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Picture Perfect at Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I promise to keep this short and sweet. How many of you Disney fans out there actually knew that you could get Art on Demand, in just a few easy steps?

Art on Demand kiosks can be found at several gallery locations throughout the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. In fact, I visited the one at The Disney Gallery just the other day, to see what the buzz was about and to see what was new.

How does Art on Demand work? Simply walk up to the kiosk and select to view artwork from categories such as: Disney artists, Disneyland and Walt Disney World attraction posters, Disney castles, classic Disney movies and short films, Villains or the exhibit currently on display in The Disney Gallery. Tip: There are hundreds of images to choose from; new images are loaded frequently, especially as we introduce new exhibits, so what you see today could be gone tomorrow.

Here are a few of my favorites currently available.

 Art on Demand – Pirates of the Caribbean Art on Demand – Haunted Mansion

Art on Demand – Disney Princesses

Art on Demand – Magic on the Water

To order, simply find that special piece for your home or office, select the print medium (paper or canvas) and desired size and complete your purchase. Tip: Prices and sizes vary and, of course, framing is optional. Once your order is finalized, your new masterpiece will be delivered to your home in just two to three weeks.

So if you’re asking yourself, where can I find this? I would recommend visiting The Disney Gallery in Disneyland park or The Art of Disney in the Downtown Disney Marketplace in Walt Disney World. If you are unable to visit us, contact Disneyland Merchandise Guest Services at 877-560-6477. For a complete list of Art on Demand locations and to find out more visit


  • I’ve purchased a few art on demand posters from Walt Disney World, but I’ve been disappointed by the lack of expansion of the offerings. I’d love to see Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride all be available for purchase as Disney World attraction posters.

    Is there a time frame for additions?

    • Thanks so much for inquiring about new pieces. I do know that right now there are over 400 different images available, but we are always looking for the opportunity to expand. I would love to see Big Thunder Mountain too, it’s one of my favorites.

  • I can not find any “list of Art on Demand locations at” it only lists upcoming art related releases like the Figment statue, Vynilmation, and what nots. There’s a link to Park merchandise but that pulls up an empty page with a menu on the left ( nothing on the menu saying art on demand). I’ve been told by cast members you can no longer order any art on demand via phone several times since the new off site company took over. If this has changed I will do a cartwheel and throw money at you guys.

    Also, Is there an online catalog that we can look at to make the Marketing line’s job easier? ( get skus from etc)

    • Hi Jennie! Bear with us, the site is experiencing some delays in publishing. I promise the content will be there shortly. Unfortunately, there isn’t a catalog available, but I will definitely keep everyone posted if one is developed.

  • I’ve ordered a couple of these before during trips to WDW, but why isn’t this service available online? I live in the UK, so driving over to Downtown Disney whenever I want a new attraction poster isn’t really an option.

    • Great point Stephen! I’m sorry that we don’t have it online yet, I know it’s something that the teams are working on. Unfortunately, I don’t the timing of when that would occur.

  • Awesome, I look forward to it!

  • one of the happiest purchases I have ever made was the print of the four panels from the expanding room in The Haunted Mansion (my favorite ride). It hangs in my office at work. I can never really have a bad day when I look at that print – it just brings back so many happy memories.

  • I would love to see the stretching pictures from the Haunted Mansion elevator. They are so amazing. Also more art based around New Orleans Square…the best part of the park.

  • I love this service and always look fondly on my Mark Twain Riverboat poster. I would also have loved to look fondly on the Tokyo Disneysea 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth posters… Unfortunately there was no Art on Demand service at Tokyo Disney. Do the stateside parks print copies of international posters?

  • Does anyone know if the other Pirates of the Caribbean poster & the Splash Mountain poster are available thru this? – and the prices for the posters (on paper)? Thanks!

  • Alexandra is right about the Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits…those are CLASSIC.

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