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New 2012 Disney Cruise Line Itineraries and Ports Unveiled

Hello from New York!

Captain Mickey Mouse visits New York to help announce new Disney Cruise Line itineraries for 2012.

What are Captain Mickey Mouse and I doing in the Big Apple? Well, we just announced our itinerary line-up for 2012 and (drum roll, please) it includes three new homeports – New York, Seattle and Galveston! Do we have any Disney Cruise Line fans from those areas? Now, a Disney cruise is even more convenient for you, as you can depart for your dream vacation from your backyard.

Captain Mickey Mouse visits New York to help announce new Disney Cruise Line itineraries for 2012.

From New York…
Beginning May 25, 2012, the Disney Magic will sail 20 cruises from New York – with three unique and
varied itineraries.

Captain Mickey Mouse visits New York to help announce new Disney Cruise Line itineraries for 2012.

  • Eight-night Bahamas cruises that include a day at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay; Nassau, Bahamas; and a stop at Port Canaveral, Florida, giving guests an opportunity to visit the nearby Walt Disney World Resort. As part of this itinerary, you’ll receive a one-day Walt Disney World Park Hopper ticket and roundtrip transportation between the port and resort.
  • Five-night cruises up the New England coast that will call at Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Saint John, New Brunswick. In these popular Canadian ports, you can soak in splendid natural vistas, explore historic sites, visit quaint cafés and charming shops and browse Canada’s oldest farmer’s market.
  • Three two-night cruises (June 15, July 13 and August 10) that are perfect for families looking for a quick getaway and a sampling of the Disney Cruise Line experience with a day at sea over a weekend.

From Seattle…
Beginning May 28, 2012, the Disney Wonder will sail another season of Alaskan cruises including
seven-night voyages from the Port of Seattle to Tracy Arm, Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan, Alaska, as well as Victoria, British Columbia.

Donald Duck visits Seattle to help announce new Disney Cruise Line itineraries for 2012.

These cruises will combine the natural wonder and adventurous spirit of Alaska with the unparalleled, family-friendly experience found on a Disney Cruise Line ship. We work closely with Alaskan tour operators to create exclusive Port Adventures that allow you to enjoy Alaska’s natural beauty, rich history and abundant wildlife.

From Galveston…
Beginning September 22, 2012, the Disney Magic will sail seven-night cruises from Galveston to the Western Caribbean. Ports of call include Grand Cayman and Mexico’s Costa Maya and Cozumel.

 Minnie Mouse visits Galveston, Texas to help announce new Disney Cruise Line itineraries for 2012.

On this cruise, your family can enjoy a tropical getaway with world-class entertainment and impeccable guest service found only on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. You’ll have three magical days at sea to explore all of the fun aboard the Disney Magic and three days in port to lounge on warm, golden beaches, to swim and snorkel in azure waters or to shop to your heart’s content in exotic marketplaces.

If you want to secure your spot on one of these exciting new itineraries, bookings for 2012 open April 8, 2011, on or by calling Disney Cruise Line at (888) DCL-2500.

We hope to see you onboard in 2012! Which itinerary are you most excited for?


  • We took our first cruise on the Disney Wonder in December. It was only a 3 night cruise for a test run with our 2 boys ages 4 & 6. We loved it!!! Castaway Cay was our favorit port. we felt safe & relaxed there. We did however miss the Flying Dutchman & wish it would return. We booked another cruise while on board & used that discounted booking toward a 7 night Western Caribbean on the Fantasy in October of 2012. We do wish that Disney would offer a cruise with 2 stops at castaway Cay during the off season. We always like to travel to Disney during the off season for numerous reasons.
    Well… I’m sure that it is impossible to accomodate everyone’s requests. 🙂 All in all WE LOVE CRUISING DISNEY!!!! If you have children & want to enjoy a cruise with them there is NO substitute for a Disney cruise.

  • Just curious, but will there still be Trans Atlantic crossings in the future? Will there ever be a Trans Pacific crossing?

  • Great news….I can’t wait to start selling the new itineraries, I have been supporting DCL from the first day they set sail!!!

  • Just got back from the 4 day Disney Dream cruise to the Bahamas and had such a GREAT time we booked a another cruise for Dec 2012 before we left the Ship..

    The Dream is AMAZING!!!

    Thanks Disney for another Wonderful vacation….


  • 411 Sleeps until I set sail on the Disney Magic from NYC to the Bahamas! 😀 😀 😀 So Very excited!! Please could anyone tell me where in NYC we will be sailing from?? Thank you!! 😀 Gemma

  • I’m so excited about this! We’ve never tried a cruise because we’d rather spend time at WDW if we have to fly. Now that we can just drive to NYC, we will actually get to try it. I’d love to try them all, but I’m thinking that testing it out with the weekend cruise would be best. I really hope this is something that continues, because as long as my family does OK with being on the water, I really want to try each one.

