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Video Sneak Peek: Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue at Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Attention Foolish Mortals: Walt Disney Imagineering has an exclusive first look at the new interactive queue being added to the Haunted Mansion attraction at Magic Kingdom Park – and it’s something you’ll want to check out. Your experience will now begin with a new story line inspired by some of your favorite characters previously seen only inside the Haunted Mansion. There are new crypts and other “spooky” sights to see as well as my favorite tombstones with witty epitaphs to the dearly departed like, “Drink A Toast To Our Friend Ken, Fill Your Glass And Don’t Say ‘When.’”

Today, Walt Disney Imagineering show producer Eric Goodman and show designer and art director Pete Carsillo are giving Disney Parks Blog readers a first video tour of the queue and a look at the amazing Decomposing Composer’s Crypt. The new Tomb has two sides of interactive instruments that sound as weird as they look. See for yourself.

Looks great, right? The grand opening of the new interactive queue is tentatively slated for the end of the month. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest information.


  • I agree with comment #28. Several years ago I was with a person in a wheelchair & we had to go in through the exit. A couple of people that worked the Haunted Mansion were walking out & were talking to each other about how much they hated their jobs. Not exactly what I wanted to hear at Disney.

  • June, June…I get to see it in June!! Cannot wait!!

  • can’t wait to see it in Oct. I wondered why the graveyard to blocked off then I was the parade at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween and understood CAN’T WAIT TO CHECK THIS OUT

  • Very excited about seeing this in May! I love the fact that the queue’s are becoming more and more interactive. Just another way Imagineering is “plussing” an already great attraction.

  • Can’t wait to see all the new cool interactive features.

  • There was a sense of foreboding as you waited in line and approached the mansion. Now they made it into a playground. Not very pleased with this change.

  • It sounds wonderful!! I can’t WAIT to see it!!

  • Walt would be so proud of ya’ll doing it overnight. He was sooo like that.

  • Re: to Lisa and Andrea, this isn’t something to lose sleep over. Walt always wanted his parks to change…and that includes both DL and WDW, which have both gone through TONS of changes over the years, some for the better, others not so much.

    And, this one, is definetely one for the better and very much needed. And it was done very well and retains the existing essence and aesthetics of the attraction very well.

  • You must have heard my whining a few hours ago, about how Disneyland gets all the cool stuff first….I’ll be there in the parks on Monday and again on Sat and Sun…. Can you please have it ready by then ;).

  • Also, the tributes to Paul Frees and Marc Davis are great touches!

  • All I can say is – amazing! As a rather frequent WDW guest, I must say that I am really pumped for my next trip. There are so many new things to look for! After the 2007 refurb, I really didn’t think that this classic, perfect attraction could get any better. Sure looks like it has. Very cool, and kudos to TDO for keeping up the wonderful add-ons and upgrades received in 2007. Here’s hoping that this new interactive queue is also kept to the high standards Imagineering has set.

  • You guys are amazing. Can’t wait to get back to check it out!!

  • I will be going in June and can’t wait to see this!! I love this ride

  • Just another reason to get re-moused as soon as possible. Looking forward to it.

  • 78 days until we’re there…can’t wait!!!!

  • All done in one night – just imagine: All that planning, design, testing and construction to be executed within the park closing and opening window… no room for failure, and they DID IT. Wonderful job imagineers, can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor.

  • I saw the new queue at Winnie the Pooh and it looked great. Almost made me sad I got a FastPass.

  • Cant wait to see the changes when I come in 3 weeks. Looks totally awesome

  • I’ve been three times so far this year, and was wondering why the graveyard was blocked off. We are going again in two to three weeks and can’t wait to see this new addition.

  • The Haunted Mansion has been one of my favorite attractions since I was a kid and I am happy to see it is being updated. Embrace change because you can’t stop it. I am anxious to see the changes when we visit in a month!

  • This is so cool!! Thanks so much for the post. We cannot wait to check it out on our next visit!

  • Love the new interactive queue. I would suggest that changes be made inside so handicapped people could enjoy these new queues also instead of going in the exit. You loose the magic and the storyline.

  • Will be down beginning of April and can’t wait to check it out!!

