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Springtime in Disneyland Park

Now that spring is here, I wanted to share some photos I have taken over the past few years that remind me of springtime. First and foremost I wanted to show a “Disney” element in each of the photos. Which of the images remind you most of springtime? For me it’s the tulips near the Partners statue in Disneyland park.

Springtime in Disneyland Park By: Paul Hiffmeyer

Springtime in Disneyland Park By: Paul Hiffmeyer Springtime in Disneyland Park By: Paul Hiffmeyer Springtime in Disneyland Park By: Paul Hiffmeyer


  • I agree Paul, the tulips definitely remind me of springtime.
    Those are all beautiful shots!

  • Love love love love love LOVE these pictures!!! Such a lovely time of year!

  • I just returned from the resort and the flowers were beautiful. I especially like the ones by the New Orleans Square train station!!

  • ILOVE the one with the tulips behind the “Partners” statue!!! I love that statue, tulips, and purple!!! It is one of my favorite places in the park!!! But I do love all of them, they are so “Spring-y” and full of Disney heart!!!

  • Where is the Chip and Dale statue in the park? Love it.

    • Thanks, Loree! Chip & Dale are one of eight small bronze figures that circle the Partners Statue in the Hub at Disneyland park.

  • The spring flowers are one of my very favorite things at Disneyland! This year I was in love with the iris’ by Casey Jr. 🙂 I hope that you share more of your wonderful pictures of the beautiful flowers at Disneyland!

  • Hi Paul. I just wanted to say all of these pictures are beautiful. The picture that stands out the most is with the Rabbit!

  • I love all the pictures that you post! You have great perspective and employ some unique framing methods. It’s always fun to look at Disneyland through your lens 🙂

  • Paul, I want your job! I’m actually graduating in May with a degree in photography and you have become my idol. Not only do you get to hang out at Disneyland for a living, but you also get to take amazing one of a kind photos of it. How did you manage to snag such an incredible job?

  • SO beautiful!! The reflected castle picture is my favorite. Excellent work!!

  • Those are beautiful! I, too, am jealous of your job! I’m a photographer and I just got a new camera that I can’t wait to try out at Disneyland in June! Thanks for sharing.

  • Fantastic Photos Paul. We were just there on Sunday & it was gorgeous!!! : ) Thanks for sharing.

  • I was at Disneyland on March 23rd for my birthday. I enjoyed photographing the flowers in the park. So beautiful, even the ones with bees buzzing around them. If I can’t have a job like yours at least I’m able to go and act like I do. :o) Thanks again for sharing your beautiful photographs.

  • so beautiful! i was at disneyland in early march and took some flower photos i think you’d really like to see! {hint: hidden mickey!} is there anywhere i can submit them?

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