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Star Tours – These Are The Souvenirs I’m Looking For

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Starspeeder 1000 Spaceliner Collection

If I had a nickel for the hours I spent as a child playing with my Star Wars toys, I would be living on a beach in Maui right now. Luckily, my parents saved those toys (thanks Mom and Dad), and my son now spends hours pretending he is in a galaxy far, far away. Soon, he will have a few more toys (among several awesome things) to add to his Star Wars collection, especially with the launch of “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” on May 20. But wait! I get to photograph and write about merchandise created for Star Tours? Sign me up! After reviewing the more than 40 items we’ve created, I have selected a few of my favorites to share with you.

First up is the incredibly detailed Starspeeder 1000 Spaceliner Collection. This boxed set features die-cast metal vehicles representing six spaceliners that are involved with the new Star Tours story. I spoke with Brad Schoeneberg, Product Developer for Toys and Games, to learn more about the toys.

Star Tours Action Figures

“We’ve been working on the Star Tours toys for about two years now,” explained Brad. “During the past two years, we have had a great relationship with Walt Disney Imagineering. They provided us with tons of reference material for the Starspeeders and other new characters. That partnership helped us capture wonderful details including the tiny droids seen on top of each of [the Starspeeders].”

This set will retail for $22.95. Brad also shared with me the packaging for the “Ambush at Star Tours” and the “Star Tours Travel Agency” action figure sets (both will retail for $39.95 each). Favorite figures include the Sky Troopers who were created specifically for the attraction. I also loved how the droid who is “fluent in over six million forms of communication,” C-3PO, turned out.

Star Tours Shirts

But toys aren’t the only thing I loved seeing (or should I say “playing with?”). We are releasing a variety of shirts for launch. I particularly liked the stylized travel posters shirt, as there is no better way to say “I love space travel” than with that one. How I wish I could visit Bespin and hang out with Lando Calrissian!

20 oz. Darth Vader Tumbler Exclusively for Passholders

There are a few items, however, that neither my son nor I can get – we are not Passholders (unlike many of you and I’m bummed). These Passholder Exclusive items will include a commemorative coin, a limited edition pen (not to be confused with a “pin,” which will also be released), a Darth Vader T-shirt and, what I consider the most awesome drinkware in the galaxy, a 20 oz. tumbler featuring Darth Vader.

I don’t think I can make time pass fast enough until the opening! As mentioned, there are many other items we created for the launch, so keep watching for release dates and additional information.


  • Hi Steve!
    I’m very excited about the Starspeeder models. Can you tell me which scale it is and if it’s possible to get the box in Germany? (maybe online?)

    Greetings from Cologne, Guido.

    • @William – I’m hoping you will be attending Star Wars Weekends starting on Friday. I know I will be there, so maybe I will see you. As for items mentioned at Celebration V, I spoke with Brad with the Toy team. He said that some of the development was pushed back to the Fall. The focus has really been on Star Tours. There are more than 40 items created for the attraction launch! So keep watching for additional items coming later this year. Yet there will still be lots to see coming this weekend.

      @Guido – I’d have to check with the toy team on the scale but I know that it will only be sold at Disney Parks in Florida and California at this point. Sadly, we won’t be selling these items via the Disney Parks on-line store.

  • We have less than a week before Star Wars Weekends 2011 begins. I’m so excited, but it seems information on what to expect this year is being guarded tightly. We only got the celebrity list a little over two weeks ago and we still have yet to know what merchandise to be looking out for. Will everything that was mentioned at Star Wars Celebration V (Disney Racers, action figures, starspeeders, etc.) actually show up at the event? When will we get a general idea of what merchandise will be showcased (toys, pins, clothing, vinylmations, etc.)? What’s with all the secrecy?

  • Since there has been a bit of crossover, I figure it’s fair to ask here: Is there anyplace online [or will there be before the event] to see the “Star Wars Weekends” merchandise for 2011?

    • @Nicholas – Funny you should ask … we are currently working on such an article that we hope to share on the Disney Parks Blog. There are some really cool items this year. Stay tuned. 🙂

  • I need an answer Steve Miller because i am a fan of Oswald.

  • Anyway, May The Force Be with You. Always! 🙂

  • After all this should be an idea worthy enough for the opening of Star Tours the Adventures Continue. And you kow the last time we saw Oswald in the market was in 2007. And Star Wars weekends is the perfect place to get Oswald for a toy or a Vinylmation!!! 🙂

  • Hey Disney, I have a request.Can you guys for Star Wars weekends make an action figure of Oswald The LUCKY Rabbit as Obi-Wan Kenobi? Does anybody agrees?!

  • It’s very exciting to see the merchandise coming out for the relaunch of Star Tours. Being reopening day and the first day of Star Wars Weekends, I can only imagine the lines would stretch to a galaxy far far away. Does anyone know if there has been any talks about having a Passholder Preview like they do with some of the newer rides at the Disney parks?

  • If you take a close look at that Darth Vader drink tumbler on the top left edge of his helmet it looks like the curved reflection that should be there is misaligned & has been misprinted to the right of where it should be. Do you see what I’m referring to Steven? Hopefully this is just a production sample and they all aren’t printed with that error…

    • @Josee – I am not aware of any D23 Member merchandise created for this opening. I know there is an Expo coming in August though. 🙂

      @Christine – Starting May 20 in Florida and May 23 in California.

