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‘Slo-Mo’ Magic at Epcot

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’re slowing things down again to reveal the beauty of movement at Disney Parks. This time, we’ve brought our special camera designed to capture video in slow motion into one of our newest Epcot restaurants – Via Napoli. Pizza that’s cooked in wood-burning “volcano” ovens is a specialty here. But before it hits your table, Via Napoli Executive Chef Charlie Restivo spins the dough to life with some amazing tosses that are simply magical to see in slo-mo.

Thank you for the great suggestions on where to find more slo-mo beauty in the parks. Please keep them coming; we may feature your favorite Disney Parks spot in upcoming weeks.


  • Headed there on Saturday for our 5th lunch here – best pizza this side of Italy !!

  • I think slo-mo video of Wishes and Illuminations would be spectacular!

  • I had the pleasure of eating at Via Napoli a couple weeks after opening… I am someone who loves Pizza….. so some people I know soon asked me what I thought of it… My reply: BEST PIZZA EVER! 🙂

  • Nice video…the pizza tastes even better though. We had a wonderful lunch at Via Napoli in late February. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty, relaxing lunch at Epcot. The space was so light and airy, and the food was delicious! I wish there was some way to capture the flavors and spells. Maybe more video of pizza bubbling away in the oven and food sizzling on a grill would do the job. Just make sure the sounds are not overwhelmed by the music track.

  • How about the high drop at Tower of Terror? The hibachi grills in the Japan pavilion? The acrobats in the China pavilion? Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups? The top of Expedition Everest?

  • How about slo-mo action at the Fountain of Nations?

  • How about slo-mo action at Typhoon Lagoon’s giant wave pool? I think it would be fun to see that wave as it crashes over all the swimmers.

  • How about using it to capture the expressions of Guests as they launch at Rock ‘n Rollercoaster? Or, perhaps provide a really good look at the Inferno Barge during Illuminations?

  • This is so very cool!!!! I love watching pizzas tossed in reguylar motion and this makes it so much more fun to watch. Surprisingly relaxing too.

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