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Breaking Ground on Shanghai Disney Resort

Art Rendering of Shanghai Disney Resort

I’m writing to you from Shanghai where Bob Iger and I are just about to take the stage for a very special ceremony. In just a few minutes we will officially break ground on the Shanghai Disney Resort.

This is truly a defining moment in our company’s history. We will now begin construction on this exciting new site and cause our creative concepts to leap from the drawing boards and become a wonderful new resort where friends and families can visit and play and create memories that they’ll never forget.

Art Rendering of Shanghai Disney Resort

With Shanghai Disney Resort, we have the chance to introduce the Disney Parks experience to an entirely new group of guests. Scheduled to open in about five years, our new resort in Shanghai will include things that you know and love about a Disney theme park such as Disney characters, attractions and storytelling… but it will also feature all-new experiences and stories that were inspired by and created for the people of China. The best way to describe this new resort is authentically Disney, yet distinctly Chinese.

Art Rendering of Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disneyland will be the name of the theme park itself, but the property will also have two themed hotels, a venue for retail, dining and entertainment, a wonderful sparkling lagoon and some outdoor recreation areas.

We look forward to sharing more details with you right here on the Disney Parks Blog. Until then, I would like to thank everyone from both Disney and the Shanghai Shendi Group who have worked so tirelessly to make the dream of building a Disney resort in Shanghai a reality.


  • Looks Awsome. Sounds like an Adventure By Disney China Trip then Shanghai Disneyland are in the future for us.
    Travel Safe Tom and Thanks for all that you & your team do to make our dreams come true over and over again.

  • It looks beautiful. I hope it will be bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland. I think the example to follow is Tokyo Disneyland, which really takes Disney and melds it with an understanding of Japanese tastes and culture. Also, I hope the food is like Hong Kong Disneyland, yum! I also hope that Disney will take it’s cue from the recent Shanghai expo and commit to making this park environmentally sound, especially since it appears to be near to sea.

  • This is amazing! oh so breathtaking 🙂
    I will be 25 when this amazing new resort opens it will be truly spectacular to visit during opening day wow 🙂

  • it looks so tiny yet soo big at the same time! I love how it branches out onto the bdy of water!

    I hope that you guys think about puting a chinese tea garden in there where you guys could perform traditional chinese tea ceremonies or even hold weddings ;D just saying it’ll be cool

  • The concept art is amazing. I’m happy to see that Disney continues to expand around the world and make even more people happy 🙂

  • It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m definitely putting this on the list of Disney Parks I Want To Visit! Although, I do agree with another post that a different castle would be nice to see. Perhaps Belle’s Castle, or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, or Snow White’s.

  • Should be interesting, be more interested to see the agreement of how much Disney’s stake in the park is, or the have an agreement like OLC in japan. Looks good but most likely will change once built. Also to echo other peoples thoughts I have been to all the parks and can say each have the + and _ but DisneySea by far the most interesting and best concept I have seen as a disney park.

  • Congratulations!

  • SOOO excited! We can’t wait for Disney to be in Shanghai!! Whoop Whoop!

  • Beautiful!!! It will be really exciting to give those of the Chinese culture something positive to look forward to in the wake of all their tragic disaster recently!!
    Bless Disney for all their efforts to make THIS WORLD a happier place!!!

  • THIS IS MY DREAM! I was just accepted to the Disney College Program for Fall of 2011 and my step mother (who is a big part of my life) is chinese. My love for the chinese language and culture began when she married my father a few years ago. THIS IS AMAZING HOW MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS, DISNEY AND THE CHINESE CULTURE, ARE COMING TOGETHER! I REALLY WANT TO GO WORK THERE!

  • To Eric from NY – yes, a burgeoning middle class of Chinese people with will care to go there – at least that’s what Disney is banking on!

  • So when will there be word on which princess the castle will be for? I’m thinking Snow White maybe?

  • Is there a new design for a castle, there are only three designs in the Park Repature. Can there be a new castle for the next park/resort?

  • I cannot wait to see the progress for this park! It truly looks spectacular and let alone, magical! I am a bit disappointed because I have heard that there will be no Main Street, and I feel that the concept of a Disneyland park is to have a Main Street, but still this park looks amazing! I hope to attend opening day in 2016, as it will be my first Disney Parks opening! Congratulations and I again, cannot wait to be updated on the progress!

  • The park looks like it will be spectacular, like all the Disney Parks. @Shaun…according to the report I heard yesterday on NPR, Disney will share 50% of the proceeds with the Chinese developer. @Eric…I think this park is really aimed at drawing the huge Chinese market, and foreign visitors will not be factored to be a large guest percentage. Disney has a huge brand recognition in China, from the merchandise and films/media that are available there, both legitimate and black market. With a growing middle class with discretionary income, transportation, and the ability to travel, I think this park has the potential to draw as many visitors, if not more then, the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

  • I am pretty disappointed with whomever made the decision to create another duplicate of the same castle we see in half of the Disney Parks! Please can we be a little more original?

  • This looks amazing! I love that Disney is still expanding and adding parks around the world. Maybe someday there will be a Disneyland on every continent; wouldn’t that be something! I think that Walt would have wanted that. The whole world deserves to experience the magic of his visions.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Absolutely Amazing! So Gorgeous!

  • Congratulations! Realizing dreams is a blessed thing.

  • Does anybody really truly care to go there, I cetainly don’t.

  • HOT DOG!! Those look amazing! can’t wait to see the finished project!

  • I’ve yet to see any foreign Disney resort, but I’ve heard wonderful things and would expect the magic to be on par with what we see in the States.

    From the renderings, this looks to be something that will delight the billions of people that will visit it annually. Best wishes.

  • That looks even smaller than Hong Kong Disneyland. I dig the art, though!

  • It is nice to see more people have access to Disney property and have a share in the magic. I hope that someday another Disney park will be built in the US such as Southeastern Texas. Then guests could begin a one way Disney Cruise near Disneyworld and end it at another Disney Park!

  • Congradulations, looks great

  • Looks nice, I wonder what the finished product will look like? Hong Kong ended up looking very different from the concept art, so did Paris in some areas.

  • My boyfriend and I plan on going China for our honeymoon, and I am so excited to see the differences between Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneyland Shanghai. I am thrilled that Disney will be taking the cultural aspects of mainland China into their design and am most excited about seeing how this translates into the Shanghai Disneyland experience. I would love to see a Dim Sum dining experience on property– YUM!!!

  • Interesting plan! from the third picture it looks like the Mainstreet will be off to the side… or is it the Downtown Disney area?

  • Very cool, thanks for the post Tom!

  • Not what I was expecting…

  • This looks so Beautiful, can not wait to see it whe it is finished.

  • It looks spectacular! I love the idea of putting part of Fantasyland in front of the Castle, though the lack of a “Main Street” will be quite odd. And the Castle looks great, a bit more grand than Cinderella Castle, and it has that Chinese flair. Very cool!

    Discussion Kingdom

  • Thanks for sharing the news Tom! Will this park be 100% owned by Disney, or set up like Disneyland Paris and Hong with partial share?

    Again, thanks for the very exciting news!

  • That looks amazing, as always you do great things. Has Disney ever thought about a park in canada???

  • Very exciting!

  • WOW!!!!

  • Looks great! Can’t wait!

  • I can not put into words how exciting this is. From the concept art that you have posted, it will surely be a beautiful resort. Congratulations to Disneyparks on the beginning of yet another dream, coming true!

  • Congratulations!

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