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Mickey Mouse in Your Walt Disney World Resort Room

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

You shared and we listened! We’re frequently asked if Mickey Mouse can present your gift to a loved one at their Walt Disney World resort room. And up until today, we’ve had to say, “not at this time.” However, your requests are so important to us that our Disney Floral & Gifts creative designer, Cindy Braak, wanted to find a way to fulfill your wish. And she just might have.

4’8” Air-Walking Mickey Mouse Balloon

How about that? You’re the first to learn that we can now offer this adorable 4’8” air-walking Mickey Mouse balloon. And it’s only $29! When I saw this gift, I was so amazed that I had to talk to Cindy to learn more. Here’s what she said:

“I wanted to find something for our guests that would create a large impact in the room and provide a great experience for families…yet it had to be super affordable. Our guests just love balloons. So when I found this balloon, I said, ‘That’s it!’ When our guests walk into their room and see this almost life-size Mickey Mouse, their jaws are going to drop and the kids are going to fall in love with it! And, since he’s an “air walker,” with just a little wind Mickey will look like he’s actually walking around their room. This will help bring him to life even more. As a matter of fact, you should have seen the guests’ reactions when we took this shot recently. Kids kept walking by, wanting to touch and play with Mickey. I heard them say, ‘There’s Mickey, look, there’s Mickey!’”

Mickey and Minnie’s Grand Easter Surprise

She also said that if you add this balloon to our Easter basket, “Mickey and Minnie’s Grand Easter Surprise,” and have both delivered for Easter morning, the kids will be shocked when they wake up. “It can appear as if Mickey came to their room to celebrate the holiday with them. And if you want to create a special memory for any occasion, just add this balloon to any of our gifts or In-Room Celebrations and it can create the same experience,“ she said.

So there you have it, you’re the first to know.

And since we take your requests to heart, we’d like to hear what you and your friends would like us to create next year for Easter…if we were to create the ultimate Easter gift or gifting experience for your loved ones, what would that be?


  • YES!! WDW should most definitely have an Easter egg hunt! We are looking to vistit spring break of 2013 which happens to fall over Easter weekend that year. I am totally excited but disapointed that my kids will miss the egg hunts. I just love the pictures we get of the kids finding their eggs!

    At Disney it would be awesome if there were two kinds of egg hunts. A traditional free-for-all at each of the resorts. Each age group could be assigned an egg color so little kids would have a fair chance. The eggs could be filled with candy, stickers and coupons for icecream bars. And PhotoPass photographers should be there to capture the frenzy!

    The second should be in the parks, with WELL hidden special eggs. These eggs could be redemed for “dream” prizes like exclusive trading pins, VIP dinner in the castle or a one-day fastpass.

    Can’t wait to celebrate Easter with a little more pixie dust and a lot more magic!

  • Jean,

    Any chance you could bring back the Mickey footprints you used to have with the in-room celebrations? They were really cute and I miss them!

  • Can not wait for my holidays to start wow !!!!!

  • Hi , just wondered if you can get these balloons in the parks or only of your staying in resort ? Loving the idea would totally love to be able to get one fort daughter but we are staying in a villa x

    • Hi Martin…we deliver all our gifts including balloons to all Disney resorts on property and some off property locations as well. We can also deliver our gifts/balloons to WDW restaurants on Disney property. So if you’re staying at a WDW villa, the good news is that we would be able to deliver this gift to your resort room.

  • This is soooo cute!!!

  • The balloon is awesome.. nice job.

    For next year – how about mickey mouse shaped easter eggs – that open up and you can put candy or stickers inside – (big and small versions would be nice..) and then you can have a mickey mouse easter egg hunt in your room. Mickey Mouse egg shaped chocolates.. Mickey mouse bunny chocolate (or goofy or donald.. and they could have bunny ears) Mickey and friends easter themed window clings to decorate your room windows and mirrors.

    I like the easter basket in the shot above, but not crazy about the colors – they aren’t very ‘spring’ to me – pastels would be nice.

    • Hi Heather!
      I was REALLY interested in your ideas for Easter next year. Do you think our guests would be interested in a Easter egg hunt in their room next year? The more guests request an idea, the more we consider it.

