Attention Programs! ElecTRONica Welcomes Guest DJs into the Heart of Tron City

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

The nerve center of ElecTRONica gets a power boost in April as new guest DJs take charge of the Grid. Combining the energy and excitement that is ElecTRONica with their own unique skills, our guest DJs will join our Programs and Sirens in the heart of Tron City to heat up the night at Disney California Adventure park!

Since the portal was first opened, ElecTRONica has featured some of the hottest DJs in town, including DJ GiangStar, DJ Michael Paul, DJ Adam Auburn, DJ Josh Billings and DJ Jason Jass. Now ElecTRONica will invite three more DJs into the Grid for a special performance.

  • DJ Mi$$y_B, Thursday April 14th
  • DJ Zack Hill, Friday April 15th
  • DJ E-Man, Monday April18th

Tap into the grid by following @Disneyland on Twitter, for up-to-date information on DJ schedules and what’s new at ElecTRONica.

Whether you’re a fan of our new guest DJs, a fan of ElecTRONica or a fan of fun, music and dance, come on down and experience what Disney California Adventure park is activating at ElecTRONica!!


  • Is ElecTRONica only on the weekends?

  • Excellent and exciting news! Will there continuously be guest DJ’s through the summer or was this only a 3 day event?

  • Seriously? ElecTRONica keeps getting extended and improved at Disneyland yet there are still no plans to bring it to Disney World? Not cool.

  • Thanks for posting! But do you happen to know what DJ played April 12th? We were at ElecTRONica then, but we forgot to ask the DJ his name and couldnt find it anywhere on the programs

  • Would this be DJ E-MAN from Power 106?

  • Thanks for posting who the DJs will be! DJ GiangStar does a great job. I still say Daft Punk should play the Hyperion theater there, and I would be glad if it was a hard ticket event. Thank you Disney for rebooting Tron, and I look forward to additional sequels. Disney California Adventure needs a yearly dance party like Glow Fest and ElecTRONica!

  • My Fiance is a huge fan of Tron. Last time we went to California Adventure it rained most of the day :(. So I was wondering if ElecTRONica will still be up for the summer? I really hope so. I wanted to take him there for his Birthday. Thanks 🙂

    • Lizette, great news! ElecTRONica has been extended through Labor Day at Disney California Adventure park. You can find more information here.

  • One would think Daft Punk would be an obvious choice for a set… but that ticket price alone would double the park entry price. Oh well… I’m sure they’ll still be great pulls for the resort.

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