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Look for New Film Images in ‘The Art of Animation’ Show at Disney California Adventure

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Here’s a tip for the next time you visit Disney California Adventure park – visit the Disney Animation Building on Hollywood Boulevard. There’s no line, it’s cool inside and “The Art of Animation” show recently expanded its unique display of Disney and Pixar animated films. You can see it on the array of screens that surround you inside the Courtyard Gallery, just inside the main entrance.

Several new releases are now featured, including images and songs from “Tangled” (2010) and “Toy Story 3” (2010).

'The Art of Animation Show' at Disney California Adventure Park

'Tangled' at 'The Art of Animation Show' at Disney California Adventure Park

Tom Fitzgerald, executive vice president for Walt Disney Imagineering, described it this way: “’The Art of Animation’ show celebrates the art and music of our animated classics – from Disney and Pixar. The show has been a highlight of the Animation attraction at Disney California Adventure park since opening day. Now, we’re updating the show to include many of the classic films which have been created in the past decade.”

'The Art of Animation Show' at Disney California Adventure Park

Here are some of the films featured in “The Art of Animation” show:

  • “The Little Mermaid”
  • “Beauty and the The Beast”
  • “Fantasia“
  • “Bambi”
  • “Finding Nemo”
  • “Cinderella”
  • “Mulan”
  • “Lilo & Stitch”
  • “Alice In Wonderland”
  • “UP”
  • “Lady and the Tramp”
  • “Dumbo”
  • “The Lion King”
  • “Cars”
  • “Aladdin”
  • “Peter Pan”
  • “Pinocchio”
  • “The Princess and the Frog”

What’s your favorite activity in the Disney Animation Building?


  • I as well was bummed that Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Emperor’s New Groove were removed. I understand that it may not be a POPULAR crowd favorite, but I think they just need more exposure and eliminating them form a famous montage doesn’t help. No Disney movie should be made less 🙁

  • This is my favorite place to go with the kids on a hot day. They still have things they can look at and do, and I can sit and relax for a few.
    Its been almost a year since Ive last been to the park, so Im excited that the next time I go, there will be plenty of new attractions to see!

  • So stoked they finally got it back up 😀 My friend and I went in early march and were really bummed it had been taken down. The cast member we talked to was so nice and patient especially since I’m sure she got asked about it 10 from when we went in till when we left LoL.

    Pretty bummed to see Hercules go 🙁 Glad to see Pixar in the mix!
    Favorite thing to do, besides sit in that lobby and watch the music and clips is the zoetrope of toy story! never ceases to amaze me! Also love the animation academy, mine actually turn out rather okay, the cast members make it so simple!

  • Well, generally I enjoyed the new show. I was just disappointed that one of my favorites, Bolt was not added. But yes, it is a shame that some segments were removed entirely.

  • I agree, Fred… In general, I was not pleased with the new show. I didn’t understand why other segments had to be removed. The hunchback of notre dame was one of my favorites, with its amazing artwork and beautiful music.

  • …Unless of course it was part of the “dreams come true” montage, but I’m still certain that it was not in the show at all.

  • I saw the entire Art of Animation show again today, and “The Princess and the Frog” is not a part of the show.

  • I love relaxing in here – could spend all day there!

  • I draw every time I visit. I hope to see more new characters added. The last time I went they had added Jack Skellington.

    I am happy to see that my favorites are still in the show and that some new favorites were added.

  • Thank you Michele, for the update on the new movie clips and songs that are added in the Animation Building. I like others have said here, I also love to go in there to relax on a hot day to cool off and just sit and listen to that awesome sound system and to see those large screens playing the scenes from our favorite Disney movies. When the Princess and the Frog came out, that became my favorite movie, but now with Tangled that movie is amazing!! To the animators who worked on the movie, Maximus the horse and Pasqual the cameleon were great. I loved the expressions on their faces. They made me laugh and it was a joy to watch. So I am looking forward to checking this out the next time I go to California Adventure. Well done for all the new things I see happening around the park. I am looking forward to seeing all the new things that are coming out way.

