Things That Spin in the Night – A Different Perspective at Disneyland Park

For my recent series of nighttime photographs that feature spinning attractions, I set out to capture unique images from an unusual perspective or location. With this in mind, I revisited the Astro Orbitor at Disneyland park the other night for one last “spin” – this time from above Tomorrowland, on the former PeopleMover/Rocket Rods track.

This first photo is more of a twilight photo, but I chose it because you can see the curved horizon, which would have been concealed in darkness if shot later.

Things That Spin in the Night – A Different Perspective at Disneyland Park

This photo was chosen because it combines Sleeping Beauty Castle with the Astro Orbiter in the foreground, a view I cannot recall ever seeing before.

Things That Spin in the Night – A Different Perspective at Disneyland Park

In this photo, I was able to combine the fireworks show and Astro Orbitor. I especially like how the fireworks appear to be going right through the red light streaks.

Things That Spin in the Night – A Different Perspective at Disneyland Park


  • Great Pictures Paul, Would you consider posting some of the metadata with your pics? (only if this wouldn’t give away any of your trade secrets) I love learning from other people and their pictures.

  • Cool!

  • Hmmm doesn’t look the photos showed up properly on the site. :/

  • Off and on in the last couple of weeks, pictures on this site are not showing up. I have used Firefox 4.0 and Internet Explorer 9 and still cannot see any of these, although I could see yesterday’s beast castle, etc. Something different in the coding. Too bad since there are comments on how good it looks. Maybe I am using too new a browser.

  • I’m with Kevin, not seeing the pictures

  • I agree with Kevin and Ramin, I can’t see the photos. 🙁

  • Bummer! I’ve tried 4 different browsers to no avail. Hopefully the pics are up soon. I think we need some pixie dust here;-)

  • No pictures on any of my Windows XP with latest updates. Please Fix.

  • I was able to see the photos earlier today, but I can’t anymore.

  • …Ok, now I can see them again.

  • Can’t see the piccies either 🙁

  • Now I can see the pictures… The first one is absolutly going to by desktop!

  • Check again I can see them and they are AMAZING!

  • Awesome pictures!!

  • Wow Paul, you truly are gifted! These pictures are amazing 🙂

  • I love this!! Brings out the magic of Disney 🙂

  • Paul, once again, I’m amazed by your photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I love coming to Disneyland just to take pictures. I have a plethora of photos that go back to when I was a teenager. :o)

  • Awesome pics!! There really is a whole different atmosphere at night and you captured it!

  • Man, that Astro Orbiter is one hell of a ride… just a little cramped.

  • Love these night shots! Would love to see the EXIF…

  • You all take amazing photos. I wish you would allow us to download some hi-res images from time to time.

  • Amazing photos. You really captured the wonder and magic of Disneyland.

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