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Updates at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

If you’ve been following our updates on the Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom Park, we have a few treats for you today.

Signage for Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park

Last week, signage was unveiled for Town Square Theater, the new permanent home for Mickey Mouse that will debut later this spring. The location (formerly known as Town Square Exposition Hall) will serve as a highly themed meet-and-greet location for Mickey Mouse, and also will temporarily house the Disney princesses while the expansion of Fantasyland continues.

Most of the plans for the interior of Town Square Theater are still under wraps, except that it will feature a colorful mosaic floor, brass chandeliers and an engaging queue for guests to enjoy.

Speaking of spruced-up queues, have you checked out the playful features that are enhancing guest wait times at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction in Fantasyland? Word on the street is that it’s so cool, many families have actually been passing up the attraction’s Disney’s FASTPASS queue in order to walk through this re-imagined area.

Honey Tree at the Entrance of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Queue

A towering honey tree welcomes guests at the entrance of the new queue, which younger guests are welcome to climb through and explore. Later on, guests can communicate with a timid Piglet.

Gopher in Rabbit's Garden at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Further down the path, guests can stomp their feet to scare pesky gophers out of Rabbit’s garden.

Drum a Tune on Rabbit's Fruit at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Or drum a tune on Rabbit’s fruit.

Next, guests can ensure Pooh has plenty of delicious honey to look forward to by guiding honeybees on their journey to and from beehives.

Guests Can Draw Pictures in Walls of Virtual Honey at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Later on, guests can draw pictures in walls of virtual honey poured by Pooh himself – and all before setting foot on the attraction itself.


  • I think it would be great, if Disney made a phone app based oh the virtual honey walls at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

  • The interactive cue concept is definitely one of the most innovative and thoughtful in a long time!

  • I actually enjoyed the queue more than the attraction itself.

  • heffalumps and woozles….HEFFALUMPS AND WOOZLES!!!

    as long as pooh’s nightmare never changes on the ride I’m a happy man

  • My 4 yr old loved the honey walls. They were great entertainment during our short wait in line when we were there earlier this month. Super idea. Wish there was more interactivity in the ques at other lines.

  • I would love to see a Winnie the Pooh queue like this at the ride in Disneyland!

  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea would be a addition the Sea with Nemo in EPCOT

  • I’m coming back in September and I can’t wait to see it. Last year it was under construction when we came to visit.

  • Pooh’s new area is great fun. Cannot wait to hear and see more of the new renovations taking place for Fantasy Land. Disney always keeps you on your toes!!!

  • Just returned from Disney World and the queue for Winnie the Pooh was so much for for my granddaughter. The honey wall was a lot of fun.

  • My 18 year old daughter & I were just there and went through the Winnie que…it was awesome. Not once did we hear a little one complain about waiting. There was so much for them to do…FABULOUS!!

  • Another classic from the people at Disney. I guess I’ll have to go back when it opens. 🙂

  • If you wipe the Honey Wall really quickly with your hand there are hidden pictures behind the honey

  • 22 years old, I feel like a kid, but I want to go through that line!

  • The Hunny wall is soooo much fun! And no Sticky fingers!!! ^^

  • i ALSO agree with the commet above about Mickey and Minnie’s house….. I LOVED that it was one of my favorites! also we were looking for a place in the Magic Kingdom to get our faces painted… there were no places!!!

  • Cannot wait! I was just at Disney on the third(for a chorus commpetetion) and going again in November!!! CANNOT wait to see Pooh again!!! the line is sooooo cool! my friends and i (teenagers) even had fun in line (but we DID get weird looks!)!!!

  • am I the only one really sad about Mickey’s new home? What will happen to their adorable homes? Honestly it won’t be the same not having those 2 houses there. I wish they can somehow fit into the new Fantasyland…

  • Yeah! Yeah! I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!

  • THis is great! I’ve been a Disney fan all my life. Been to Disney World 17 times in my 29 years. This is exactly what they need to do in all the rides, to keep guests busy and interested while waiting in line. They did it with Space Mountain too and I have to say the time went by so fast playing those games that I didn’t even think of how long it was taking.

    Whichever castmember came up with this idea is brilliant and needs to expand to other rides as well.

    Love DISNEY WORLD!!!!

  • Can’t wait to see it! I’ll be there in May for the D23 Scavenger Hunt!

  • I was at Disney World a few weeks ago and noticed that fantasy land was being re-done, I cant’ wait to go back when everything is finished and see how awesome it is.
    Im most excited for the Beauty and the Beast restaurant!

  • Saw the virtual honey wall when I was there in November. Love it! It’s worth waiting in line for. 🙂

  • Oh How exciting! We have been to Disney twice, and this year will be our third year in a row! Maybe we will check it out! I love Disney!

  • Only Disney could make people WANT to wait in a line for a ride!! We will be at Disney World in 16 more days!! Can’t wait to get in line for Pooh!

  • Absolutely going to pass on the FASTPASS for this !!!

  • Disneyland really needs more interactive queues too! Queues that have a “scene one”.

  • This is AWESOME!! I cannot wait to see all of the new things Disney is doing to improve the experience for us as guests. We will definitely be going thru the new lines to see all the wonderful things you have done :> Thanks so much for making this the most magical place on Earth.

  • The new interactive queue at Winnie the Pooh and the new additions being unveiled in the redesigned queue at the Haunted Mansion are setting themselves up for a great “which do you like better?” poll. Fun!

  • I’m 43 and I want to go on that ride now just so I can check these things out. Great job once again Disney!

  • Our family really loves how Disney doesn’t miss a beat, even when it comes to waiting in lines!

  • The hunny wall is great!!!!!!!!!!

  • can’t wait to see POOH’S new area he rules. but wish you kept 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea that was an awsome ride

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