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Be a Royal Princess at Walt Disney World and Now At Home

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

On the eve of the royal wedding, all eyes are on Prince William and Kate. And some of us are living vicariously through them with this happily ever after wedding. If only we can be a Royal Princess (sigh!)…but wait! Disney is the place where dreams come true. We all want to be a Princess. And if I’m a real Dream Maker, how can Disney Floral & Gifts make that happen for us? I’m glad you asked.

If you would enjoy A Princess Dream Come True gifting experience for your engagement, wedding, anniversary, Mothers Day, birthday, or just because, (did I leave out any occasions?) make sure your loved one finds this post. Whether you’re here at the Walt Disney World Resort or at home in the United States, we can now offer a gift to create a fairy tale moment just for you. So move over Kate.

Let’s proclaim YOU a Princess.

The Exclusive Life-Size Cinderella Glass Slipper

For her majesty (that’s you), featured on an exquisite silver tray, we present THE exclusive life-size Cinderella glass slipper. (Later it can be etched with your name and date to be reminded of the royal moment.)

Princess Tiara

Then, resting upon an exclusive Disney fairy tale pillow adorned with pearls ribbon and gems is the coveted Princess tiara complete with twinkling rhinestones.

Tiffany Inspired Wish Bracelet

And since an 18 karat blue sapphire wasn’t available…we present you with your Tiffany inspired wish bracelet with lots of sparkle, featuring a heart and wish charm. The heart charm can be engraved later with your initials and date, and the wish charm is yours to make a request on your special occasion. After, wear the bracelet as a reminder that dreams do come true. Over time, you can add additional charms to commemorate special occasions, experiences and fulfilled wishes.

Personalized Princess Proclamation

Then, finally, the “crowning moment.” On this day, we officially declare you a Princess, as noted on this personalized proclamation, signed by your favorite fairy tale Princess or perhaps the Fairy Godmother. Oh my stars. Today’s my day!

So here’s what to do. Call a Dream Maker to have this gift sent to your Walt Disney World dining location, your WDW resort room or shipped to your home for a special occasion. Once you unwrap the gift, your loved one can read the proclamation then crown you their Princess. It’s certainly a one of a kind gift, just like a one of a kind royal wedding. Only this time, YOU are the Princess. And you lived happily ever after.

Now, how are we going to get the word out to our loved ones.


  • To all who love me, I will be at Disney World for my birthday. (May 9 but you all already knew that) You could send this to my hotel room.

    Thank you,
    Your loving Princess

  • I think we should all be able to walk around with a tiara!

  • Hi,

    How can I contact you for details on one of these items?

    Kind regards,

    • Our Dream Makers can share more details by calling 407-WDW-GIFT. We’re open 7 days a week from 8AM-6PM Eastern time.

  • So how much does this cost to do, and how much notice do you need to give them? What a great idea!

    • Hi Tobi. If you click on the words, “A Princess Dream Come True” in the copy, it will link you right to the web page that features this royal gift. 48 hours is requested to have the proclamation personalized for you. The price for the experience is $290. Our Dream Makers can also recommend some variations of this gift to plus it up more or to simplify it as well. Some of those offerings are also featured on our website.

  • I gave this to my wife on our wedding day. I had Disney Floral delivery it to her resort room the morning of our special day. She loved it!

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