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New Star Tours Destinations to be Announced Soon

Tom Fitzgerald

by , Portfolio Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering

Star Tours Departure Board

Recently, we talked about the characters you’ll meet in Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. Since then, there’s been a lot of speculation about where we’ll meet those characters. Well, stay tuned. While the Star Tours Company does fly to many destinations (as you can see in the attached image – especially if you read Aurebesh) we’ll soon give you the flight list for our show!

For more information on Star Tours, see these previous updates:


  • And just in case you were having trouble reading the status messages, they are from top to bottom:

    Gate Change
    On Time
    On Time
    On Time
    On Time
    See Agent
    On Time
    See Agent

  • Should swap out Endor for Hoth. Hopefully we won’t see ewoks :-p

  • I’ll be there for the opening!!! I can not wait – I’ve never been lucky enough to be in Disney for the offical opening of anything new before!!
    I love the previous posts guys – good work! =)

  • awwww no Hoth?

  • Actually, I believe Disney stated that there are 54 different “experiences.” My guess is that there are 8 distinct destinations and each “experience” is a combination of 3 destinations as per the videos released earlier. There are 54 ways to combine those 8 destinations into an “experience.”

    As for the board, my guess is Endor is “delayed” since that was the original Star Tours ride and we are all “delayed” as we wait for the new ride to open. And yeah, Alderaan is probably listing “see agent” as an inside joke since it isn’t there anymore.

  • I’ll be at Walt Disney World during the week right before Star Tours’ scheduled grand re-opening. Arrrrgh! I sure hope there’ll be some soft openings! Please?

  • I’m SO sad – we are in WDW may 11-18th! we’re missing the new ride by just TWO days! bummer.
    Are they planning to do any sort of “soft opening” like I’ve heard of for past new attractions? Fingers crossed that they are and we’re lucky enough to get in 😉

  • Oh, I know, but I spent all that time before checking that I wanted to post it anyway.

  • Oh NO! My flight is delayed!

  • I like the “1138”. I saw the numbers and I new that if it’s Star Wars related, that number will be there.

  • Tom–
    You really know how to whet people’s appetites! As always, I am really looking forward to your next post!

  • John if you would have looked at my post, it would have saved you some time.

  • Good gravy, I must be the only one who would need a Star Wars C-3PO themed decoder ring to translate all the oddball written language details in the new Star Tours queue!


  • For all of you wondering what the titles of the destinations are, they are as follows:
    1) Tatooine
    2) Coruscant
    3) Tatooine
    4) Endor
    5) Coruscant
    6) Tatooine
    7) Alderaan
    8) Coruscant
    9) Alderaan
    10) Endor

    And yes, I spent a while figuring that out.
    John C.

  • Rumor has it from a cast member this past weekend that there are 54 new destinations…

  • And the two Endor flights are “Delayed.” Something tells me Rex is still on the payroll somewhere. 🙂

  • Maybe Run Disney should write out the details of its new race in Aurebesh so Jeremiah and Gabriela could tell us what it is going to be! Nice work, guys!

  • @Leslie I am not that fluent, but I do scare myself some times!!!

  • @Leslie – some of us have just spent too long (a) studying Galactic Basic or (b) generally breaking codes.

    @Jeremiah – If you ARE a protocol droid, shouldn’t they be using Orenth for the ‘oo’ in Tatooine?

  • Thanks for making me look up Aurebesh! Lots of fun, I can’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner. Not to hard to sight read it after a few tries (knowing it’s all spaceport terms and know what to expect.) Can’t wait for opening day!

  • @Gabriela & Jeremiah:
    Most impressive

    Are you protocol droids?

  • I am really looking forward to the Star Tours-The Adventures Continue!

    Thanks again for these updates Tom. They are really getting me excited!

  • Should I find it hilarious that the statuses for the Alderaan flights say “See Agent”??
    Does that mean the ride will be taking place near or around the destruction of Alderaan, or is this a nice little Easter egg for fans?
    Either way, I’m loving!

  • The first, third and sixth are Tatooine.

    Second, fifth and eighth are Coruscant.

    Forth and tenth are Endor

    Seventh and ninth are Alderaan

  • Neat-o! It’s cool that it is being updated, but will still feel “90’s-retro” since its a simulator.

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