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A Party in a Bowl at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Looking for the ultimate Walt Disney World sweet indulgence? The legendary Kitchen Sink dessert at Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a gargantuan bowl, er, kitchen sink, overflowing with sugary treats.

It may look like a mess, but there’s a method to the madness – eight scoops of ice cream is only the beginning. Take a look.

Have you tried this famous concoction? We say, eat dessert first!


  • We attempted the Kitchen Sink in 2006 with a 16 yr old, twin 5 yr olds, and a 2 yr old. While we did not finish the memory still lasts. My boys loved the clip and I think we may try again on our next visit! Great stuff!

  • On two seperate occassions, a friend of mine and I have gone and tried to tackle the Kitchen Sink… it’s one of our favorite things to do when we visit! Each time we’ve gotten close, but fell a bit short. Boy did we have fun trying though! 😉 (And the pictures of onlookers’ faces are just about a priceless as the dessert itself!)

  • Yummy Yummy! What makes it better is I can enjoy it even though I can’t have milk!!!

  • Thanks Pam. We are already planning a trip around this.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kitchen Sink usually takes 6 of us to get it almost gone!!!

  • Oh My Gosh!!! I want to buy the bowl! The things I could put in it. it could be my holiday potato bowl! Do they sell this bowl anywhere?

  • We will be there in August and my husband and my 2 brothers are each going to try the 30 minute kitchen sink challenge! I can’t wait to see them try it- double challenge too – who can finish it and/or which one eats the most of theirs!

  • DW, DD, and I tried this one year for dinner. It was fabulous! We were not able to finish it, but we put forth a great effort. Looking forward to trying it again with our 2 younger DD’s.

  • That was our families best lunch ever!!! It took 4 of us to eat it, but we did finish. It is mindbogglingly delicious!!!!

  • I’ve never tried it but while staying there my husband and I got to witness it being served twice. The looks and the recepients faces were priceless!

  • Actually Michael from Florida, in California we have the Kitchen Sink in a timed eating challenge and Adam from Man vs. Food did come and eat it. He completed the challenge. We have it at a place called the SF Creamery where if you eat it all in less than the challenged time(under an hour), you get free ice cream for a year, the Kitchen Sink is free and you get your picture on the wall of fame. One man beat the challenge in 7 minutes, 45 seconds. Nobody has come close to that challenge. My kid tried it and it was way too much for him! Lol

  • There is a burger joint called the “Charcoal Pit” here in Wilmington, Delaware, that has been making an ice cream treat called the “kitchen sink” since the 1960’s. It has 20 scoops of ice cream plus all the syrups, toppings, bananas, ect. you could ever want.

  • Let me ask this, when you are on a Disney vacation are you really worrying about the nutritional value? I know I never am. I am just there to enjoy going home to the max! 🙂

  • Only 8 scoops? Needs more ice cream.

  • yum!

  • Unbelievable! I know seeing is believing, but tasting is even better. Does Disney use the same brand of ice cream throughout the parks for their hand dipped delights?

  • I was wondering does anyone know how much it cost.

    • $23.99

  • KITCHEN SINK!! I love Beaches and Cream!! We go there at least twice each trip!!

  • My family and I went out of our way to dine at Beaches & Cream when we were at Disney World in 2008. There were a total of five of us and we made the mistake of eating something solid beforehand. We did a number on the sink, but didn’t finish it. We tried! I loved the flashing lights and hollering when it comes to our table. Hilarious 🙂

  • Beside the Ice cream the burgers and onion rings are amazing. Beaches and Cream are one of my must eat places when I am in Disneyworld.

  • Hello Pam,

    I had a challenge via a friend on Facebook. He was saying that Disney would never post the nutritional information on a dish like the kitchen sink because they are not required to. I, on the other hand defended Disney and said if asked, they could (and would) probably provide it. Do you have the nutritional information for the Kitchen sink?

    • I don’t have the nutritional info — but we already know it’s the ultimate indulgence and the exception to the rule!

  • Looks like a challenge for that guy on the Man vs. food show on the travel channel 🙂

  • We took one of my friends there for her birthday just to get the Kitchen Sink. We had about 8 people, so we got two sinks and neither party could finish it!

    But let me tell ya, it was delish! Haha 🙂

  • I’ve eaten it (with the help of two others) and it was delicious! You guys need to get Adam Richman from Man v Food down to WDW to tackle the 30 minute Kitchen Sink Challenge!

  • As we say in France : Miam ! 😀

    I should get one of these for my birthday !!!

  • I have tried that famous concoction! We had five of us working on it (3 adults and 2 kids), we had skipped dinner, and we were still barely able to finish it. But boy was it good!

  • One of my favorite things to do is sit at the counter in Beaches and Cream and watch the kids faces when they bring out a Kitchen Sink! It is totally priceless!

  • Whoa. Talk about a sugar rush!!!

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