      @Brian – Good eyes, sir! You are correct, it was a first sample. We were excited to share it; my fellow blog author Michelle Harker actually helped me obtain the image of the cup. So it is being revised in production. I could have tried the Jedi mind trick but I know my powers are weak. – LOL!

  • when can a passholder get the vader cup???

  • Wow! I love the shirts. Too bad there’s some stuff I will not be able to get (I’m not a passholder), but I was wondering if there will be any exclusive Star Tours items or an exclusive event for D23 members (of which I’m a member).

  • At the last star wars celebration, it was announced at the disney-run star tours panel that there would be a star speeder vehicle released in large scale in order to fit the 3 3/4″ figures. Is this among the merchandise that will be available with the star tours 2 launch? I’m really looking forward to this one. I think only a preliminary drawing has been shown so far.

    • @Craig – [wave of my hand] You don’t need to know about the large scale vehicle. 🙂 I spoke with Brad who confirmed that you will see additional items including the large scale vehicle later in 2011. We just won’t have them ready for the upcoming opening (if that makes sense). I can say that I’ve seen (and photographed) a first, unpainted sample of the large scale vehicle. It is so beyond awesome that it is “beawesome!”

  • Thanks for the reply Steven. A friend of mine went to the Star Wars Convention last year in Orlando and at the Disney Merchandise Presentation he said they revealed that they were doing a series 5 of the Disney Characters as Star Wars characters figures and also a Dave Filoni Disney Star Wars Racers series. Does that mean that these have been cancelled? My friend also mentioned that there is a new Star Wars Muppet Figure collection coming out as well. Are these going to be released?

    I seriously hope that none of these series have been cancelled.

    • @Katie – Not canceled … just not yet 😉 The toy team has been focused on the Star Tours items. But trust me, good things are coming.

  • Hey Steven!
    Those figures look sweet! I also love the travel posters shirt, especially with the slogan “Travel and Explore”, written in Aurebesh. Very nice touch. Can’t wait to see the rest of the merchandise! Looking forward to The Adventures Continue, making my first trip to WDW June 1st!

  • Just wondering if anyone knows how to take advantage of the Passholders exclusives. Do we have to be there opening weekend and where are these exclusives offered?

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

    • @Samuel – Yes, that is true. There will a unique Passholder pin released at Disneyland Resort and another released at Walt Disney World Resort.

      @Judith – Welcome! You’ll need to present your valid Pass at the merchandise register. In Florida, you should visit Jabba’s Hut beginning May 20. That is the merchandise location for Star Wars Weekends that will be located behind Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster. After Star Wars Weekends concludes, visit Tatooine Traders at the exit to Star Tours in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In California, you’ll visit The Star Trader in Tomorrowland beginning May 23.

      @Barbara – From my understanding, the plan is to release these items on May 20, the start of Star Wars Weekends.

      @Trevor – This Star Tours takes place before the Star Tours that you once knew. It will be amazing!! Check out this article by Tom Fitzgerald regarding the destinations:

      @John – There are no plans to offer this merchandise via the on-line Disney Parks Store at this time. Sorry.

      @Mark – I can say that there is a lot of excitement for these items. From my previous experiences, I’m guessing that many Passholders will be visiting on or shortly after opening day to take advantage of these items. In Florida, things will be released starting May 20. There will be select items being released in California starting on May 23.

  • Can we order this stuff online? Even the passholder stuff (if we are passholders)?

  • I’m just curious, is the original Star Tours gone or will it be there as well?

  • I am a passholder and look forward to Star Wars Weekend this year!

  • Awesome stuff!!! Do you know if any of these will be available before May 20th? Our last day at WDW is May 19th. We are hoping to ride Star Tours on a “soft opening” day! And we’d LOVE to get a few of these items!! thanks for the pics!!

  • This is my first year as a passholder – how does a passholder purchase the exclusive merchandise????

  • I hear there will actually be an Annual Pass-holder Opening Day exclusive pin at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Is this true?

  • I love the Star Wars movies! I also love the exclusive Star Wars and Star Tours merchandise that is avalible at the Disney Parks.

    I have a few questions: Is the Starspeeder 1000 Spaceliner Collection and the two Action Figure Sets shown above limited? Also, the series 5 of both the Star Wars Disney Racers and the Disney characters dressed as Star Wars Characters, do you know if these are going to be out in time for Star Wars Weekends? And last but not least, I have the R2-D2 Mickey Ear hat and was wondering if there will be any more Star Wars Ear hats in the future?

    Thanks in advance and May the Force be with You!

    • @Katie – These Spaceliner Collection and the Action Figure sets are not considered limited edition items. There are no plans at this time for new Disney Racers or Disney Characters dressed as Star Wars characters. As for ear hats, I’ve not seen any new development besides the R2-D2 hat (which I recently photographed my son wearing it – so awesome! 🙂

  • Some of the cast members have been saying look out for a re release of the vinylmation star wars. Any truth to that?

    • @Aimee – Hmmm … we don’t have any new Vinylmation figures planned for Star Wars / Star Tours. They may be referencing additional orders of Series #1 that will be arriving in time for the attraction opening. See this link for images of that first series:

  • I’m not a passholder either 🙁 but I want that cup, I’ll ask my friend to help me out.

  • Hey, Steven!

    I heard there were some cool new Mickey ear/vinyl hats released today at D Street. Did you help with those? Any pics?

    • @Christie – Yes, there were. Keep watching this week for images and details.

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