  • FINALLY !!!!!!! Disney Cruise line in Galveston !!!!!! Can’t wait until 2012 !!!!!! We’re all celebrating in the Lone Star State !!!!!! 🙂

  • I remember in 2009 when Disney Cruise Line announced they were calling Vancouver home for the Alaska sailings. It made top headlines in Vancouver. The city was buzzing and talking about it for weeks and weeks. Having Disney in Vancouver was a huge deal and Disney was the only cruise line to make headline news that I can ever recall. I’m very sad to see the cruise line leave Vancouver in favour of Seattle in 2012. I truly hope Disney returns on a more frequent basis than 2 sailings in the future.

    May 25th is my birthday and I live in NYC!
    I think I have to book this TRIP!!!!

  • Thanks for bringing the Magic to New York, I have been waiting for this for a long time, and of course I am already booked!!!!

  • Yea!!! Galveston is what I am excited about!! My kids have been really wanting to go on a Disney cruise! Now we don’t have to fly!!! Way to go Disney!!

  • William – Castaway Cay is one of my favorite places, too. It’s such a perfect little island, and I love the picnic buffet lunch they offer guests, too!

  • Jeanne- Congrats on your first Disney Cruise. I’ve experienced the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic, but have heard wonderful things about the Disney Dream from so many people. I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

  • Will the cruises out of Galveston still stop at Castaway Cay? What about the 8 night cruise out of NYC?

  • Galveston!!! Awesome!! Can’t wait!! 🙂

  • We are going on the Dream on June 7th and can not wait

  • Woo Hoo!! Just read that the stop in Port Canaveral includes a Park Hopper and transport to WDW!! Was hoping they would plus that up a little! Just wish it included 2 stops at Castaway Cay!

  • I am so excited for the Seattle cruise! I live a few blocks away from the Port of Seattle! I can walk to a Disney Cruise!! I cannot wait, my friends and I are already planning our trip!!

  • Wow!!! This is great news. We have been waiting for DCL to depart from NY. Now the family can enjoy more of DCL. Thank you so much Disney 🙂

  • I look forward to cruising out of NY, it will make Disney more fun for us New Englanders.

  • Oh I so want to go on the New England coast! but we already booked a Western Caribbean cruise for the first half of 2012. I hope they will have the New England cruise again 2013. Please please please.

  • omg i am soooo excitedd….i never thought id be going on a disney cruise out of new york…..yay! way to always keep us guessing disney! =)

  • Galveston! Sweet!!!

  • YAY NYC!!! So excited about this!!!

  • Totally pumped that the Magic is coming to Galveston! I’m ready to sail that ship again! Thank you!!!! 😀

  • Love that we can now sail out of NY! I was hoping for Canada. Now if they would just add some Bermuda sailings.

  • Awesome to be able to cruise out of NY. We have taken a few DCL cruises but all out of Port Canaveral. This will save us almost 19hrs driving time. Go Mickey

  • I am soooo excited that NYC is one of the new ports Disney chose. Do you know if the 8 day cruise would allow you to disembark in Port Canaveral to then go on to a longer stay in WDW?

  • HELP! Where do I find pricing and book one of the cruises?

  • We live in NYC and we are so excited about this!!Thank you Disney!

  • Looking forward to the New England area cruise! 🙂

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the cruises out of Galveston. This is AWESOME!!!!!

  • I am so…so…excited about this….I live so close to NYC and now my favorite cruise line is going to be here….you have no idea how excited I am…thanks Disney!!!

  • This is awesome news! I’ve always wanted to take a Disney Cruise (never been on any cruise, actually), but the airfare is a bit prohibitive. Now, we can hop a quick flight from Buffalo (or even drive) and take a weekend cruise or longer…I think I know where one of my Disney vacations will be in 2012!

  • Excited to see the one in Seattle!

  • Love it!!!!! Now we don’t have go to far to go on a cruise. Been waiting to go on another for years!!!! Now we just need the prices and dates!!! Thanks Disney!!!

  • Hmmm, 8 nights on the Magic from NYC (much lower airfare) or 4 nights from FL?

  • I’m going on my first Disney Cruise in less than 3 weeks (Bahamas on the new Disney Dream). It’s fantastic knowing we may be able to take a cruise next year, from New York (which is just a few hours drive away from my hometown in New Jersey)! I’ve been a faithful visitor to Disney World for the last 20 years. I never get tired of going, as there is always something new to experience. Thank you, Disney, for expanding your embarkation ports and ports of call!

  • Very excited about the NYC cruises!

  • awesome. I wish they had cruised to Bermuda from NY.

  • I cannot wait for these to start! I live on Long Island and this is beyond convenient! Thank you so much!

  • Woo whoo! I can now save even more on a Disney cruise! Thanks for adding Galveston to the list of ports 🙂

  • I live only a few hours from NY. I’m definitely looking into the 2 days at sea. Something nice and relaxing and not too much time out of work, but I’d get my fill of Disney for the time being!!

  • Was hoping for an Eastern Med, but am considering the NYC to Alaska cruise . . .

  • Awesome! But how is the Magic repo’ing? Is it drydocking in April and May 2012?

  • Can’t wait to take my grandchildren on a two-night cruise from NYC, perfect sampling of Disney before our big trip to Walt Disney World!

  • I just clicked on the Disney Wonder link and went to Find A Cruise, but unfortunately the 2012 Alaska cruises are not yet available for viewing. When do you anticipate that happening?


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