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Foggy Morning at Epcot

A Foggy Morning at Epcot

Fog has to be a photographer’s favorite condition. It tranquilizes the soul, softens reality, causes one to reflect … It makes the ordinary special, the unnoticed radiant.

A Foggy Morning at Epcot

Recently, walking along the World Showcase at Epcot, I had to capture a few fleeting seconds of serenity. These scenes served to start my day on a wonderful note.

A Foggy Morning at Epcot

A Foggy Morning at Epcot

Take a look at more of Gene Duncan‘s shots from around Epcot in the posts below:


  • I wish so much that runDisney would open World Showcase early in the morning for runners. I would dearly love to experience the magic you capture in these photos.

  • Hi Gene… Great images, as usual! Would love to go on a photo safari with you.

  • Fog can evoke eeriness and serenity at the same time. Great pics and I look forward to more in the future.

    Cheryl – To answer your questions, the first two photos: 1) the Gondolas by the bridge on the lagoon outside of Pavilion of Italy. 2) the boat in the distance is also on the lagoon outside of the Pavilion of America I believe hidden by the amphitheater or to the side of the amphitheater.

    Don’t feel bad, many of us only visit EPCOT once a year to once every five years and we are usually dashing between rides, restaurants, shops, events taking place in front of the pavilions, etc. and miss many of the architectural details put in place by Disney and Imagineers. I go usually twice a year and I take tons of pictures and find different angles and new things I didn’t find before. We do a park a day so we can take in everything that park can offer us.

  • Lovely and awesome photos! I been to Epcot quite a few time, but I’m having trouble placing the first two photos. I don’t ever remember seeing gondolas anywhere or the sailboat in the background. The building next to it makes me think France. I would love to know where these spots are so I can go visit on my next trip there. =D

  • These photos are fantastic! They really transport you to another place. Great work!

  • I really love your photos, Gene. They always make my day better. =)

  • GORgeous shots Gene!!! Can’t WAIT to come back and visit!!!

  • How beautiful!

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