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Video: Fifty Kids Celebrate Healthy Living at Walt Disney World

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Fifty Kids Celebrate Healthy Living at Walt Disney World

Looks like fun, right? Those kids won a national essay contest held by Disney Magic of Healthy Living and won a trip to Walt Disney World and a truly unique experience. The weekend included a special ceremony to honor 50 kids and their efforts to make healthy choices, opportunities to try new foods and experiences, and a one-of-a-kind TRYathlon that features special activities around the world in Epcot with Disney Channel stars and Disney characters.

What did these kids do to deserve such royal treatment? They won a national essay contest and wrote about how their ideas to make healthy choices in their everyday lives.

Brandon, age 13, from Fountain Valley, CA inspired us with this family fun way to exercise: “On Friday, we have Family Dance Night. Dad breaks out one of the old moldy records, and then we move the furniture out of the way, turn up the music and go wild.”

Tyler, age 13, from Tomball, TX submitted this interesting idea to make eating healthy more fun: “My grandma got me to enjoy eating fruits and veggies by using cookie cutters to make cool shapes. Since then, I get inspired by the season and try new shapes with fruits and veggies and even nuts sometimes.”

Take a peek at some of the highlights from the kids’ weekend at Walt Disney World and what they thought of their grand prize.

If that looks like something you and your family might enjoy, you can get a chance to participate in our next family contest (slated for early 2012). Families will be able to submit their ideas to create a healthier world in a variety of ways. Stay tuned to the Magic of Healthy Living website for details.

Magic of Healthy Living is an initiative that Disney launched in September 2010 that encourages healthy lifestyles by making smart eating and physical activity simple and fun. The first year included a year-long series of inspiring public service announcements featuring First Lady Michelle Obama and Disney Channel stars, two new websites (one for kids, one for moms), a national contest, and a big event at WDW.

Through Disney Magic of Healthy Living, Disney also contributed $1 million to KaBOOM in order to build play spaces and gardens in 12 local communities nationwide. To read more about one of these projects, check out Kathleen Prihoda’s post about Disney’s work with KaBOOM! in Orlando last week.

How do you and your family celebrate healthy living? (Don’t give it all away, though. You might want to save some of it for our upcoming contest).


  • wow, HEATHER!! we’ve totally missed you. welcome back. 😀

  • What a GREAT weekend. My daughter was one of the winners and had an experience she will remember forever. The cooking, gardening, and TRYathalon were fantastic, but it was the people of Disney that brought the MAGIC to this event. The friendships that were made I hope will last a lifetime. Thank you to Disney just doesn’t say enough. Thanks to Wendy and Melissa you both made this a great experience.

  • Every one should have healthy living, not only kids, not only at WDW. Isn’t it?

  • Hi Heather. We’ve missed you. Good to see you posting. Hope your doing well.

  • Heather, my son, Josh, was one of the contest winners. He is the one with the big karate kick in your picture! The kids had a fabulous time and were treated like VIPs all weekend in true Disney style. I would highly recommend to all of you parents out there to encourage your kids to enter when the contest come around again next year. They learn about the value of a healthy lifestyle and getting others involved in that lifestyle as well. Bravo, Disney! The kids were rewarded for making good choices and it was a reward they will never forget!

    • Very fun! Happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed the weekend.

  • Nice to see a new post from you, Heather!

  • Welcome back Heather! We have missed you on the blog.

    • Thanks, Brian!

  • very cool! i’m going to put it on my kids to stay posted here in hopes of winning!

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