Something Magical at Disneyland Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Like every good magician says before making something appear… Abracadabra!

That’s just one tip I picked up while learning about the world of magic at the Main Street, U.S.A., Magic Shop, featuring Houdini’s Magic.

Houdini’s Magic instills excitement, wonder and a touch of the mysterious. Magic is a universal art form that dates back thousands of years. It breaks language barriers and appeals to kids and kids at heart. In a simple word, it’s fun!

What else do I have up my sleeve? Well, since you asked…here are my top three choices for easy-to-learn magic tricks.

The UFO, known in the magic world as the Ultimate Floating Object, is one of the finest close-up/standup effects you can perform. Imagine borrowing a regular playing card or even a Disneyland Resort gift card, spinning it around your body and then handing it back to the owner for inspection. It’s a quick way to impress your friends or fellow workers. Tip: This trick is recommended for ages 9 and up.

Houdini’s Spirit Lights is one of the most visual props you can have in your magic arsenal! Houdini’s has taken the concept of light at your fingertips to a new level. You can make the point of light appear out of thin air, move it around, pass it from one hand to another and even make it disappear just as quickly. Tip: Anyone can do this; little or no skill required.

The Gambler’s Deck – Wow! The Gambler’s Deck makes the impossible possible, even for the amateur who has never handled a deck of cards before. Each deck has eight main features: stripped, stacked, a box reminder, a joker reminder, a bar code prediction, marked six ways, instructional card for marking system and a card locator table. Tip: Look like a card shark in minutes. There are hundreds of effects possible, all easy to do!

There are so many magic tricks and books at Houdini’s Magic, including the ever-popular close-up magic (a.k.a. pocket magic) that includes coins, card magic and mini-illusions. Throughout the day, at any given time, you can find one of the expert magicians performing or showing a novice the secrets behind it all.

While I may not be quite skilled enough to pull a rabbit out of a hat just yet, I can tell you that I learned quite a bit about the art of magic and I’m definitely hooked. There seems to something for everyone.

And now for my next trick… a disappearing act!



  • I love going through the Magic Shop every time we first enter the park, kinda boosts with the “magic” of the park.

  • This brings back great childhood memories. One of my cousins used to visit us for the summer and we would always go to DL once during his visit. We would go on the rides all day, the last ride of the day would be the train all around the park, and then we could all buy one thing from one of the stores. My cousin always liked to get one item from the magic shop, which he would perform during the rest of his visit. (I loved getting a flip book, too bad they don’t have those anymore…)

  • The Magic Shop was one of my favorite things in the Magic Kingdom when I visited as a kid and was sad to see that it was no longer there when I visited as an adult. I’m glad to see that there still is one in Disneyland.

  • I’ve always loved the Magic Shop on Main Street.

  • I am more interested in the UFO part.

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