      Let’s open the question up to our readers. Should we create an Easter Egg Hunt for guests here at Disney? If so, what would that look like?

  • What a great way to make more “magic”. Takes it from the park to the checkin! Keep innovating!

  • we are also staying at the animal kingdom. Are we able to get one of these?

  • Will get for my son when we go in August! Will you have Minnie available for my daughter???

  • Can’t wait to get one when we go in June!

  • What a great idea!

  • Is this available on Disney cruises too? If so, I need to get one next week!!! 🙂

    • Hi Holly
      This is only available at Walt Disney World right now. Best wishes on your cruise though. Is it your first?

  • My husband, daughter, son-in-law and myself are bringing our two granddaughters to Disney for the first time in August. Can we get the air walker Mickey brought to our room before we arrive or is it just for easter. We are staying at the Carribbean Beach resort?

    • Hi Cecelia. You’ll be happy to know that our new Mickey balloon is going to be sold year ’round and can be delivered to the Caribbean Beach. Once you check in, we’ll know what room you’re in…and that’s when your gift is delivered. We can set the delivery up for the day of your arrival, its just that we need you to check in first to know your room number, then the resort will take it to your room. But…think of it this way. Once you check in, you’ll want to get settled and go to the parks, so when you get back to your room at the end of the day, Mickey could be waiting for you as if to say “good night”. It will be yet another surprise to experience on your first day at Disney. 🙂

  • I love this idea. Can’t wait to order one when come to visit. thanks

  • Would love to get this for my daugher. But we are staying at Animal kindom and can’t have ballons:((

  • This is such a cute idea! How about creating a Pixar Character dining? 🙂 Toy Story would be so cool!!

  • This is such a fabulous idea! I hope someday to return to Disney with my family and maybe we can do this. I would have loved to have it when we did our mega vacation in Aug 1999! “Sigh” That was the most wonderful two weeks of our lives! If you can do it I recommend it! I don’t have that kind of money anymore but if I did, I’d be there!

  • if you deflate it and take it home, does it have to be reinflated with helium? what would happen if it was just inflated with an air compressor? would mickey just lay flat on the floor?

    • Hi Kelly… I would recommend reinflating the balloon with helium. Perhaps a local store would be willing to reinflate for you for a small fee? I think your hunch is correct with the air compressor.

  • How can I order this balloon or any of the gifts? We will be staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins.

  • How can I get one without an “In Room ” Celebration ? Is it Possible to just get the balloon?

    • Hi Vanessa…yes we’ve made it possible so you can just get the balloon. Are you coming to Disney anytime soon?

  • Oh my gosh–we will be arriving in 2 weeks!!! How do I order one of these and how can I see what other items can be ordered??

    • Hi Damon – Happy to help…just call a Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT or go to our website of as well. Looking forward to creating a memory for you.

  • Is this one able to be delivered to Animal Kingdom Lodge, or do we miss out on this one as well? If not, is there something that can be delivered there that is new?

    • Hi Julie…you are correct, to keep the animals safe, balloons cannot be delivered to Animal Kingdom Lodge. However…we’re always creating new gifts and gifting experiences. So, stay tuned to the blog as there are always new gifts featured. In fact, I have a few big announcements coming very soon and you wont want to miss it.

      To answer your question on what else is new right now… oh my stars…lots of things…you may want to call a Dream Maker and let them know the date you’re coming to Disney, a bit about what you’re celebrating, your loved ones and favorite Disney characters and then they can recommend some ideas to you.

      I’d also be interested to get some insight from you and our readers on gifts and gifting experiences you would like our team to create. I’m always interested in what you have to say. 🙂

  • I love the idea and is so affordable. I will love to see this available on the cruises too.

  • Just wondering if this is a helium balloon, or is is something that I can deflate and inflate? I most cetainly would not want to leave him behind when we leave.

    • Good news Emily.. you’re right…this is a helium balloon and it can be deflated so you can take it home. 🙂 Just insert a straw into the seal of the balloon, then squeeze the balloon until the helium is out. Then, when you get home, the balloon can be re-inflated.

  • A very nice idea to make a Disney experience even more special.

  • This is absolutely adorable and affordable too! Love it!

  • This is amazing! I am so excited that Disney will be offering this! <3

  • Love this idea!

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