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Mickey’s Magical Meet-and-Greet Debuts April 1 at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Last week we gave you a sneak peek inside Town Square Theater, the new permanent meet-and-greet area for Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park. Today, we’re happy to share more details with our Disney Parks Blog readers, as well as a new batch of photos from inside the theater, which will officially open April 1.

Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park

Here’s a look at what you can expect on your next visit.

Town Square Theater (previously Town Square Exposition Hall), has been re-imagined as a turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century theater where posters proclaim Mickey Mouse as the star of a magic show. From the start, guests have three options: enter the queue that leads to Mickey Mouse, join the queue for Disney princesses, or pick up a Disney FASTPASS ticket that enables guests to return and visit with their favorite characters at a later time.

Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park

There’s plenty of magic in store for those who wait in the queue, which is lined with posters of Magician Mickey Mouse doing some of his best – and occasionally, daring – magic tricks. Guests who look closely just may see a trick or two take place before their very eyes! And fans of Walt Disney’s first successful animated character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, may be delighted to see him featured on one lobby poster as “Oswald the Disappearing Rabbit.”

Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park

Later on, you’re welcomed into Mickey Mouse’s dressing room for a meet and greet. Although Mickey is the star of the show, his dressing room sports many magical touches that may make guests take notice, including a Leota-brand crystal ball, a familiar-looking parrot umbrella and a bird in a cage that seems to vanish before your very eyes.

Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park

Be on the lookout for another reference to Oswald placed among Mickey’s belongings here, too.

Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park

Families who choose to see Disney princesses at Town Square Theater will do so in a separate new area that’s fit for royalty. This room, which is a temporary meet-and-greet location for Disney princesses, features luxurious blue tapestries and a dreamy mural of a lush forest and a royal castle.

Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park

After their meet and greet, guests exit through Curtain Call Collectibles, a shop with theater prop theme. Here, some of the contraptions used in Mickey’s best magic tricks – including a dunk tank, sword basket and saw of dread – have been repurposed to showcase Mickey merchandise.

Check back on Friday for video that celebrates the theater’s debut.


  • Jennifer,

    We’ll be there in a couple days and can’t wait. Since I will be with three little ones, I was wondering, when I get the FASSPAST for the people in our group does that mean when we return we have to choice between Mickey or the Princesses or do you get to see both?


  • @Jennifer
    Is it possible for one person in the family to pull a Fastpass for the Mickey or Princesses meet’n’greet while someone else uses the rest of the group’s ticket cards to get Fastpasses for other attractions? In other words, can a family get into the Fastpass line later with just one Fastpass? Or does everyone in the group need their own Fastpass for the new meet’n’greet? Sometimes it’s just one or two people meeting Mickey (the kids) while the adults are there to supervise their kids and take photos.

  • This looks great! We’ll be there for our annual Easter trip; can’t wait to check it out!

    And add our family to the list of Oswald fans! My oldest daughter (whose 13th birthday we’ll be celebrating on our trip) has fallen in love with him and is hoping to meet him someday (or at least find some cute Oswald merchandise in the parks).

  • So if as you said Minnie will only be here when she has time, where can we find Minnie for a photo opp?

  • We will be there NEXT WEEK! to check this out! Very excited! So, could you get a fast pass for Mickey & wait in line for the Princesses? We would like to see both.

  • I cherish and collect all things Magician Mickey–Speechless!!! 😀 I am a magician and so is my husband–I can’t wait to take him! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep quiet about this for another day!

  • Hooray for Oswald! Its about time that they’ve gotten Oswald at least somewhere in the parks! Can’t wait to see it!

  • This looks cool, though I’m glad that Mickey’s house (and movie barn!) still exist along with the rest of Toontown at Disneyland.

  • Oh, I’m so glad to see Oswald – I hope to see more of this winsome little character around the parks. I completely fell in love with him in Epic Mickey.

  • Will there be two different Fastpasses for Mickey and the Princesses, or will there be a general character Fastpass that can be used in either queue?

  • so is the gift shop that was along w/ Tony’s changed now? That was our spot to always get “doggie” surprises. Will be interesting to see the changes. Probably a little shock at first, we warm up slow to change in our family! LOL!

  • Refresh my memory where is the town squarw Theatre located? We will be there April 2nd looking forward to it!!!

  • “For Mickey and Oswald, From Jason”

    Any chance we will ever see Oswald in the parks?

  • Michelle – Thanks for blogging about us! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, too. @WaltDisneyWorld gives you instant updates and alerts you to new blog posts on our site.

  • David – The lobby has been divided so that those guests waiting for Tony’s are completely separate from those waiting to meet with characters. Be sure to check out the new mosaic in the lobby floor, which has a secret nod to the year of Walt’s birth – 1901 – in part of its design. As for your other question, while the location is primarily a meet-and-greet area for Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses, Minnie Mouse will appear whenever she has time.

  • Is the little theater in the back gone now? I’m kind of bummed. My family loved that place. No one knew it was there, there were fun picture ops and we often got one on one time with characters that aren’t often seen! The fastpass idea is GREAT though. Wasting time in an ENDLESS line is not my idea of vacation time well spent! Good thinking Disney!!!

  • Is the fast pass for meeting Mickey, the princesses or both? Are the fairies still available for meet and greet?

  • OH Now I see where it is!! I was thinking of the Review Tent in Toontown, not the Exposition Hall in the front of the Kingdom!

  • Woohoo! I’ll be there tomorrow for opening day!

  • Oh I didn’t realize it would be open this spring, I am so glad! I was sad that we would miss catching our favorite Mouse this May. Is it in the same spot as the Exposition Hall? I was under the impression that this whole area was closed off.

  • Looking forward to seeing the location for Mickey and the Princesses. Can you tell us which Princesses will be present for the Meet and Greet? My girls are really looking forward to meeting Rapunzel.

  • Jennifer, is there a separate entrance to Tony’s? How would our family get in for dinner if the queue is full of guests waiting to see Mickey?
    Also, is Minnie greeting guests along with Mickey, or is she located else where?

  • We are headed to the World at the end of April and cannot wait to go. Just to clarify..this Fastpass is for Mickey only or does it apply the Princesses as well. Also, do the standard FP restrictions apply? Thanks

  • Tony – At this point, all Disney FASTPASS tickets are part of the same distribution system, so you will have to pick and choose.

  • I will be there on the 11th for my birthday – looking forward to seeing Mickey in his new digs!

  • I LOVE this!! Can’t wait to check it out. So glad to see they haven’t forgotten it all started with a mouse!!

    Just blogged about this!

  • I am looking forward to this new experience. Will the shop Curtain Call Collectibles have any unique gifts found only here? Will I be able to have an attraction fast pass and meet & greet fast pass at the same time?

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