  • I LOVE Turtle Talk with Crush! My friends and I had a lot to laugh about when he told us we could find true love in the ocean. 🙂

  • I love the Animation building! It’s the sort of thing I wish was actually at the gate of Disneyland proper, maybe just in Main St., because it so perfectly gets me in the mood of being at Disneyland. As it is, my trip always starts with a visit over there and THEN over to Disneyland.

    Besides that cathedral space devoted to the animation, my favorite part is the Sorceror’s Workshop… Both enlightening and wonderfully immersive!

  • Thanks for the reply Michele. 🙂

  • My favorite is the library to see which character you are. My husband and I also love to sit and watch the pictures and listen to the music in the lobby area.

  • Nice that they updated it after all these years, but I don’t see why they had to replace stuff rather then just extend the loop. I miss Hercules, Atlantis, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Emperor’s New Groove.

  • This is one of my favorite spots to stop and relax for a few, especially during hot times. I do love watching all the animation so many memories. But The fun thing NOW is crush talk, From long ago I remember Beasts Library and what character are you most like, Putting your voice to characters, and ny son loved doing the drawings. It is a really “Cool Place”

  • Although I understand that you can’t keep every movie segment, I’m bummed that Sleeping Beauty was taken away. The artwork and music is always my favorite of all the Disney classics!

    • Hi Alyssa, Our list included some of the films featured in “The Art of Animation” show. Your favorite Sleeping Beauty remains in the show. Along with those mentioned in the post, these films are also featured:
      • “Fantasia” & “Fantasia 2000”
      • “Snow White”
      • “The Incredibles”
      • “Jungle Book”
      • “Cinderella”
      • “Monsters, Inc.”
      • “Ratatouille”
      • “Tarzan”
      • “Pocahontas”

  • On our one and only visit to DCA, we really enjoyed everything in this building. I believe the surprise highlight was the Animation Academy. It was a lot of fun to try and draw a Disney character. We just came across our drawings that we took home with us and laughed again at our attempts to draw Piglet.

  • Love love love the Animation room! It’s our absolute favourite thing in all of California Adventure. And the Off The Page shop attached is our second favourite thing in all of California Adventure. Can’t wait to check out the new additions to the show.

  • Oh goody! I’m going there today!

  • I love the Sorcerer’s Workshop and Turtle Talk with Crush.

    I saw the new Art of Animation show last week. It looks great and its awesome that it was finally updated.

    Although, for the record, I am very disappointed that Bolt was not added. It was a very good movie. I was also a bit surprised that WALL-E was not added.

    Michele, is there any chance that they will be added sometime in the future? 🙂

    • Hi Fred, as you know, the shows at Disneyland Resort are continually being enhanced. While there are no plans for those films now, there’s a chance they’ll be considered down the line.

  • I love going to Animation Academy. It’s fun to draw different characters.
    I’m so excited to see the new animations of Mulan, UP, and Tangled. I finally saw Tangled the other day and I’ve been in love with the movie and songs ever since!

  • I saw the whole presentation on Saturday! It was fantastic! Very beautiful!

  • This is a GREAT list of movies! And it looks like the list was aptly pruned a bit as well, though Hunchback of Notre Dame isn’t my favorite movie, the stained glass backgrounds made a great impression in the room.

    I love to go in there and just sit and enjoy! It saddens me to see people rushing around the room not looking around at the true art in the rooms.

  • Turtle Talk with Crush

  • Sitting on the floor and watching all the animation on the screens. It’s my favorite thing to do on a hot day. Plus, it’s full immersion into the animation… always chokes me up a little.

  • I love the animation building! I have a 3 way tie between The Little Mermaid, Dumbo and Tangled! All so cute! Loving the new add ins!

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