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Ursula Moves Into Her Lair at Disney California Adventure Park

The infamous evil sea witch, Ursula, has taken her place inside The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure attraction opening June 3 at Disney California Adventure park. When you’re on the attraction, you can’t miss her. She’s 7 ½ feet tall and 12 feet wide! Of course, the Disney Parks Blog was there to capture this exciting day! Come with us behind-the-scenes as we show you Ursula being installed, and meet some members of the amazing team of Walt Disney Imagineers who brought Ursula to “life.”


  • Wow this looks amazing… i can’t wait to see the finished product… we love everything Disney and we are returning to Disney World this December… do you have a projected dated for their Little Mermaid ride to open?

  • agree wit num 22.
    keep the magic

  • Absolutely amazing!

  • This is true Disney magic!

  • Proof that genius is alive and well at Walt Disney Imagineering! Thank Disney Parks Blog for giving us these small flavors of the upcoming attraction. This Ursula AA is just absolutely stunning. She’s so fluid, her skin is ingenious, I can just hear her classic voice in my head when I see them testing out her movements! (speaking of, will Pat Carroll be reprising her role?) I cannot wait to see it in person. I must say, I am truly speechless! …Oh no! I really am speechless! Ursula, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME???

  • Very cool!

  • Can someone explain why all the recently produced audio-animatronic characters end up cross-eyed? What is that all about? When you transfer a character from animation to a fully realized audio-animatronic, don’t try to capture the facial expression as it was drawn – do an actual real life expression that simulates the drawn one. Otherwise you end up with something completely unrealistic!n Here Ursula’s eyes take you out of the story.

  • @richard

    That would be ‘abominable’; Yet-I know what you’re saying!

  • OH. MY. GOD. I have been so excited about this ride and you have now managed to make me even more excited. I had heard that the animatronics were going to be some of the most advanced we’ve seen, but, this is beyond my expectations. It is amazing. June 3 cannot come soon enough.

  • She looks so real!

  • Wow! She looks amazing. Can’t wait to see her at the FantasyLand version in Walt Disney World.

    I just hope that she doesn’t end up like the Yeti in the finale scene of Everest 🙁

  • @Luke: The queue, from what I recall of the final plans that were available in the Blue Sky Cellar, snakes back and forth through the front of the building and in and around some of the architectural pop-out features. It looks to be a reeeeally long queue.

    All of the former California Dream building was demolished with the exception of the Palace of Fine Arts rotunda. The entire Little Mermaid show building is brand new.

  • She looks AMAZING! We’ll be at the resort 17 days after the ride opens so we are VERY excited. The show building and rest of the ride look fantastic, too.

  • Wow, this simply looks amazing! I can’t wait until my next trip to DLR (and when the attraction opens in my “home” park in WDW) to see this in person!

  • Wow! This is going to be amazing! I love how well she came out!

  • WOW! This looks so amazing! I can’t wait to ride this ride and will definitely be there for its opening day. So much good stuff coming this summer. Exciting!

  • Holy cow, that is in…sane! Between the bendable stretchable skin, the ‘squishy’ torso, and all those facial expressions, what the Imagineers have come up with is nothing short of amazing. Unreal. Is it wrong of me to hope the ride breaks down in her scene just so I can see more?? ; )

    PS. The outside of the show building is looking gorgeous as well!

  • will there be anything in the attraction that is NOT going to be shown before hand?

  • She is remarkable!!!!! I can’t wait to see her opening day.

  • Christina there shouldn’t be a height restriction because the shell you sit in is something similar to the haunted mansion. So it should be for all ages!

  • Now this is the type of Disney magic I’ve been waiting for! And to think there will also be animatronics of Ariel and the other characters from the film! Oh, Boy!! I can hardly wait until everyone is neat and pretty and ready for the show!

  • I can’t wait! This is one of the reasons my family bought annuel passes!

  • Wow, Ursula looks AMAZING! I’d like to know if the one in Disneyworld will be the same. Any info about it?

  • Looks awesome, but I can’t help thinking 5-year-old me would have been terrified of this thing.

    Awesome job!

  • always focusing on the scary part of a movie…why?…. I hope there´s one like that of erick and ariel too. Little girls want to see their prince and princess.

  • We are arriving from Australia on the 13th June with a massive 4 year old Ariel fan. The timing couldn’t be better. We’re VERY excited!!!!

  • WOW! Fantastic work from all the engineers. I’m really looking forward to The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. I was at DCA yesterday and the outside of the attraction looks amazing.

  • Thank you so much for this video!

    I know this will sound odd, but the Ursula figure looks beautiful!

    I’m really looking forward to this ride.

    And Cars Land can’t open fast enough for me.

  • cant wait for this ride to open we actually postponed my daughters birthday trip to disneyland because she wanted to wait until this ride was finished 🙂

  • does anyone know what the height restrictions will be?

    • Christina – there will not be a height restriction for The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure attraction.

  • Let us just hope that she is not locked in permanent disco mode a year after opening.

  • The fluid motion of the Ursula audio-animatronic is absolutely stunning in the video! From previous pictures/videos, I was trying to figure out how she would move – but now it makes perfect sense. The bendable/stretchable skin is perfect for the way she moves. If this is any indication on how the rest of the attraction will be, it’ll end up nothing less than amazing. I’m sure the Ariel audio-animatronic will also end up being spectacular.

    Can’t wait to ride it during my August D23 Expo trip!

  • my daughter can’t wait to ride this ride we come on june 7th see you there

  • My favorite movie! And it opens on my birthday, even better!

  • Oh my goodness, this is fantastic! This is something DCA has been missing since opening – an attraction filled with high-quality, Audio-Animatronic figures. I cannot wait to see Ursula in the final show scene.

  • My daughter can’t wait. Little Mermaid is her favorite

  • Wow! This looks amazing. I can’t wait until it opens.

  • Amazing technology! I can’t wait to see this!

    We’ve seen a lot of behind-the-scenes on the attraction itself, but I want to hear about the line! From what I remember, there’s not a whole lot of room in or around that building to keep a large line of people, and if you aren’t having fastpasses as previously announced where are you going to keep everybody?

  • She looks AMAZING! I’m totally blown away by how smooth she moves. This ride is going to be insane. I was always saddened by the absence of a Little Mermaid ride because it’s my Disney favorite, but I love we have all of this technology to make it so snazzy. Thanks, Diz!

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