  • I have to agree w/Andrea. I was there a couple of weeks ago. This was not totally an overnite change. The que had construction walls up, so we knew there was a change coming. This all looks very over crowded. It’s too much & too massive. They could have added to the que w/o it being too big and too much. I also don’t like what they have done to the original headstones. There is also a change coming inside. The hitch hikers at the end were covered over. They had new ghosts projecting on a sort of sheet. Not looking forward to going back and seeing exactly what they do with that. Too disappointing.

    WDW is changing too much. On this last trip I took a number of photos of Snow White’s Adventure. That will be gone too. It is going the way of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. For those in CA, don’t wish for change like WDW. You may just get it.

    This is so not what Walt had in mind…

  • Am I the only person that sees this just causing major backups in the line?? For example, my wife and I are DVC members, we go to WDW 3-4 times per year. We do Toy Story Mania at Studios…when the potato head is not working, the line takes about 20-30 min, when it is on, it takes 100-120 min because every single person in the line has to stop and take pictures with it. I appreciate Disney’s attention to detail…always have, and I appreciate them wanting to provide something to keep people entertained in the line…but when it causes unnecessary, excessive wait times, I cannot claim to be a fan.


  • THis is the stuff that makes Disney so great!

  • Having an interactive queue is a good idea. It will keep you busy while waiting in line. My daughter can’t wait to see it this September.

  • It looks amazing! As a long-time fan and annual passholder I’ve been curious about the changes to the queue at the Haunted Mansion since it’s my favorite ride.

    That said, please tell me Madame Leota’s gravestone is still going to be there?

  • This looks amazing, I cant wait to see this in person!!!

  • I am very positive about these changes and it will be loads of fun! Of corse you don’t have to walk through the intereactive queue and the Hitchiking ghosts you see now are temporary place holders for the effect at the end.

  • Can’t wait to give these a try at the end of April!

  • Also: Please don’t ruin the original Mansion in Disneyland with updates like this and what I’ve seen of the “new” hitchhiking ghosts. I would be horribly depressed.

  • I’m not a fan of the queue, overall. It looks like an overcrowded Haunted Mansion playground. I saw the new busts on another site and they look terrible. It looks like they were modeled after a horribly animated Haunted Mansion cartoon. So disappointing.

    Above everything else, I’m ridiculously upset that Master Gracey’s grave was moved to the absolute smallest plot imaginable. Even a kid can see there’s no room for a body under that tombstone. It really ruins the illusion.

  • That is beautifully done! Preserve the Masions original intent and is a true plus can’t wait to fly down in August.

    Thomas there are allot of rumors as to what is going on behind the screens of the Hitchhiking Ghost scene. I know as of now there is a temporary version but with infrared lighting strips spotted affixed to the top of the mirrrors any word on what mysteries will be revealed soon?

    Thank and thanks for the great post!


  • I love it! I saw a video of it yesterday. So hard to choose my favorite part of the new queue. They did such a good job. I cant believe they moved it all in one night. I cant wait until its all done and opened. Just want to say Thank you to everyone who was apart of designing and building the new queue!

  • Looks really great. Can’t wait to see more stuff like this and the que for Pooh for some of the other attractions!

  • Wooohooo, AWESOME!! An upgrade and worthy addition to one of my classic favorites 🙂

  • Cool…I hope it is open by the end of the month – I’ll be there on 4/1 and 4/4. 🙂

  • That is so awesome!! Can’t wait to see it when we return in Nov. 2011 🙂

  • Just love the Haunted Mansion, think the addtions keep it fresh and new!

  • Spotted that the organ is made by “Ravenscroft” – a nice tribute to Thurl.

  • I can’t wait to see it!!! See you in Oct!

  • This sounds great! I hope you will be able to “enhance” the Haunted Mansion queue at Disneyland. One of the best parts of going into the Haunted Mansion was reading the headstones on the hill in the queue. Now they are all gone with no explanation as to why.

  • I like what I’m seeing so far. The queue was in need of a face lift. I definitely look forward to seeing it in person soon.

  • How Fun!!!
    I need to get back soon!

  • Amazing! I love the interactive instruments. Its amazing to think how it can all be assembled in just one night. I can’t wait for our first trip this May for our daughters birthday!

  • Thanks for posting this great video! This looks like so much fun and I can’t wait to try it out. I hope they can add more entertainment like this to some of the other popular rides.

  • Great great details. Love love love it !!

  • Cool stuff.

    Please don’t forget to keep enhancing the attractions at Disneyland as well!

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