Thanks for some clarity :\

  • Is there a good book that has all this kind of stuff in it?

  • Minesh, the clock is set to the time Walt passed on. 🙁

  • For years Main Street was the necessary path we had to walk to get to all the lands and rides we were there for. Then, at the end of the day, it was the necessary path to get us out and headed home. Our last few visits we have purposely slowed down on Main Street to really start taking it all in. We recently watched the Retreat Flag Ceremony, we stop to look at the doors, we did our silhouettes, and the next time we come, we plan to sit up on the one door area with chairs to watch a parade.

  • Thank you for making this post! I’ve been a life long visitor to Disneyland and love to hear about all the details around the park. I don’t know how I didn’t know about the phone in the Market House but that will be my first stop during my next visit. Keep the Magical Mysteries coming, please! =)

  • What a great post. I think things like this are often lost with newer generations coming along. It’s great to find out all the little things like this. I can’t wait for more like this!

    A quick question regarding wrought iron items in the park. In Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, there is a wrought iron clock set to a particular time on the Fantasyland end of the arch way. Any hidden meaning to it?

  • What a coincidence: When my friend and I were at DLR last week, while roaming around Main Street, we went into the Market House and I asked her if she knew you could listen in on the phones–she didn’t know! She picked one up and was listening, and I took a photo of her that I now have in my Facebook album. We also were looking at and admiring all the stuff on the walls in the Emporium (specifically a lot of the old hats, etc.). We’ll have to look for more “hidden” things when we go back (tomorrow)!

  • Another great post Michelle! I never knew about the W D initials in the Mad Hatter shop on Main Street.

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