Hot Off the Press: Jack Lindquist Book Signing at Disneyland Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Want to be in the know? Then here’s the scoop. Our Disneyland Merchandise Events team has just confirmed that Disney Legend Jack Lindquist, the first president of Disneyland park, will appear for a special book signing on Sunday, May 1, at The Disney Gallery. This is the first time Jack has appeared for a signing inside the park since his tenure as President. Jack’s memoir, In Service To The Mouse, which debuted in December 2010, has become an instant hit among Disney fans. It recounts his many experiences over a 38-year tenure working for The Walt Disney Company and, of course, his unexpected journey to becoming the first president of Disneyland park.

'In Service To The Mouse' by Jack Lindquist

One of my favorite excerpts from the book comes from Chapter 7, as Jack recounts his favorite time to be in the park (and mine, too), and how he came across a family visiting the park on Christmas Eve 1955, which ultimately led him to the realization of what Disneyland Resort means to people.

This memoir is a definite must-read for any Disney fan! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. For those of you interested in picking up the book and meeting Disney Legend Jack Lindquist, he’ll be at The Disney Gallery on May 1 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.


  • I love how Disney pays tribute to the people that made the company what it is. Jack is a legend and I would be honored to meet him!

  • I hope I can have him sign the book I already purchased.

    • Hi Sheryll! Just so you know, the only items that can be signed are the books purchased on the day of the event at the event location. For more information on the event be sure to check out Thanks!

  • I’ll be there that day! I’m definitely going to pick up the book and meet the man. 🙂

  • Great! He was a great speaker at Destination D!

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