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Riding the Rails Like Never Before, Aboard the Garden Railway at Epcot

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a ride aboard the miniature garden railroad at the Germany Pavilion in Epcot? If you’re like me, you have daydreamed of being a pint-sized passenger on the G-scale trains as they chug their way through the German countryside and past the quaint village square.

Miniature Garden Railroad at the Germany Pavilion in Epcot

Thanks to Disney Parks photographer Matt Stroshane, who shot the scenic photo above, we can now imagine ourselves standing at the station as the train arrives.

Through the talents of Disney Parks Broadcast Production, we also can hop aboard. With the help of a minature camera, we all can enjoy the train trip that no one has ever taken before.

Look (and listen) for some special surprises. The village is all decked out for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, complete with tiny topiaries featuring our “Toy Story” pals that pay homage to the ones in the park.


  • Thank you so much for this experience. We love the train so much. My three-year-old knows when we’re getting close and always takes off running for it. My husband wants to be the caretaker. Is that a real job at Disney??

  • We spend HOURS here every trip! Thanks for the video, we have watched it 20 times already. My 6 year old is convinced he will work with these little trains when he grown up!

  • Oh! I love it! I love it! What a fun idea! I’m going to the Flower Festival again tomorrow. This brilliant video gives the Garden Railway a whole new wonderful perspective.

  • This is one of my favorite things to do/see in Epcot 🙂 When I was there a few weeks ago, I didn’t see the topiaries but I did see the mini “Flower and Garden Festival” banners- adorable!

  • very fulfilling

  • People have probably noticed this before about the Train at Epcot’s Germany pavilion, well locomotive that is pictured in this article: It’s actually Swiss not German, it features the Blazon of Grisons (Graubunden) a swiss ‘Canton’ on the front of the locomotive 🙂

  • Fabulous view, one of my favorite stops in Epcot.

  • Thank you, my 4 year old son stood watching those trains for two hours last year. Now his imagination is brought to life and my husband and I can see what our son must have been dreaming of while standing there. A memory we can all experience together over and over again. Thank you again!

  • Terrific! It’s one of those Disney details that I make sure to see on every visit. I love the little changes that happen for the Epcot festivals. And the everyday detail means I see something new every time.

  • This garden always reminds me of my childhood visiting Madurodam in the Netherlands. Not only do I want more video, I would love more buildings, more trains, more waterways, more, more, more. I have been there when it is quite crowded and you feel like you need to move along much more quickly than you would like. Some spots to sit and watch would be lovely. I think they would be one of the choice spots in WDW for taking a break, especially if they were around the back side up on the hill. What a view that would be!

  • If you finished with that train, I know a back that could use a set like that!

  • That was fantastic…thank you!

  • Love this! One of Epcot’s greatest secrets. I would like to see more – maybe with the train going a bit slower for realism.

  • My 5 and 3yo boys could spend all day at this exhibit. The little one keeps asking to watch the video again. Great job!

  • Makes me want to take a trip to Switzerland and Germany. Great job, guys!

  • I love it! I can’t wait to show my 3 yr old. He loves stopping to watch the trains. I’ll show him this then we will see the real trains when we get to WDW in 8 days. Can’t wait!

  • Love this! Sort of a dream come true, to ride a miniature train. Thanks for the magic!

  • What fun! I love the train and it’s especially fun when everything is decorated for Christmas. Wish I could really ride!

  • This is great. Love watching the miniature trains and can’t wait to show my father this video and the real thing in October. He has loved miniature trains for a long time. He and my grandfather used to own and run Lionel trains in my grandpa’s basement.

  • That was awesome. I have always been surprised that there are not more miniature railroads in the Parks. Although, then there is the ultimate train to play with around Magic Kingdom. Boy I wish I were there!!!!!!!!!!

  • That is a make me happy video. My family and I always stop to watch the train in EPCOT Germany. Love it!

  • If you could just reopen wonders of life, shrink me down on body wars and let me ride the train for real… That’d be fab!

  • Way cool, and way too short!

  • This is the ride that Germany needs! I always stop and look at this and search for the hidden Mickeys. But, yes, slow it down a little so we can enjoy it.

  • That was great…but…slow the train down! It’s going about 200 MPH, best of my knowledge they are not bullet trains! LOL…thanks very much though, I enjoyed that!

  • That was really nice!

    I noticed the crest on the front of the train in the picture, isn’t that the one from Graubünden, Switzerland? So, that leads me to the following question:

    Was that train placed there on purpose or is it just a random train (despite it still being in the German language area)?
    I know it is not uncommon for European trains to cross borders, but it did make me wonder.

  • Truly awesome! =D

  • This is very cool! I love being able to look at Disney from a different angle. I can not wait until my kids get home from to school to show them this.

  • I make it a point to spend time at this spot. It is a good resting place and entertaining to have the kids try to find all of the different trains. Thanks for the video!!!

  • I really enjoyed the sound effects…those were effects, right? I mean those aren’t actually miniature sheep are they? 😉

    • I love it, Elizabeth! You’re right, those are sound effects that our terrific editing team included. Listen closely and you’ll hear some more sounds we sweetened the video with, including a few footsteps.

  • Love this love this and the music is so catchy 🙂

  • WOW!!! but of course, I never overuse that word when connected to anything Disney…What a different perspective this angle… I will enjoy even more the next visit to Epcot… GREAT!

  • That was really great!!! I have wondered what it would be like to ride on those trains And, now I kind of know!! 🙂

  • Can’t wait to show this to my 2 1/2 year old (he’s napping). He LOVES the trains in Germany and could easily spend an hour chasing them around.

  • This is so neat! My family and I have looked at this garden many times but it is so different seeing it through the train’s eyes. Thank you for doing this and I hope to see another video like this one in the future!

  • Beautiful! One of my favorite places in EPCOT!! Yes, where are the lizards and killer ducks?

  • That is just too cool! I love it!

  • awesome!

  • Heh, that’s a pretty neat idea!

  • Awesome.

  • Epic! I’m with Anthony… more like this, plz!

  • Cool video

  • Yes, but where are all the Gargantuan Killer Lizards?!!

  • This needs to be built in full-size!!!! Would be a great addition to World Showcase!!!!

  • Lots of fun! I loved the ridealong. Thank you. The miniature village area is always a “must stop” for us.

    Who decides what trains will run? It seems that each time we visit there are less and less vehicles running. We have memories of long freght and passenger train passing each other, the trolley running, the coal mine train picking up loads and delivering. We could spend ages watching. On our Nov 2009 and March 2010 there was only a smattering of engines or cars running. Have they broken down over the years and not been replaced?

  • Way cool! What a very clever idea. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • This is AWESOME! I love the mini-railroad and tend to annoy my wife by the amount of time I spend watching it when we’re at Epcot. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Very cool! Makes me wonder what else you could do with this kind of technology…

  • This is great! Love the mini topiaries (sp?)!

  • Brilliant!

    – Lou M
    WDW Radio

    • Thanks Lou! Glad you enjoyed the journey.

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