Remembering Elizabeth Taylor at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Elizabeth Taylor visited Disneyland park many times over the years, including her unprecedented 60th birthday celebration, and today we’re sharing some photos from our archive as we remember this legend of the silver screen at The Happiest Place on Earth.

The earliest visit we know of was in 1962 with Eddie Fisher and her sons Michael and Christopher. It appears to me this photo was likely taken near the Hub as they purchased some popcorn. Looking at the boys’ clothes, perhaps it is near the entrance to Frontierland.

Elizabeth Taylor at Disneyland Park in 1962 with Eddie Fisher and her sons Michael and Christopher

In the summer of 1973, she posed with three of her kids and Mickey Mouse inside Club 33 in New Orleans Square.

In the Summer of 1973, Elizabeth Taylor with Three of Her Kids and Mickey Mouse

Then, on February 27, 1992, with 1,000 friends and well-wishers on hand, she celebrated her 60th birthday with an after-park-hours party like none other ever held at Disneyland park.

Elizabeth Taylor Celebrated Her 60th Birthday on February 27, 1992 at Disneyland Park

Elizabeth said that night that she came to Disneyland “for the child in me… it’s going to be the best party of my life.”


  • In about 1973 I was checking out the back area at New Orleans Main Kitchen (NOMK) when I heard the sound of high heels (that sound is rarely heard there) and I looked over to see the bluest eyes imaginable coming under the train overpass. It was Elizabeth Taylor, she smiled this beautiful smile and asked me to direct her to Club 33. I walked the 100 or so yards with her, and I do not remember a bit of the conversation.
    We got to the door at Club 33 and I turned her over to their staff and I remember her extending her hand to me and I was almost too afraid to reach out and touch her, but I did and she squeezed my hand and thanked me. She had the most beautiful blue eyes imaginable.

  • the little boys r cute

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    Elizabeth Taylor was an amazing woman, on screen and behind the scene with her family and with her time for Aids Research…
    She is going to be very missed…Elizabeth may you rest in peace and your family we are so sorry to hear of your lost.

  • she was beautiful woman. r.i.p. Elizabeth.

  • What an incredible icon. I remember working on the night of her Elaborate 60th Birthday. EVERYTHING was Purple!!!

    • Holly, you are right – it was purple all the way. Even the castle was lit in lavender light.

  • Elizabeth Taylor will be missed and I am grateful for these precious pictures. She was a great lady and such an icon. Thank you for sharing her moments at Disneyland.

  • Thank you for sharing the photos! They are great!!

  • Wonderful photos. Thank you for this post.

  • Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of Elizabeth Taylor who was lovely inside and out.

  • Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • GOD BLESS her, her family and friends….may she rest in peace…she get’s to see her loved ones again, and even her dear friend micheal jackson now…most of all JESUS… disney makes everything more special !!! your heart just soars !!

  • What great photos. Thank you for sharing them. RIP, Elizabeth.

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